Questioning Fear

There are so many fears that are deeply rooted in humanity. Death, illness, violence, abandonment, starvation, etc. Many of these fears are very much related to the survival instinct within us. Long ago the Ego was designed to be the part of us that kept us going when in the face of danger and helped us to forage for food or to defend our land from predators.

Now that we live in a modern society, many of these same themes are not happening at the same level of danger as in our past lives, but the energy remains. Look at the modern way in which the Ego works at defending our territory and you will see everything from road rage to feuding neighbors. Look at the deep fears of starvation and you see overeating and hoarding. Look at the fear of illness and you have germaphobia. Look at the fear of abandonment and you have people unwilling to leave unhealthy relationships and situations.

Now of course, not everything is so extreme, but these behaviors do illustrate how the Ego can take what used to be a very essential behavior and turn it into something that can become detrimental. The key to navigating the balance of Ego and higher self is to maintain awareness of your own thoughts.

How does the internal dialogue feel? Does it seem like all or nothing statements? Is the talk based on limitation? These things are from the Ego. On the other hand, if the words are encouraging and are helping you to face the fears, then this is from the higher self.

Because we carry the energy of both the Ego and higher self with us always, it is about finding the unity that is in this duality. The best balance of both. The Ego has helped us in times of need and it keeps us alive and alert. But, just like anything in life, it can get out of balance and that is when you can feel completely overwhelmed with deep fears and phobias.

One of the best ways to face these energies is to ask questions to yourself about what it is you fear. Why do I fear that? What does it make me feel like? What would I do if that was to happen? By understanding your fears, soon they will not be able to take you by surprise.

Blogging Woes

So this week, my blog went into the pit of cyberspace. I’m not sure how it happened. I was doing some regular website maintenance, when all of a sudden, I could no longer read my blog. Then of course, in my attempts to fix it, Poof! The whole thing disappeared.

Blogging Woes

Honestly, I was quite angry about it at first. There was over 300 entries going back a few years; but as it sat on it, waiting for inspiration to come in as to what to do, I began to realize more and more that maybe some of these old messages just weren’t meant to be hanging around any more.

This disappearance also forced me to update my blog structure, as I had to start from scratch and to update all of the back end information. Luckily, I did have back up for many of my blog posts. Yay!

This is a good example of how even when you experience frustration, if you can detach from your emotions and take a step back, you can look at things in a new way. I’m sure that there is even a greater lesson in all of this that I may not even see until further down in the future, but that is the way things are.

Thankfully, instead of being stuck in anger all day, I was able to be distracted by helping a friend move. That pulled my attention away from my blog woes and when I came home I had a fresh plan to fix it. It was not even down for 24 hours.

So, if you ever encounter an unanticipated problem in your life, instead of immediately trying to fix it (Which is always our initial reaction), stop, take some deep breaths, go for a walk, or do something else. While you are busy not thinking about the problem, is precisely when the solution can present itself!

What is Love?

What is Love? Most of Humanity does not even realize Love’s true power. Love goes far beyond the care, compassion and understanding that humanity has for another, true Love fills the heart and soul and transforms your surroundings. Love is the ultimate “Sorcerer’s Stone” that allows the giver to change their perception, and even the outcome, just by aligning themselves with the energy from the Ultimate Being. True Unconditional Love is the strongest force in the Universe.

Look around yourself… How are you projecting Love? Are you afraid of what others might say? Love is not about being in a position of weakness. True Love is a position of strength. For if you have the courage to open your heart to all that is, then you can scale any mountain, swim any ocean and can get beyond the conditions of any bad day of life.

quote082215True Love changes your perceptions, so that you will no longer see yourself as the victim in the grand chess game of life. True Love allows you to become the Divine Alchemist, able to transform the game into whatever pleases you.

Yes, Love is patient and kind, but Love is also forthright and honest. Love reveals the truth and Love does not fear any action, reaction or potential outcome. Love only dwells in what IS in the NOW and Love knows that everything was, is and will be in Divine and perfect order, (even though humanity may not see it as so.)

The messages on this website are intended to provide humanity with compassion, solace and guidance during this ever-changing time. Through all that transforms around you, the one thing that you must remember is that you possess the strongest force of the Universe and that is Love. Look at every situation in you life with Love, True Love, and you will be able to watch it transform before your very eyes.