What if Your World Changed Overnight?

We all define the world around us in different ways, some through power, money, status, emotions, family, career, religion, politics, etc. For as many individuals as there are in the world, there are ways to perceive how the world operates. But, what if we have been wrong this whole time? Have you ever tried to picture what the world would be like, without some of those things you have come to rely on today?

This is a question of getting to the heart of how you define the way you interact with the world, and reaching deep down to the collective agreements that we have all participated in with the Oneness of all. What if things did not have to be the way they are now? What if totally different (and even better) options were available to us? What if everything you thought was true, wasn’t so? These are powerful questions to ponder on.

Each one of us, through our upbringing, family history, peer influence, and media programming have a set of ideas, beliefs and morals that we base our understanding of the world on. They are often a part of how we see ourselves. At different times in your life, you will call into question each one of these. This is a natural, and some might say essential, part of the personal/spiritual development process. How else can we decide what is true for us, if we don’t question that truth to begin with?

That being said, the process of dismantling the core foundation of your world, can be the source of super intense emotion. This is where the help, empathy and guidance of others can make a difference. If you are reading this article, you are a forerunner/pioneer/wayshower, and a part of what you have chosen to be here for, is to be a guiding light for others whose world is at the precipice of change.


There are many ways that this guiding light role can be accomplished; through encouraging words, healing modalities, the wisdom of experience, and also guiding each person to go through the process in their own time, in their own way. Each individual is their own best teacher, but they can also need the encouragement, guidance and assistance of others, especially in times of tremendous change. Another way that you can assist, is by teaching others about discernment. Discernment that comes, not only from knowledge, but also in trusting your own intuitive antenna. In knowing how to discern what truths are your own, from what you had been taught as a reflection of another’s truth.

Yes, each person is entitled to their own truth; to speak it, to live it, to be it. It is so much more powerful to do so, when you can come to the awareness of what your truth really is. That is to discern and differentiate programming, from the knowing of your Soul. We are all in the process of increasing our light quotient, and working at enhancing the upgrade of the body system. This is all part of the grand design, as we move into the new waves of energy, they are increasing, enhancing and guiding our upgrade process. They work hand in hand; as above, so below. We cannot will one to occur separately from another, they are interconnected, just as our own life, thoughts, healing, beliefs and so forth are connected to the Oneness of all.

So, ask yourself the question. What if your world was to change overnight? What if the systems you rely on today, were so different tomorrow that you did not recognize them? This is not about fearful anticipation, this is about trusting that this is a process we (as in Oneness) put into motion long ago. We already know what to do when it occurs, but we do need to remind ourselves that perhaps we had assumed the permanence of things like government, money, relationships, spirituality, beliefs and so forth. All is changing, and in order for us to best navigate that change, it is quite helpful to examine what things/items/people/beliefs are at the central core of your personal beliefs. What if that central belief was wrong? How would your world change because of it? Be open to looking at this process for yourself, even if you have done it before. It will be enlightening for you to find your answers, and also assist you to help others to do the same.

Speaking Your Truth

Speaking your truth, sounds like it should be easy, right? But, most of the time there is a level of apprehension when it comes to being exactly who we want to be. Once you have gone through the process of understanding what your truth is, the next big step in the process is to share that truth with others.

A big part of that sharing is to be a shining example of the truth in your heart. This simply means that you live your life in alignment with your beliefs. The difficulty comes in what to do when you meet someone who has different truths than you do?

Before you can even engage in a heart felt conversation on this level, you must be able to release any pre-conceived notions about being judged. For, if you expect others to judge you, you will keep drawing judgmental people into your life. But, instead if you ask for open minded individuals to be brought into your life for your own learning and love, that is who you will be surrounded by.

Humanity has a deep fear of being judged, whether it is from childhood, the workplace, past lives, or even societal conditioning. Most of us are taught at an early age to compare others by differences and therefore judge those differences to be somehow “bad” when compared to ourselves. Even if you have released all of your judgments of others, there is often still a subconscious belief that others will harshly judge you.

It is a realistic expectation to say that you will never be judged? No. But, you can focus on bringing people into your life who are non-judgmental, and in not giving any energy to those individuals who may be judgmental of you in some way. You can never control how others act toward you, but you can control your reaction to them.

The difficulty here is to balance your speaking up for yourself without judging the other person for what they believe. In most cases, you can look for a common ground to begin with. Or ask the specific questions about where the foundation of their beliefs comes from. And, depending on that person’s communication of how they share their opinions, you might just have to say “That is not my truth” and walk away.

But, how do you know which course of action is best for the given situation? You will have to look at the other person’s energy. Are they trying to overpower you with their opinions? Then this is not someone who wants to share from the heart and you do not need to give this person energy and respect if they do not give it to you.

When you are speaking from the heart and have released any pride or sense of personal ownership based on your opinions, you can share and have wonderful enlightening conversation with others from a place of love, even if on the surface you feel as though you have nothing in common.

By interacting with others and being confident in who you are, you can increase your confidence in yourself and learn tools for empowering others to share of themselves from this space of love. And, by releasing all expectations of judgment, you allow for a sharing of ideals that furthers understanding, empathy and love instead of anger and hate.

Reality Versus Illusion

What is reality? There is a saying that, “perception is reality,” and in many ways this is true. Look at all of the different Souls and truths out there in the world. And, if you were to ask each person to provide evidence of their truth, they could do so, or at least what they felt was evidence.

So whose reality is correct? Well, everyone’s is. So, that also means that when we are in our reality, everyone else’s reality becomes our illusion, and our reality becomes their illusion. Make sense?

Let’s picture everyone’s reality as a bubble of energy that is around them at all times, and this bubble, known as the etheric body, contains all emotions, beliefs, experiences and knowledge that this person/soul has. When bubbles overlap, there is a sharing of some of these things, but there will also be differences. Your bubble overlaps with anyone who shares just one belief with you.

Depending on how we participate in the bubbles of other souls, this can flavor how we view our reality. Yes, we all are interconnected, and it is about how you choose to view that interconnectedness that can save you energy or over-strain your energy. If you focus on the differences among the bubbles, this leads to separation consciousness and trying to address each bubble individually. However, if you look at the similarities among the bubbles, then you only have to focus your energy on that specific part of your own bubble and it will affect everyone else who shares those similarities with you.

When you can start to view each person’s bubble in that way, you really start to give a great deal less energy to understanding why someone’s would chose the differences, because you are so focused on the similarities. Trying to convince others to change their bubble is impossible when it is done by pointing out the differences; only the owner of a reality can choose how it appears. But, you can affect change by sending someone Love through focusing on the shared energy among souls; this love, when accepted, can be used as a vessel for change.

Change occurs through shared realities that affect the personal differences that create our illusions. All souls will never have the exact same reality, this is what makes everyone so unique and special, but if we can understand how better to interact with others through our shared realities, we can use our energy wisely to affect the world with Love.