India and Dubai Trip Part 2

Since my last article, we finished our stay in Mumbai and traveled to Vizag, Hyderabad, Delhi, Dubai and back home. Mumbai, even though it is such a metropolitan city, felt very much like being in a time warp. In many ways, the city is very focused on the movie industry and the financial markets, making the energy of Mumbai very busy, mental energy. However, within that busyness there are many souls who are hungry for spiritual wisdom. While we were there, we made some great contacts and met some fabulous people, all of whom are very passionate about Spirit’s work.

We then flew to the hometown of one of our fellow travelers, Visakhapatnam (also known as Vizag, for short). This is lovely city on the East Coast of India, on the Bay of Bengal. Vizag very much has the slower-paced energy of a resort town. In this community, there was much less focus on the day-to-day grind of life, and much more focus on personal interactions and living in the now. While here, we held an event for group of about 70 people. The audience was so enthusiastic and excited to participate.

After Vizag, we took a short 45-minute flight back to Hyderabad. While in Hyderabad, we held two events. The first event was during the Maha Shivaratri Festival, in front of a group of 12,000 people. I had never witnessed anything like this, as masses of people swarmed around us after speaking. I imagine it would be very much what a rock star must feel like.

After the event, all of us were totally exhausted. Maitreya had shared with us that it was even an experiment from their perspective, as this was the first time they had used the groups’ energy in this way with this amount of people. Our second event was later that week, and many of the same people who met us at Shivaratri, came to the seminar event.

Next, we were off to Delhi. Delhi is a very easy city to visit. Our hotel was connected to a mall, and it was really nice to have a wide variety of foods to choose each meal from. In Delhi, we did a private event. The energy at the event was absolutely amazing and all of us got the pleasure of eating some great food, and connecting with a wonderful group of souls, all ready to move forward on their spiritual path. Two days later, we were back at it to hold our last seminar event of the trip. Everyone who gathered for the event was enthralled with the message, and of course, the energy.

On March 24, we left India and flew to Dubai for a short rest before going home to Seattle. While in Dubai we took some time to unwind and most of the group went to one of the malls. I had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with a long term client of mine. Before we know it, it was time for the long 15-hour flight home. Dubai is an incredible city and I hope to hold events there in the future. We had a nice surprise of getting upgraded to Business Class on the flight home, and so everyone got to recline and enjoy a comfortable plane ride. What a nice reward for an incredible journey!

India and Dubai Trip Part 1

During the month of February, we traveled to 5 cities; Dubai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Dubai was a stopover on our way to India from Seattle and it is in the beautiful country of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Talk about a land of opulence! Everything in Dubai is stunning, from the cars and jewelry, to the architecture and way of dress. With UAE being a Muslim country, we did have to pay attention to a few cultural differences while visiting the mall. At the door to the mall is a sign about wearing modest clothes (Covering shoulders to knees) and no public displays of affection.

Just like any travel experience, it is always necessary to learn about the cultures of the places you are visiting. It is not necessary to accept all of different cultural norms as your personal truth, but when you travel, it is about respecting and adapting to a way of life in a different part of the world for a temporary basis. That is a part of what makes travel such an educational experience. We will be stopping by Dubai on our away back home, and I am personally very much looking forward to it.

From Dubai we went on to Chennai, which is home to the Theosophical Society. While we were there, some big past lives were brought to the surface. When we landed in Chennai and were on our way to the hotel, I felt this sense of joy and pride in my heart for the city. Of course, I did not understand why I felt that way until I found out more about the past life energy that this city held for me. While we were there, we made some wonderful contacts with some amazing people, many of whom who are continuing to help us with our travels on this journey.

The next stop was Bangalore and we took a 6 ½ hour car journey to get there. Along the way we saw the stark contrast of India’s beautiful new construction alongside homes that were built out of pieces of scrap metal. But, no matter what type of structure someone lived in, they were still dealing with the same underlying energy; that of profound faith mixed with deep despair. There is such a strong spiritual history in India, and everyone we have met has such a deep connection with their personal belief system. However, underneath it all, no matter rich or poor, was an energy of deep despair, a feeling of not being good enough in one way or another. It just goes to show how much we are truly all the same, and that we can never fully understand another person’s path and what lessons they are here to accomplish.

We held a wonderful event in Bangalore and many people were able to experience the energy of Maitreya, to receive transformational energy and to begin believing in their power to be the Master of their own life. Then we moved onto Hyderabad. Our visit in Hyderabad was to begin the work for when we return there in March. There will be two large events in Hyderabad on March 10 and March 16. As I write this, we are in Mumbai, with a view of the sea. This is a very cosmopolitan city, a mix of tradition with modern business. So far, there has been something to learn every day!