Dark Night of the Soul – Again & Again Show

The Dark Night of the Soul is a time period on the spiritual path when you learn about, and begin to transform, the subconscious influence of your Ego. This Ego influence often contains hidden past life energy that a Dark Night of the Soul will reveal, and assist you in having full understanding of.

For more information about the Dark Night of the Soul, please read this blog post containing valuable information written by a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Again & Again – Influence of the Ego

On this week’s show, Karen Downing discusses all of the potential ways that the Ego part of us can try to influence our life. By learning to hear the words that the Ego uses, but yet not take them to heart, you can begin to gain better control over it.

Again & Again – Healing Past Life Energy

Karen Downing discusses past life energy, and the importance of understanding the emotions and dynamics that we bring into our current incarnation. The purpose of learning about your past lives and past life patterns is to understand the source of your fears, actions, preferences and so forth. Once you understand the how the past life dynamics are affecting you now, you can transform those pieces of your past life energy that you no longer need.