Unity Transcends All Destruction

In the world today, it can be easy to look at the forces of destruction, anger and hatred, however in every single moment you have a choice as to the energy you feed. Are you going to feed unity, cooperation and harmony, or are you going to feed the other forces mentioned above? This choice comes up every time there is a news story about humans taking the lives of other humans. This unfortunately is not new news. This is currently a part of the human experience, at least until humanity is able to transcend it. And, yes it can be transcended, not by the few, but by the many.

Transcending destruction happens both individually and collectively; it is accomplished by making the choice to feed the forces of unity, love, forgiveness and compassion. Are you going to continue to give into the energy of destruction by adding your two cents to the judgment or hatred or fear that the media continues to stir up? Or, are you going to find a way to discover a peace within yourself, to see beyond labels to move into a space where you can connect with the humanness of each and every fellow person on the planet?

The path to Unity (Universal) consciousness is all about viewing another individual as a Soul on a path, just like you are. What does that mean? It means that no matter how you agree or disagree with the choices and actions of another person, that you are able to reach deep down and to recognize they too are on their journey to Soul sovereignty, to view the role they are playing on the stage of life, and to understand that it is the part they have been programmed to play. Every individual is programmed; programmed by upbringing, belief systems, past life patterns and daily conditioning from various outside influences. You can choose in any moment to accept your programming as your truth, or to discover the truth of who you are as a Soul.

I create unity within myself, my home, and my community by viewing each individual from the Soul perspective.

When you discover the truth of your Soul, you will find that you can much more easily connect with the journey of other individuals. All paths lead to the same destination, and so when you are seeing another person who is sharing beliefs of anger, hatred and fear, your own path to understanding requires that you look beyond their emotional expression, and gain understanding that they are another individual on their path to discover their Soul. Just because their path is different from you own, does not indicate that they will not arrive at the same destination as you will one day.

Much of humanity has been programmed to understand the world through judgment and separation; looking at the ways in which you are different from others around you. This is something that is learned very early on, as it is highly encouraged to embrace your individuality. Yes, individuality is a valuable learning experience, but the path to peace, unity, and true freedom is forged by obtaining a balance of individuality and collectiveness. Collectiveness is accepting your connection with all others, even those whom you have a challenging time seeing any similarity with.

Back in September of this year, a message on Unity was written, and one of the suggestions was to practice being in Unity at least one day per week; Unity Shift Thursdays. Each week, practice looking at the commonalities you have with everyone else you encounter. Are they motivated to keep a roof over their head? Probably so. Do they strive for Self-Confidence? Most likely. Move beyond looking at physical attributes, and into emotional qualities, there will be more commonalities emerge than even you expected.

The only way to change the energy of destruction is to eradicate the energy of hatred, fear and anger. And, the only way to eradicate such energy is through the processes of creation and re-creation. Creating new bonds and connections, re-creating unity within your home and community, sending love, healing and forgiveness outward to all others, and to yourself. Look within and boost up your own forces of creation, love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. What you are able to boost up within yourself, you also contribute to the greater whole. It has been said so many times before; “violence begets more violence,” and, “only love conquers all.” These are true statements. Destruction leads to more destruction, and only the forces of creation can neutralize it.

So what can you do to help neutralize the forces of destruction? Find time to look at the creative forces of love, forgiveness, and compassion within yourself. Find time to contemplate, sit quietly or meditate on discovering more of these qualities within you. If you find yourself feeling hatred, fear, anger or similar energies, write about them in your journal, talk about them with a trusted friend, teacher or confidant, but then let them go. Do not publish them or share them publicly, as that public display of fear will only lead to more fear. You do not have to qualify yourself or defend your viewpoint, by doing so you are in assumption that others are against you. This assumption is backed by a subconscious belief of separation.

You can be in truth without being in judgment. You can understand that there are differences in the world, without having those difference be the central focus of your thoughts. Learn to move beyond focusing on differences and bring others together for common goals and causes. Accept that there is more than enough resources to go around; you are not in competition with anyone else for your resources. Stop looking at anyone outside of you as taking away from you; whether that be in taxes, social programs, food or jobs. You are not a victim of other people’s choices, you are only a victim of your decision to feel like a victim.

You can rise above any tough time, you can create a movement of positivity, you can incite wonderful change, and you can be a participant in bringing about equality, peace, joy and love. Do not give up, do not give in. You are capable of great things! Find groups to participate with, use your discernment to join positive meditations for planetary change.

And, most of all, forgive yourself, forgive others and NEVER stop believing in your power to be a catalyst for positive change. We are crossing the finish line, you wouldn’t want to stop short of a great accomplishment, now is the time to dig in deep and KNOW without any doubt that you have arrived, because you are the Creator of your arrival.

By placing unity and peace at the center of you meditation practice,  you contribute to giving back to the world in a positive way. View these meditation packages aligned with unity consciousness.

Affirmation for Unity

I create unity within myself, my home, and my community by viewing each individual from the Soul perspective. Affirmation for Unity

“I create Unity within myself, my home, and my community, by viewing each individual from the Soul perspective.”


5 Unity Myths and How to Overcome Them

There has not been a more important time in Gaia’s (Earth) history for humanity to learn how to come together. However, as the movement toward Unity picks up more momentum, there are many myths that affect one’s perception of what Unity really means. Many people spout messages of Unity… but only if you agree with their message. That opposition of words and behavior is just one of the ways that we as a humanity can get in our own way when it comes to really digging in and coming together. Our power together is so strong, but the Egoic influences all around us will pull us away from what we can truly accomplish in the name of Unity. Here are 5 of the most common myths that come between us and true Unity.

Myth 1: Unity requires everyone to be in agreement. – Unity is not about agreement; it is about mutual respect and acceptance of where another is at in their personal discovery process. Every time you tell another person what they should do, or what they should believe, you are moving away from Unity. You can (of course!) share you beliefs, but also you need to allow for other parties to share their beliefs. Unity is built upon respecting another person as a Soul on a journey (just like you are); even if they have ideas, beliefs, and agendas that clash with your own. Every time you become upset with another person because you do not agree with their words, actions, deeds, beliefs, religious expression, choices, message, etc., you are moving away from Unity. Every time you judge another person to be bad, good, evil, privileged, unworthy, snobby, uneducated, entitled, etc., you are moving away from Unity. Unity does not require that you agree with others, or their choices; but Unity does require that you accept everyone for who they are and where they are in their life. So what if they have a different religion than you? So what if they are a criminal? So what if they are a part of the elite power structure? It is our role to find a way to think of everyone from a place of love, no matter what. This does not mean that you would make those same choices for yourself, or that you pretend they are someone you would want to be friends with. All that means is that you remove yourself from your own emotions of what they did, who they are, or why they upset you, and accept that they are a Soul inside a human body, learning through their choices and actions (just like you are). That is something that each one of us has in common, and in that commonalty is how we can come to a place of love for another.

Myth 2: Unity is being a pushover. –  Unity is about creating strength through mass consciousness. There is nothing weak about mass consciousness, in fact it is one of the strongest forces in the Universe. It is how we co-create everything from timelines to future outcomes on a mass level. When mass consciousness is influenced, that is how certain outcomes are generated. In order to affect change, you can contribute to this effort by sharing positive words, actions and hopeful visions of the future. The more momentum you build through your effort, affects the future we create. The crumbling power hierarchy understood this very well, and has used mass media to influence mass consciousness for a very long time. We all have the ability to influence the ideas and thoughts of another, because we are all connected. The best thing we can do to ensure our influence is a positive one, is to watch how we speak, what we speak about, and how we say it. Positivity leads to more positivity, whereas anger and outrage lead to more of the same. True strength comes from the power of Love; you multiply that on a mass consciousness scale, and it is truly one of the most powerful forces there is. Unity is not acquiescing to another, it is about building a web on the strength of Love.

Myth 3: Unity is an impossible task. – Start small with Unity. Most people cannot even create Unity within their own home. Start by letting go of the judgment of your spouse or family members, and learn to have unconditional acceptance of them for who they are. You do not have to agree with everything they say or do (see Myth 1), but you can certainly learn the fine balance of speaking your truth and opinions, and allow them to share their own. Truth is subjective, as each individual will have their own version of it. Being in disagreement over details, is how the first cracks in the Unity web begin. Unity is about agreeing to disagree, to accept that another person’s version of the truth, is the truth of what they experienced. It does not have to match your truth, for it to be true from another’s perspective. Even a dispute over loading the dishwasher can be a chance for you to practice Unity. It is in how you say what you say, and the energy behind the intention of it. Practice having a day of Unity in your home once a week. You will be surprised at how your own thoughts, reactions and energy begins to shift from this one day. If everyone in the world practiced Unity on the same day, we could change the course of history in that very moment. In fact, I will suggest right now that we make Thursdays the day to practice shifting the planet toward Unity. This way we can build up momentum toward Unity each week, and eventually each day. How are you going to be ready for the next Unity Shift Thursday?

If everyone in the world practiced Unity on the same day, we could change the course of history in that very moment. #UnityShiftThurs

Myth 4: Unity requires equal effort. – This becomes a point of anger for many people, because as an individual we judge how much effort we are putting forth into a task or aim, and expect that others will also do the same as we are doing. However, this practice of monitoring the efforts of ourselves, and comparing our efforts to the efforts others, is not Unity based. Remember, Unity is the acceptance of others for where they are in their life right now. Acceptance is respecting that their health might prevent them from devoting as much time into something as you, or that their talents lie in different areas. There are many reasons why one person may not be able to devote as much time, energy or effort to a cause as you. Unity is about accepting that each soul is different, and thus has different ways of showing their devotion to what they believe in. Getting upset because someone is not doing “enough” is a judgment, and judgment does not contribute to Unity.

Myth 5: Unity is more important than individuality. – Unity and individuality are equal, one is not better than another. In fact, they are really parts of the same whole. Unity is about combining everyone’s skills, expertise, viewpoints, experience, and wisdom into a new Wholeness that comprises an amalgamation of everything. That Wholeness needs each individual to be themselves, otherwise Wholeness cannot exist. You cannot contain 100% of anything, if you are missing any one part of it. Unity is inclusion of all. We cannot develop Unity without also simultaneously focusing on who we each are as individuals.

So, what can you do? Reflect on these common myths, and develop ways for you to become an agent of positive influence for Unity. Make the effort and intention to participate in Unity Shift Thursdays, in your own home and beyond. Roll the momentum you create into practicing Unity each and every day. Spread the word. We are so strong together!