Affirmations Index

Affirmations are amazing tools, and when used properly, can shift and change your energy in wonderful ways. There are affirmations included in many different sections of Your Soul Mission. You can find affirmations to support each Astrology sign, and to help you transform your past life patterns.

Here are 10 great basic affirmations for empowerment that everyone can use in their life.
1) “I trust in Spirit and myself to fulfill my life path.”
2) “Love is at the center of all that I do.”
3) “My body is healthy and happy.”
4) “I move with ease through life.”
5) “I draw helpful and supportive people into my life.”
6) “My intuition is my guide to all aspects of life. I release all fear of listening to it.”
7) “I let go of all past life energy. I no longer need to hold onto it any longer.”
8) “Abundance is my Divine birthright.”
9) “I am grateful for my home and my possessions.”
10) “I have the ability to accomplish all that I put my mind to.”

quote082415When you use affirmations, it is recommended that you only pick the ones that you resonate with. You only need to choose about 5 different affirmations when you are starting out. You can benefit the most from the use of affirmations when you say them regularly. It is recommended to say your chosen affirmations 5-10 times, twice per day.

Over time, you will find that you may wish to add more affirmations to your routine, and that you will no longer need to say certain ones, as the energy will have been transformed. It is important to adjust and change your affirmations you go, as you do not want to make saying them too routine. Affirmations are most effective when you believe them to be true, AND when you connect with the words you are saying!


Transforming Your Beliefs – Meditation 2

This page is about Abundance Meditation 2. Want to join the conversation? Pick up 4 complementary abundance meditations here.

Meditation 2: Transforming Beliefs

In this meditation, you will be taken to a room representing your deep subconscious, in that room a variety of items will come into view for recognition as they are released.

Transforming BeliefsAgain, you will be feeling the energy of the meditation for 4-5 days, so pay attention to what shows up in your dreams, and/or what synchronicities are being brought to you as evidence of what you have begun the process of transforming.

In the comment below, please write about what you notice during and following the 4-5 days after Meditation 2. Even if what you see or sense something you think of as trivial or unrelated, write it down. You can notice faces, symbols, words, body sensations, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and even other evidence not listed here. Each time you use the meditation, you will be digging deeper into your subconscious.

Be sure to share this page with friends to enhance your discussion. Sometimes it helps to have someone you know well weigh in on what you saw.

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Renovating Life in Mercury Retrograde

About 3 times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde motion, appearing to move backwards in the sky. As it does, it can bring about energy of confusion, frustration, and most importantly, reevaluation.

Mercury rules communication, electronics and short distance travel. So, you want to pay special attention to those things during this time. If you want to know how each Mercury Retrograde will show up for you, take a look at where it will be transiting though your personal birth chart.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is in my rising sign of Aquarius, meaning that it is really causing me to reassess how I define myself. Much of that reassessment is coming in the form of how I focus on, brand, and present my business.

This is precisely what Mercury Retrograde is for: to reevaluate and renovate everything that is old and outworn, in order to bring in the new. Some of the changes taking place are shifting me out of my comfort zone, and other changes are long overdue.

Use this time to think about how you can renovate your life, release the old and begin to make way for the new. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you don’t move to quickly. Mercury Retrograde is about thinking things through so that any new direction can be vetted out. But, wait to begin that new direction until after the Retrograde period, or you might find yourself changing your mind a few times.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign contracts, make large purchases, get married or create any new business. However, it is a wonderful time to renew, refresh, reorganize, and redesign any of those listed items. You might just discover that it also renews your sense of yourself in the process.