Sample Astrology Report

The full Astrology Report includes placements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, as well as special points, North Node, South Node and Part of Fortune. I also look at Rising sign (Ascendant) and Midheaven. House, Zodiac Sign, and extra important information, like Retrograde motion, and 29 degree placement, are all included. I will include the image of the chart for you to see as well. All Astrology charts are calculated using the Koch house system. Thank you to the client who permitted this to be shared.

You must know your time of birth, and exact place of birth to have an accurate report. To order you report, simply clicks one of the links below, or email Karen, karen (at) yoursoulmisison (dot) com to provide your birth details, and she will send you a link to make your payment.

There is also an option for a Life Purpose Report. That shorter Life Purpose Report focuses only on your Midheaven, Pluto, Saturn, Part of Fortune and North and South Nodes.

Birth details needed for either report are: Birthday (Day, Month, Year), Birth time, and City and Country of birth. State, Province, or Territory of birth is also very helpful to ensure I have the correct location in the Astrology software.

These reports are quite time consuming, and so I can only do one per day. Once you order, I will let you know when you can expect your report back. Time estimates for turn around are about 5 days.

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Sample report:

Rising Sign


The Rising sign is how the world views you. This is the impression and energy you emit. The sign of Sagittarius is a seeking of experience and knowledge from that experience. This means other people view you as being knowledgeable and worldly, even if you have a difficult time recognizing that in yourself. The Rising sign of Sagittarius will make you a good leader, teacher and mentor, because others will enjoy listening to what you have to say and the experiences you share.

1st House

Neptune in Capricorn, Retrograde

The first house represents self-esteem and confidence. Neptune is the planet of illusions, meaning that it can make us see something in our life different from how it really is. The sign of Capricorn represents achievements and success. Neptune is also in Retrograde here, giving it double emphasis. This placement indicates that when it comes to achieving and reaching for success you can have some internal criticism about how you personally measure it. This placement can give you very high internal standards of what success looks like in your life, and can cause you to be upset when your expectations don’t match reality. The lesson here is to learn what illusions you hold, because once you realize that you are looking in a mirror, you can be free to change your perspective. But, if you never knew that the mirror was there, you wouldn’t know that you were seeing something through a distortion. Neptune is one of the more challenging planets to understand, because it is very difficult to recognize the illusions of our own making. However, you can look to friends, family and loved ones. Ask for honest feedback about where they feel you might be too self-critical in these areas of achievement and success.

2nd House

Moon in Capricorn, 29 degrees

The 2nd house represents earned income, beliefs and values. The moon rules our emotions and also intuition. The sign of Capricorn represents achievements and success. When a planet is in 29 degrees, it indicates that we have extra help in working through the energy of this planetary placement. This placement indicates that you can experience a wide range of emotions about connecting success with income, both for yourself and for loved one too. Even though you are not specifically motivated by money, it is important to you and gives you a feeling of security and comfort to know what is there and what can come in through earnings. This is because of the Capricorn energy of success and achievements. Also, because the moon also represents intuition, this tells you that your intuition can help you to earn money, either through primary methods (getting paid for intuitive sessions), or secondary methods (using intuition to guide you to job opportunities or investments).

3rd House

North Node in Aries

The 3rd house represents communication. The North Node is a calculated point that tells us where a strong areas of focus is for us in this lifetime. The sign of Aries represents learning about oneself. This placements indicates that one of the things you are here to learn is that all communication you participate in (speaking or listening to) is somehow a reflection of you. It can be a reflection of how far you have grown, a reflection of what you have learned, or a reflection of what you still have left to learn.

4th House

Jupiter in Aries, 29 degrees

The 4th house represents home and family. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, and Aries represents learning about oneself. 29 degrees gives this placement extra help from Spirit. This placement indicates that you will be very abundant in your home and family life, and that things will always find a way to work out. Jupiter is a planet that helps you grow in many ways, it provides encouragement and momentum, but doesn’t do the work for you. This also indicates that your home and family life will be one of the best environments for you to learn about yourself, Aries will make it that way. But, this is a good thing because you will have the privacy of being at home to show you what you need to see. Jupiter is one of the best planets of the Zodiac, and that is why your success is assured in this are of life, so long a you listen to how Jupiter is trying to guide you.

5th House


This means there is a neutral energy in this house. No lessons, and no momentum either. The 5th house represents creativity and athleticism.

6th House

Part of Fortune in Gemini

The 6th house represents work, health and healing. The part of fortune is another area that reveals to us where we can earn money for ourselves. The sign of Gemini is about communication. This placement indicates that you have a strong energy toward working in an area of healing, one where the healing is connected to a form of communication. When you combine the communication with healing, you will achieve the greatest success. This can be speaking about healing practices, healing others through words of advice, or even by talking and listening to their challenges and healing other through the experience of your guidance.

Chiron in Gemini

The 6th house represents work, health and healing. Chiron is where our deepest past life emotions are. Gemini is the sign of communication. This placement indicates that you have been very hurt by others in past lives for speaking and sharing your words. There are past lives of being imprisoned for your beliefs, past lives where you were not allowed to share your opinions because of occupation status or work position, and past lives where others would have not wanted to be around you because you had different beliefs from them. The lesson here is to have emotional understanding that although not everyone will agree with what you have to say, your words and opinions are important. Not just in the home, but most especially outside of it. The lesson is about sharing your words of healing with others, and to not be afraid to be yourself and to be confident in the gifts and talents you have.

7th House


This means there is a neutral energy in this house. No lessons, and no momentum either. The 7th house represents relationships and partnerships, both in marriage and business.

8th House

Mercury in Leo

The 8th house represents metaphysics, death, sex, and other people’s money. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Leo is the sign that is all about receiving attention. This placement indicates that you are here to communicate about metaphysical teachings. At some point along the way of your life, your metaphysical teachings will have you receive attention from others. This is not the same as fame, although it can be a part of the Leo energy. But, for you this will be about receiving a moderate about of attention, both positive and negative, and how you handle that attention. There are two parts to this lesson, one is to see if you will still be able to share your communication about metaphysics freely,  and not permit the attention to affect the information. The other part is to not give in to the past life fear, as highlighted in your Chiron write-up.

Venus in Leo

The 8th house represents metaphysics, death, sex, and other people’s money. Venus shows us where we see beauty in the world, and Leo is the sign that is all about receiving attention. This indicates that you recognize beauty in a person or situation by the wisdom and knowledge it reveals to you. When a person or situation receives extra attention because of their knowledge, that also helps you appreciate what you are learning even more. Venus is a very nice and easy energy, no big lessons here, but it does influence our preferences and what we like in the form of arts, science, music, technology, architecture, learning, food, colors, clothing, and so forth.

Sun in Leo

The 8th house represents metaphysics, death, sex, and other people’s money. The Sun is how you view yourself, and Leo is the sign that is all about receiving attention. This placement indicates that you see yourself as someone who is motivated by attaining spiritually focused goals. Everything in your life is an influence your Soul evolution, and you are able to see that and use it to your benefit. With Leo present here, you have to watch out that you don’t develop hidden pride, saying things like, “I do so much to help people,” or, “I will do it because no one else will.”  Sayings like this are spoken for the other person to hear you. Even if they are truthful, it does not matter, because the desire to tell others what you are doing for them is how hidden pride revels itself. The lesson here is to allow the truth of who you are to shine with your actions and your energy, and for the nonverbal communication that emits from your energy to be just as strong of a voice as the words you say.

Mars in Leo

The 8th house represents metaphysics, death, sex, and other people’s money. Mars is the planet of drive and anger, and Leo is the sign that is all about receiving attention. This placement indicates that you are driven and focused to achieve your spiritual goals. This is very positive, mostly. Because of the Mars energy though, you can become overwhelmed easily and even frustrated when you feel like something is in the way of those goals. Leo actually softens the Mars energy just a little bit, because as long as you receive positive encouragement for the positive aspects to Mars, you will grow your focused drive in a balanced manner. But, if you receive positive attention for the negative effects of Mars, anger, vengeance, frustration, then it will grow those areas of the Mars energy. Your lesson here is to choose what side of Mars you want to reveal, and then use that to create positive motivation and empowerment for yourself. With this being in the 8th house, it is best if this encouragement and focus come in the form of metaphysics, but it can be used in other area of life that the 8th house rules. Another example of this would be to receive positive attention because of focusing your energy into helping other people understand the process of death.

9th House

South Node in Libra

The 9th house represents, travel, education and what we learn by our experience. The South Node is a calculated point, opposite the North node, and it tells us what we are already experts in form our past lives. The sign of Libra is about finding how to create balance and harmony with others. This placement indicates that in past lives you were very good at finding a balanced approach in your interactions with others, specifically other cultures, and people with differences to you. This is a major talent you can draw from and it allows you to see the true inner wisdom within each person, because each person has had the gift of learning from their own experience.



Midheaven is the very top point of the Astrology chart, the line between the 9th and 10th houses. It represents your career opportunities. Your midheaven is in the sign of Libra, indicating a focus of working with others to help them find their path of balance and harmony life. This can be accomplished with many different job titles. The real joy for you will be seeing someone take the wisdom and knowledge you share with them, and watch them reach milestones of improvement in their life.

10th House

Pluto in Scorpio

The 10th house is the house of public recognition, awards and honors. Pluto represents where we transform ourselves, and also how we can participate in transforming the world. The sign of Scorpio represents hidden talents, including areas in the topics of spirituality and metaphysics. This placement indicates that your focus in this lifetime is to transform yourself and your own energy with concepts from spirituality and metaphysics. This transformation will also be a big part of the life experience you share with others. Once day that experience will be recognized in a more public manner. Pluto can be a very helpful planet, if we understand the message it is sharing with us. You will transform areas of your life because of your metaphysical knowledge, but any area of life can be transformed. Transformation occurs when we have an area of life that we once viewed as challenging and difficult, to transform into an area of life that is harmonious and wonderful. Those personal stories of transformation that you share will be what eventually attracts positive attention and accolades to you.

11th House


This means there is a neutral energy in this house. No lessons, and no momentum either. The 11th house represents hopes and dreams, as well as group energy.

12th House

Saturn in Sagittarius, Retrograde

The 12th house is the house of past life energy. Saturn is our grand teacher, like a wise grandfather showing us what we need to learn, but doing it with kindness and compassion. Sagittarius represents learning through personal experience, and this planet is in Retrograde, giving it double emphasis. This placement indicates that your current life is designed to help you face and learn from all of your old past life awareness. Saturn will use your past life energy to teach you in the now moment, what still works for you, and what does not. It will be your direct experience that will reveal to you these lessons from your past lives. This can have some difficult times of learning though, because past life energy is so connected to emotions. It may be difficult at times, to separate the emotion from the wisdom involved in the situation. But, because you have extra emphasis here, Saturn will make sure you learn what you chose to learn in this life.

Uranus in Sagittarius, Retrograde

The 12th house is the house of past life energy. Uranus represents sudden and unexpected change in our lives. Sagittarius represents learning through personal experience, and this planet is in Retrograde, giving it double emphasis. This placement indicates that you have set up for yourself, (remember we write our own Astrology chart prior to birth), certain points in your life where change would happen if you were not learning what you needed to learn. Uranus will only show up if you need it to. That means that as long as you are learning your lessons, and learning from your past life experiences and awareness, then there is no need for the changes to be large. But, change will be there, it is a part of life. Sagittarius will help you recognize that change is a part pf the experience of life, and that wisdom and learning is the result of each and every change. The greater the change, the greater the lesson, but also the greater the change, the more you still have to learn. Small changes show you that you have already accomplished much of the learning you asked of yourself! Be aware that your past life emotions can make change seem bigger than it is, you will find that you spend more time worrying about the change before, but then can easily adapt after the change is complete. This is the past life energy in action, but mixed nicely with the Sagittarius energy.

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Integrating the Eclipse Energy

How are you feeling post-eclipse? The energies have been taxing, as they are upping our light quotient by more than ever before. As our physical body integrates the light body upgrade taking place, we can be fatigued, dizzy, and experience a deep emotional purging.

Eclipse Energy

The light body expels all that is not in resonance with it. That energy can be from this life, past lives, lives lived prior to this planet, and even collective soul group energies. If it is anything other than hope, trust, acceptance, and love, then it’s gotta go.

During this purging process, some of you will have encountered a deep sadness, anger, or fear bubbling to the surface. These emotions can remain buried in the body under layer upon layer of past life experience. It takes a strong energetic event, such as an eclipse, to “close the door on the past,” and release from within us, all we no longer need.

Some people will experience more of a physical release process, like: changing jobs, living situations, relationships, or health practices. Whatever the eclipse is bringing up for you, know that what you are feeling is temporary, and is only a reflection of that which your Ego/Self has kept locked away from you. The more you find out about the hidden inventory of your own Ego, the better equipped you are to move forward in your life with confidence and joy. The Ego can be your friend, or your worst nightmare. If you work with your Ego to extract all it is holding on to, the better off you will be.

Think of your Ego as a well-meaning friend. They may not always give the best advice, but often, if you look into the words and phrases they use, you can gain inspiration about how they are attempting to assist you. The Ego is much the same as that friend, and will tend to give advice and guidance to you based on either a proactive avoidance of situations, or a reactive explosion to them. Each of the past life patterns has proactive and reactive expressions to how it handles different situations, and those extreme expressions hold hints as to how your Ego is trying to help you.

The Ego holds on to vast reserves of past life energy, and in its quest to avoid repeating the trauma of the past, it will influence you through fear or anger, as a warning sign that you are venturing dangerously close to past life trauma. But, the thing is, to truly avoid repeating our past life traumas, we must touch the energy of them. We need to bring to the surface all that the Ego would prefer to remain hidden; all of the fear, traumas, and challenging energy. We have to get in it, to get out of it.

When your Ego has you locked in the energy of judgment, guilt, shame, or fear, use that emotion as an anchor to deep dive into all aspects of what you are truly feeling. If you do not get the energy out, it continues to inform the Universe, and you will attract the situations in alignment with your fears. This deep dive process is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal to learn how to transform your energy and emotional state at any time. When you deep dive, you reclaim your emotional state, that is where true personal power and sovereignty dwell: in knowing who you are.

The energy of the eclipse is bringing forth those energetic aspects that the Ego would wish to remain hidden, but they cannot. It is time to explore them, and release them for good. We all have an Ego to wrestle with; it is sly and crafty, but definitely not logical. It is an emotional energy, and can fool us into thinking we have it all figured out. To accept that we do not, is one big part of learning how to navigate your Ego as best you can.

Now is the time to heal the past. Now is the time to invest time and energy in yourself. Now is the time to explore all the hidden details of who you truly are. There is no time like the present, and the more you actively participate in this healing and release, the better able you will be to gently pass through these eclipse energies. If you choose to ignore this process, or subconsciously decide that you do not wish to help yourself, you are in for a much longer ride. The choice is yours. Are you willing to do what it takes to clear out the emotional residue, or will you just wait for another time when things are better, or you feel right? If you wait on that, the Ego will have you forever fooled.

Looking for a boost to help you through your past life release? Past Life Pattern Discovery is a one-on-one course, designed to help you learn more about the subconscious fears you brought into this lifetime. Learn more and enroll here.

Affirmations Index

Affirmations are amazing tools, and when used properly, can shift and change your energy in wonderful ways. There are affirmations included in many different sections of Your Soul Mission. You can find affirmations to support each Astrology sign, and to help you transform your past life patterns.

Here are 10 great basic affirmations for empowerment that everyone can use in their life.
1) “I trust in Spirit and myself to fulfill my life path.”
2) “Love is at the center of all that I do.”
3) “My body is healthy and happy.”
4) “I move with ease through life.”
5) “I draw helpful and supportive people into my life.”
6) “My intuition is my guide to all aspects of life. I release all fear of listening to it.”
7) “I let go of all past life energy. I no longer need to hold onto it any longer.”
8) “Abundance is my Divine birthright.”
9) “I am grateful for my home and my possessions.”
10) “I have the ability to accomplish all that I put my mind to.”

quote082415When you use affirmations, it is recommended that you only pick the ones that you resonate with. You only need to choose about 5 different affirmations when you are starting out. You can benefit the most from the use of affirmations when you say them regularly. It is recommended to say your chosen affirmations 5-10 times, twice per day.

Over time, you will find that you may wish to add more affirmations to your routine, and that you will no longer need to say certain ones, as the energy will have been transformed. It is important to adjust and change your affirmations you go, as you do not want to make saying them too routine. Affirmations are most effective when you believe them to be true, AND when you connect with the words you are saying!