Again & Again – Who are the Ascended Masters?

On this week’s Again & Again, Karen Downing and Laurie Regan talk about the Ascended Masters. Karen shares her first experience in connecting with a Master’s energy, and there is also a conversation about why the Ascended Masters want to work with us.

Again & Again – All About Channeling

Karen Downing interviews guest Leta Hamilton. Leta is a channel for Archangel Micheal and other energies. Leta shares her story of how Michael came into her life and how her process of becoming a channel began. Pick up Leta’s Book here.

Again & Again – Connecting with Spiritual Beings

Karen Downing and special guest Laurie Regan discuss the process of working with Spiritual Beings, how you can recognize these energies and also how you should feel when in their presence. Learn how to ensure you are connecting with who you ask to be present.