A Breakthrough is Near

How do you know when you are approaching a significant breakthrough? There are 3 main signs that you can look for externally and internally. The difficult in pinpointing these signs often lies in how they are expressed: in balanced opposition.

The universe is a finely tuned balance of all things, at all times. And so, when a breakthrough is near, everything is amplified. This means that you can experience confusion along with clarity, heightened emotion along with detachment, calm along with urgency, and so forth.

A breakthrough is an enhancement, and as humanity is primed to burst into a new reality, the foreshadow of this upcoming breakthrough can feel both bumpy and calm at the same time. It has been said by many that the planet has been experiencing steady waves of energy in these last few years. It is important to remember that these waves, like the ocean, create an ebb and flow.

Ebb and flow are in balance, as one cannot occur without the other, therefore they are merely different perceptions of the same concept. Same goes with all concepts kept in balance. Ebb is flow, clarity is confusion, urgency is calm. When you can recognize each of these energies as two sides of the same coin, then you are ready to cash in for your breakthrough.

The equinox is the perfect time to do just that.

So, how do you spot these breakthrough energies? Look for the natural cycles moving between what many may feel to be polar opposites.

Many of you reading this message may find yourself moving between states of high clarity and focus into state of confusion, mistrust and not knowing. The first step to understanding what is happening is to realize that this is a natural cycle. The reason it is coming to your attention now is because, like all cycles, the ebb and flow here has sped up.

Understand that both clarity and confusion are states of connection. When you are connected and fully in tune with your spiritual body, you feel clarity; when you are disconnected, you feel confusion. During this time, humanity is climbing a staircase of Ascension, and each time you step up one stair, you are slightly out of body. Then, as you rest upon that stair, you are brought back into unison. And, on and on it goes. You normally don’t notice this process so much, because long pauses are taken at each stair. However, when a breakthrough approaches, a rapid climbing takes place, and you can move up several stairs a day, bouncing quickly between these two states of connection.

To find your way through this journey, try to remain hyper-aware of the now. This can be done by saying internally what you are engaged in at the moment, “I am walking, I am opening a cupboard, I am grabbing a cup, I am putting the cup on the counter, etc.” As this connection process continues to speed up, this hyper-awareness of the now will be your best navigation guide.

Second, look for enhanced expression of emotions in yourself and others. As a breakthrough is near and the energy increases, it acts like a magnet to draw out all emotional energy. During this time, there will be some people experiencing very strong emotions, as well as others who act as if nothing fazes them. Again, these are two sides of the same coin. Both are equally valuable paths to understanding yourself, why you feel what you feel, where your emotions come from, and if those emotions are still serving your highest needs today.

There is nothing wrong with emotions, they contain a massive inventory of valuable information. The challenge occurs when emotions overrun your life, and cause you to act on pure emotional impulse. Think of emotions as your own personal movie, they provide you with your life context, your perspective, and lead you to the next important segment of your story. Those are all helpful on your life path. However, like a movie, you are meant to experience your emotions through imagination, discussion, healthy release, and other such methods. But, you are not meant to live your emotions as if you are the movie itself.

When a breakthrough is near, it can become very difficult for some people to separate their emotions from their reality, thus causing rants, blame, victimhood, and other such patterns to be expressed much more intensely. If you are around someone who is experiencing heightened emotions in such a way, give them space to process, do not engage directly in their emotional movie, but instead encourage them to release their emotions safely, by writing, watching a movie, reading a book, taking a walk, visiting a therapist, or any other way that would be an appropriate release for them as an individual.

Third, you will feel the energetic momentum building. As humanity continues forward, you will feel a crescendo of energy. This energy can be felt of in one of two ways. One will be freeing and joyful, a like making it to the end of a long race. The other may feel overwhelming, urgent, or stressful. These are two different expressions of alignment. When you are aligned with your life path and God’s path for you (God’s will), you will feel free, joyful and in sync with life. Synchronicities will pop up again and again, circumstances will work themselves out, and there is an overall ease to any experience.

When you feel overwhelmed and stressful, you are trying to exert your control on your life. You are forgetting to trust in yourself and the path that you already set in motion. You are forgetting to trust in God/ Spirit/The Universe. When you are not in harmony with your life path, you still feel that momentum building, but push against it with fearful thoughts, such as: that it will not happen, not be want you want, not be when you want, not be enough, will happen for everyone else not you, etc.

When you are out of alignment, you can experience things not going well, being clumsy, miscommunication, frustration with you wanting things to be your way (even if you cannot recognize it). If you just got frustrated with that last statement, then you are not in alignment.

Another way to represent God’s will is the idea of unconditional acceptance. This is more than simply accepting everyone else for who they are, this is also accepting events, places, experiences, situations and everything else as it is. No need to drive aggressive in traffic, it is what it is. No need to be angry with the wait for your dinner, it is what it is. No need to track down that package, it will arrive at the right time. No need to interject to tell someone what to do, they are who they are. No need to force a conclusion to occur, it will take place in God’s time.

When you start from a place of acceptance, then you are automatically in alignment, and will intuitively know what to do or say. But, when your pride tells you that you are entitled to something now, or that you know better, then you will find yourself trying to push against the very momentum here to assist you.

All in all, a breakthrough is an expanding balloon of energy, enhancing every aspect of life, so that it can be felt in extreme. In the extremes of connection, emotion, and alignment, you will learn about yourself. That learning is the impetus for a personal breakthrough. When millions or billions of personal breakthroughs occur simultaneously, it is indeed the large-scale transition shift of the ages.

Past Life Patterns – The Infidel

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Infidel Description – The Infidel is driven by a desire to prove themselves and their viewpoints to others. This comes from a predominance of past lives where they were made to feel different by their community, family, or peer groups in some way. The Infidel gains confidence by showing to others that they are in the right. This desire to prove oneself can be an asset in some situations, but also leads to many challenges for the Infidel.

For example, in a relationship the Infidel will have a difficult simply accepting what their partner is telling them. The Infidel prefers to learn through their own experiences and will very rarely, if at all, listen to the advice and guidance of another. This comes from many past lives where the Infidel had to learn to be self-reliant, and they feel a strong desire to hold onto that trait. The Infidel often has great success in the workplace, because of their driven nature, however they would not do well in a company culture that is all about collaboration.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Infidel are: being an orator, being judged for your beliefs, being different from those in your family or community, being a pioneer in an area of life, being an early adopter of a new idea, concept or belief system. If you ever worry about how the media or “powers that be” are trying to influence you or others, or having your reputation tarnished, then you exhibit the Infidel pattern.

Expression of the Infidel Pattern in Your Life Now – The Infidel is the ultimate go-getter, striving to show their worthiness through how well-versed they are in knowledge and experience. They can be very accomplished in many ares of life, but are often ruled by a deep down anger that comes from these past life experiences of having to defend a differing viewpoint time and time again. If you express the Infidel pattern, you have to be aware of how you are talking and listening to others in your life. Because of the pattern of defending yourself, you can have a tendency to put others in their place, or come across as condescending. It is not that you wish to do this, this behavior is merely fueled by the need to prove that you know what is best for you. For example, if you have had success with a certain diet, you will feel as though you need to tell others about it, and why it is the best. (Even if they have not asked for this information.) Extreme expressions of the Infidel pattern can lead to aggressive behavior, addiction to stimulants, and even could cause someone to be labeled as a psychopath.

There are two ways that the Infidel theme reveals itself; The Gentle Infidel and the Magnanimous Infidel. If you resonate with The Infidel pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both, of the ways that The Infidel is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Gentle Infidel – The Gentle Infidel is quite self-reliant and is very content moving through life at their own pace. They do not actively display their viewpoints most of the time; the way they showcase their Past Life Pattern is through their inability to listen to the advice and guidance of others. They resist the influence of others in their life, because they fear depending on anyone other than themselves. This comes from lifetimes when someone close to them did not approve of their opinions, beliefs or choices, and judged them harshly because of these differences. The biggest lesson for the Gentle Infidel is learn to share themselves with, and trust, others.

The Magnanimous Infidel – The Magnanimous Infidel, at first, seems like everyone’s best friend. They showcase their past life pattern by how they observe (and get to know) others, in order to expect how each person could attack them in some way. These attacks are of the emotional nature, or are attacks on work product, reputation, etc. The Magnanimous Infidel has this name, because it is as if they are making up for what someone judged about them lifetimes ago, by trying to show how they are so nice and so giving now (and they will even tell you as much). The Magnanimous Infidel’s biggest lesson is let go of their need to prove how accomplished they are and to simply permit their accomplishments to speak for them.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Needs to prove they are right
  • Tends to feel attacked by others words/actions
  • Communicates in a way that others may find condescending
  • Sense of self based on facts, knowledge and accomplishments

Affirmation – “I allow others to express themselves for who they are. I no longer expect attacks on my belief system. I release the need to share my options, knowledge or expertise, unless I am asked to do so.”

Learn more about how the Infidel pattern is showing up in your life by enrolling in the On-Demand video course, Exploring Past Life Patterns.

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Opening Dimensional Doors

A new world has been created and you are about to step into it. This world is so new in fact, that it is being created by your thoughts and fears right at this moment. You may be consciously aware of everything that you wish to create, but it is especially important now to also understand your past life energy and subconscious belief system that contributes to this process. For, you do not want to create anything in your life out of a limited-based belief.

Many times when you are walking into the realm of creation you do not think about the why of what you want to create. You might be thinking to yourself, “I just want money to help people.” But, have you determined in which ways that help can be applied? Did you know that you can actually stall some people on their path of learning if you were to give them money? Having too general of a direction will not assist you, nor anyone else.

That is why listening to your Higher Self is so very important at this time. Your intuition is your best method of guidance. When you can just allow it to lead and guide you, you walk through dimensional door after dimensional door, each one shifting you to a higher frequency.

There are many unique paths through these dimensional doors, and that is why understanding your own intuition is so important. Remove yourself from fear, judgment and the like and move into a place of trust in yourself. When you trust yourself, you can open the dimensional doors with ease. When you do not trust in yourself, you may open and close those doors a few times before you actually step through them.

The doors will be there when you are ready. And, that is why now is a good time for you to ensure that you are easily able to walk through them. On the other side of those dimensional doors is an unlimited space filled with energy. That energy is like a giant cloud, waiting for someone to direct it as to what it can be. If you do not have your fear and doubts flushed out, those are the energies that this cloud will respond to first, and therefore your doubts and fears will be first to manifest.

However, if you have released those doubt-centered parts of you, and are walking through the dimensional doors with trust and intuitive knowing, then your thoughts will create your reality. Your outer world can only match your inner world. Neither one has any limitations, but they will always be a reflection of each other. Therefore, if you feel limited in how you think of yourself on the inside, then those limitations will be mirrored in your outer world.

When you truly believe that you can do anything, and recognize that every day is a new day to create beauty, harmony, abundance and love in your life, then behind those dimensional doors awaits all that you are ready to create. Get ready to walk through those dimensional doors and create your life path.

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