Past Life Patterns – The Savior

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Savior Description – The Savior puts their beliefs/causes as their top priority. Whatever it is that the Savior believes, it is more important to them than anything else. The Savior usually has one or two causes that they vehemently support, however that is not always the case. Sometimes the Savior can put their energy into their family, their health, or their job. You will know if you or someone you know has the Savior pattern, because the Savior always talks passionately, and usually provides unsolicited advice, about whatever they are putting their energy into.

For example, if the Savior is focused on bargain hunting and finding the best deal, they will go to great lengths to use coupons, or negotiate every transaction. But, that is just one piece to the energy, the other part of what the Savior does is tell others in their life about how they either should be doing the same as the Savior, or how they missed out by not following the Savior’s example. The Savior always has the best intentions in their heart, and they truly feel that they are helping others with their advice, guidance and/or example for living. Often what they Savior does not understand is that every person is in their own illusion, comprised of their unique past life patterns and experiences. Thus, much of the time the Savior’s attempts to share information goes unheard and unappreciated. The lesson for the Savior is to learn to not base their own self-worth on their ability to “save,” or inform others, but to instead to detach from others emotions, and allow others to live their own lives.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Savior are: being a martyr for their beliefs, being held to a strict standard by themselves or others, rescuing other people in some way, doing advocacy work, and/or running charitable and religious organizations. If you ever worry about the greater good, social causes, charitable work, philanthropy and have a deep desire to change the world, especially if you put those aims above your own needs, then you exhibit the Savior pattern.

Expression of the Savior Pattern in Your Life Now – The Savior will live their life by their belief system. It is very important for them to not appear as hypocritical in their life, and that is their biggest pet peeve of others. The Savior feels that whatever their belief system is, it must be expressed 110% in their life. For this reason, the Savior has a difficult time with balance, and can tend to burn out due to stress. The Savior also can feel resentment toward others who share their beliefs, but may not feel them as strongly, or show the same amount of “devotion” as the Savior. The Savior needs to realize that by comparing others to themselves, they are falling into the trap of judgment, so it is of the utmost importance for the Savior to have awareness of how they think about and relate to others. Because of the Savior’s passion for what they believe, there is also a pattern of diving into a lifestyle or belief system so completely that it can adversely affect their life in another way. Some examples of this would be lack of sleep, extreme dietary restrictions, loss of friendships, high blood pressure, etc.

There are two ways that the Savior theme reveals itself; The Pious Savior and the Peacekeeper Savior. If you resonate with The Savior pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both of the ways that The Savior is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Pious Savior – The Pious Savior sees themselves as an example for their chosen cause or belief system. They feel that their belief system is infallible, and they want to share it with everyone around them. The Pious Savior also has a tendency to become prideful about how good of an example they are, and they are very focused on being pure in the expression of their beliefs. They will call out others who they feel are hypocritical, and make examples of other people and how they are not “walking the talk,” even if they don’t specifically identify those others by name. The Pious Savior does not recognize how they are seeing themselves above others, in fact they feel as though they are very fair and honest. The biggest lesson for the Pious Savior is to learn to accept themselves for who they truly are. This will only happen once they can recognize how they have been displacing their own self-judgment onto how they view others.

The Peacekeeper Savior – The Peacekeeper Savior is worried about how their actions will affect others, especially those whom they revere. Because of this, they are under a constant state of stress to help, assist, and do the best possible job for their chosen cause. Many people might view them as being passive, or even servant-like, but this is how they like to express devotion to their beliefs. They put urgency on all that they do, because this comes from a deep desire to please God, or to please others in authority. The Peacekeeper Savior often wonders why others are not as devoted to the mission as they are. Their biggest lesson is to understand that by putting urgency and stress onto what they do, they are not creating a positive energy flow for the causes they love so much. This person often cannot recognize that they are being influenced by the Savior pattern, as they think those they serve/help/assist are the TRUE Saviors. The Peacekeeper Savior must also learn to accept their own worthiness and put themselves as a priority in their own life, otherwise this behavior will result in the hidden pride of believing they are above taking credit for their own accomplishments.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Self-worth tied to helping others
  • Have a tendency to feel that others are not doing enough
  • Feel urgency and stress in much of their life
  • Can be overly passionate about their beliefs

Affirmation – “I let go of all need to compare others to myself. I accept that everyone is living in their own illusion. I live my best life by releasing the judgments I hold about myself.”

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Question about Ascension

Q: I read your article on Ascension and it gave me much insight. I realized what I need to work on is to detach from my feelings (I do not like suffering of animals/ animal abuse). I have a hard time with that and I’m not sure how to let go? Also, what happens after the 11 year period?

When you have difficulty detaching emotionally from certain situations (like you are experience with animal abuse), this is because you have been a champion for change in that area in past lives. When the soul memory is flooded with past life patterns of working for the same cause, it can make detachment more difficult. This particular past life pattern you are experiencing is called The Savior, and to move into detachment, try to remember to look at the situation from the big picture. What that means is to remind yourself that animals are souls going through their process of learning also.

The suffering and abuse that an animal experiences there to assist the animal soul in learning about Love. It may sound strange, but the only way to truly understand what unconditional love is, is for a soul to experience a situation where they are removed from love. Many times an abuse situation is the final animal incarnation of those souls, and through that experience they are able to raise their vibration to live life as a human. Those animal souls who are victimized are often able to skip ahead many levels in vibration because of the learning that took place from this experience. Also, the individuals who are the perpetrators of the abuse will also receive their karmic debts created by this behavior. By reminding yourself that one lifetime is temporary, but the soul’s evolution is forever, this will be able to assist you in stepping out of the feelings of anger toward the abusers, and also the despair that you can feel when seeing so much suffering. Another thing to remember is that karma is kept track of, and therefore it will be worked out on the highest of levels for all involved. It is about trusting that there is a Divine plan, and so therefore you do not need to take charge of the change, because we are already in the driver’s seat of change.

As for what will happen in 11 years, day-to-day life will not feel too much different for those in 5D. Those who choose not to raise their vibrations, will have already made their exit from the planet. (Unlike what many people think, this will not be a vast number). Those exits will be made gradually, not en masse. Because of the planet’s heightened vibration, it will assist the work of the Photon Belt to facilitate the Ascension process for all souls who choose to raise their vibration. It is important to understand that this is a choice made by each soul of choosing which dimension they would like to live in. It is no different from choosing to live in either London, or New York; one place is not better than the other. Each dimension has its own characteristics, and the soul is choosing which dimension can best help in its learning.

By that time, there will be much more transparency into the Earth and its history. Many more “Scientific” discoveries will come to confirm what many lightworkers already know, and this will also help to bring out feelings of Universal truth and peace. The suffering and violence will not totally cease until about 2025, as there will be a bit of a shadow effect. One thing that many people will notice is that they are living more in the now moment then ever before, so much to a degree that they will feel like they are forgetful. But, really it is simply releasing the energy of trying to remember things, and instead to pass on that responsibly to their personal guides. Mostly, each person will begin to feel true peace, and life will align with that peace. You will find less people working in jobs they dislike, less people in relationships that no longer work, and instead life will be lived more authentically to one’s true Divinity.

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