Integrating the Eclipse Energy

How are you feeling post-eclipse? The energies have been taxing, as they are upping our light quotient by more than ever before. As our physical body integrates the light body upgrade taking place, we can be fatigued, dizzy, and experience a deep emotional purging.

Eclipse Energy

The light body expels all that is not in resonance with it. That energy can be from this life, past lives, lives lived prior to this planet, and even collective soul group energies. If it is anything other than hope, trust, acceptance, and love, then it’s gotta go.

During this purging process, some of you will have encountered a deep sadness, anger, or fear bubbling to the surface. These emotions can remain buried in the body under layer upon layer of past life experience. It takes a strong energetic event, such as an eclipse, to “close the door on the past,” and release from within us, all we no longer need.

Some people will experience more of a physical release process, like: changing jobs, living situations, relationships, or health practices. Whatever the eclipse is bringing up for you, know that what you are feeling is temporary, and is only a reflection of that which your Ego/Self has kept locked away from you. The more you find out about the hidden inventory of your own Ego, the better equipped you are to move forward in your life with confidence and joy. The Ego can be your friend, or your worst nightmare. If you work with your Ego to extract all it is holding on to, the better off you will be.

Think of your Ego as a well-meaning friend. They may not always give the best advice, but often, if you look into the words and phrases they use, you can gain inspiration about how they are attempting to assist you. The Ego is much the same as that friend, and will tend to give advice and guidance to you based on either a proactive avoidance of situations, or a reactive explosion to them. Each of the past life patterns has proactive and reactive expressions to how it handles different situations, and those extreme expressions hold hints as to how your Ego is trying to help you.

The Ego holds on to vast reserves of past life energy, and in its quest to avoid repeating the trauma of the past, it will influence you through fear or anger, as a warning sign that you are venturing dangerously close to past life trauma. But, the thing is, to truly avoid repeating our past life traumas, we must touch the energy of them. We need to bring to the surface all that the Ego would prefer to remain hidden; all of the fear, traumas, and challenging energy. We have to get in it, to get out of it.

When your Ego has you locked in the energy of judgment, guilt, shame, or fear, use that emotion as an anchor to deep dive into all aspects of what you are truly feeling. If you do not get the energy out, it continues to inform the Universe, and you will attract the situations in alignment with your fears. This deep dive process is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal to learn how to transform your energy and emotional state at any time. When you deep dive, you reclaim your emotional state, that is where true personal power and sovereignty dwell: in knowing who you are.

The energy of the eclipse is bringing forth those energetic aspects that the Ego would wish to remain hidden, but they cannot. It is time to explore them, and release them for good. We all have an Ego to wrestle with; it is sly and crafty, but definitely not logical. It is an emotional energy, and can fool us into thinking we have it all figured out. To accept that we do not, is one big part of learning how to navigate your Ego as best you can.

Now is the time to heal the past. Now is the time to invest time and energy in yourself. Now is the time to explore all the hidden details of who you truly are. There is no time like the present, and the more you actively participate in this healing and release, the better able you will be to gently pass through these eclipse energies. If you choose to ignore this process, or subconsciously decide that you do not wish to help yourself, you are in for a much longer ride. The choice is yours. Are you willing to do what it takes to clear out the emotional residue, or will you just wait for another time when things are better, or you feel right? If you wait on that, the Ego will have you forever fooled.

Looking for a boost to help you through your past life release? Exploring Past Life Patterns is an online video course, you can take at your own speed. One of the video lessons walks you through the deep dive exercise. Learn more and enroll here.

Affirmations Index

Affirmations are amazing tools, and when used properly, can shift and change your energy in wonderful ways. There are affirmations included in many different sections of Your Soul Mission. You can find affirmations to support each Astrology sign, and to help you transform your past life patterns.

Here are 10 great basic affirmations for empowerment that everyone can use in their life.
1) “I trust in Spirit and myself to fulfill my life path.”
2) “Love is at the center of all that I do.”
3) “My body is healthy and happy.”
4) “I move with ease through life.”
5) “I draw helpful and supportive people into my life.”
6) “My intuition is my guide to all aspects of life. I release all fear of listening to it.”
7) “I let go of all past life energy. I no longer need to hold onto it any longer.”
8) “Abundance is my Divine birthright.”
9) “I am grateful for my home and my possessions.”
10) “I have the ability to accomplish all that I put my mind to.”

quote082415When you use affirmations, it is recommended that you only pick the ones that you resonate with. You only need to choose about 5 different affirmations when you are starting out. You can benefit the most from the use of affirmations when you say them regularly. It is recommended to say your chosen affirmations 5-10 times, twice per day.

Over time, you will find that you may wish to add more affirmations to your routine, and that you will no longer need to say certain ones, as the energy will have been transformed. It is important to adjust and change your affirmations you go, as you do not want to make saying them too routine. Affirmations are most effective when you believe them to be true, AND when you connect with the words you are saying!


Transforming Your Beliefs – Meditation 2

This page is about Abundance Meditation 2. Want to join the conversation? Pick up 4 complementary abundance meditations here.

Meditation 2: Transforming Beliefs

In this meditation, you will be taken to a room representing your deep subconscious, in that room a variety of items will come into view for recognition as they are released.

Transforming BeliefsAgain, you will be feeling the energy of the meditation for 4-5 days, so pay attention to what shows up in your dreams, and/or what synchronicities are being brought to you as evidence of what you have begun the process of transforming.

In the comment below, please write about what you notice during and following the 4-5 days after Meditation 2. Even if what you see or sense something you think of as trivial or unrelated, write it down. You can notice faces, symbols, words, body sensations, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and even other evidence not listed here. Each time you use the meditation, you will be digging deeper into your subconscious.

Be sure to share this page with friends to enhance your discussion. Sometimes it helps to have someone you know well weigh in on what you saw.

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