Understanding Your Own Truth

There comes a time in everyone’s spiritual development when you must ask: “Are you thinking for yourself?” During the course of your lifetime, it is easy to be bombarded with the thoughts and opinions of others. You have to look inside yourself and know that anything that comes from outside of you must be examined.

I recently went to see a beautiful movie, Avatar. One of the themes of this movie is to start thinking for yourself and to not keep doing things just because you were told to. Each soul has to face these issues within themselves and see where they feel authentic to their hearts and where they feel like they are just doing things out of fear or guilt.

Are you exhibiting the emotions and behaviors of others in your own life? Think for a minute if you use expressions that you may have heard your parents say, or if your manner of fashion comes from what you see in magazines. Where did you get your opinions about food, love, sex, religion, self-worth, music, money and politics from? Are those things what you truly believe, or are they taken from the mouths and minds of others?

Of course it is quite alright to agree with others opinions, but only as long as it is also your own truth. If you have just adopted the truths of others without truly looking at that issue yourself, then you need to examine those facts and statements.

This can be a very tricky practice, and the American media manipulates this tactic often to sway the hearts and minds of the masses. As Earth enters this Era of Cooperation, it is time to look at what it is that you truly feel about all things on all levels. Look inside and examine any fear-based beliefs and ideas of judgment or competition. For wherever they came from, it was not from the heart, not from the Ultimate Being (God).

When you hold a belief that comes from a place of Love, than you grow the piece of the Ultimate Being within you. When you hold a belief that comes from a place of fear, than you give your Ego more power.

The beginning of each year is often a time to make resolutions and resolves for the year to come. Make it your mission this year to understand why you have the opinions that you do. Understand where they come from, and see if they truly come from your heart, or if they are based on separation and lack.

Once you have examined these beliefs, you will be better equipped to live your life, a life of your own making. But, you must first know what you will be authentic to, Love or Fear? It is one of the most important questions that you can ever ask yourself.

Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness. But what does it all really mean? Humanity has been placing so much emphasis on these concepts lately, that they are now often used as judgmental terms of comparison and competition.

These terms are merely likened to Years in school, no one any better than the other. These terms were created by humanity to delineate the level of learning that a soul has reached.

Of the terms listed above, ascension is the only term related solely to the Earth plane. The trap that one can get into when using the term ascension is that it has a connotation closely related to feelings of who is worthy enough to go before God. All souls are worthy and all souls will ascend during some point in their journey. Ascension is no more than rising above the vibratory level of the old Earth plane, or the 3rd dimension.

As the timelines of Earth get closer to 2012, there is much doomsday talk as well as much discussion of this term of ascension and how many people will suppose it will take place. For most of you, it will be no different than any other day, as you will be making gradual changes in vibration along with the Earth itself. For many others, “ascension” will not occur for a few more lifetimes and they will choose a different path.

When it comes to vibration, this is a term that describes the amount of density and how quickly that density is moving within one’s body system. For those in the world of Spirit, there are different levels of vibration as well, all attuned to specific tasks and duties.

In order for you to communicate with the Higher Energies, you must raise your vibration to one that is compatible with ours, otherwise we both could occupy the same space and you would be completely unaware of our presence. This is why those whose vibration has “ascended” above that of the Earth plane, cannot lower their vibration to incarnate in a physical body. In order for those in the Spirit world to bring information forth, they must use the services of a channel.

While vibration describes the physical level of change, consciousness is used to describe how much work a soul has done on clearing out their own inner emotional issues. Levels of consciousness do not correspond to age, culture or location on the globe. Vibration and consciousness have a direct correlation, and when you raise your consciousness and clear out density in the emotional body from past life energy, your vibration goes up.

Many individuals often use these terms interchangeably; their use is not as important as to have an understanding of how the soul’s learning process works on the Earth plane. Now that a New School of Higher Vibratory Studies is being prepared, many souls will have to choose to clear out the past life energy that they carry around in order to be admitted. Those souls that do not make this choice will simply complete their learning elsewhere.

The most important thing is to not concern yourself with the labels of others, but to continue to push forward on your own evolutionary path. Wherever your journey takes you as an individual soul, know that you are right where you need to be. Once you have reached the stage where you are able to recognize how the Ego (self, Lower self) is trying to control you, then you are ready to be admitted to this emerging New School. By learning to recognize any fear or doubt remaining in your emotional body, you will be on the path to clear it completely. Most importantly DO NOT judge yourself and your progress on your own journey.

Choices, Without the Ego

This is a time of indecision for many on their spiritual path, and the Lower Self is trying to show itself in many situations. If one allows it, the Ego can have the ability to derail you. However, there is also the choice to go with the Higher Self and choose the path that is more closely aligned with your destiny.

Now, this is not always as easy as it seems and the Ego may try to tell you that there will be just as many (if not more) speed bumps along the path of the Higher Self. If given the option, the Ego will always seek the easy way out.

The most important thing is to not get stuck at this point of indecision and to allow your Ego to get out of the way, so that the best choice can be made. If another choice is made at this time, you will always have another opportunity to make the same choices; however they might not be presented to you in the same situation as before.

When you look inside your heart, only then will you know the true and correct choice for yourself. It is important that you make the choice yourself and are not dissuaded by the fears or conditioning of others. If you need guidance in making your decision on which road to choose, then it is always helpful to seek out a third party that can counsel you on the options that both choices pose for you.

Many in humanity are being faced with these choices at this time and as the vibration of the planet continues to change, more of humanity will be at this fork in the road. Be sure that when you make your decision on which path you will choose, that this decision is made from a place of Love, Strength and Hope. Have the faith to do what you always wanted to do! Now is the time when the energies have the strongest support for you in aligning yourself with your higher purpose.

This is an important timeline on the life of this planet and those who stay in indecision may have to let choices pan out in another incarnation in another time. Each one of you controls your density and it is the time to make your choice on which path you want to take: the path of the Ego or the one of your Higher Self.

Many events in the coming months will cause humanity to wonder about the choices that they have made in their life, so please make this decision with thought and care. Follow you heart, for it will never steer you wrong. This is not to say that fear and concern may not be present; for many there will be fear of the things that the Ego cannot control.

NOW is the time to do what speaks to you, there are no wrong choices, but making this choice in the present time can raise your vibration faster and propel you farther on your spiritual path than at any other time in humanity’s history.

Remember always that Love knows no bounds and whenever you are faced with a tough decision those in the world of Spirit will lead and guide you to where you need to be. Once the guidance has been given to you, it remains your choice to listen.