Past Life Patterns – The Ruler

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Ruler Description – The Ruler needs to feel in control of all aspects of his or her life. Do you fear making the wrong decisions? Do you feel a deep sense of obligation to those around you? If so, you have the qualities of The Ruler archetype.

When you get to know someone who has lived the Ruler pattern, they can come across as being very well put together, like they are in charge of everything around them. However, inside, the Ruler is often wrought with stress, anxiety and worry out of obligation for others in their life. This can be their family, friends, co-workers, pets or any individual who they are strongly attached to. The Ruler is a take charge individual, but often can get so wrapped up in what they feel is best, that they have a difficult time listening to others clearly. Because of this, the Ruler can develop hearing loss if they do not address their inability to truly listen.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Ruler are as being an authoritative figure, such as an Emperor/Empress, Queen/King, etc. The Ruler can also have past lives as the leader of a union group, political party, religion, or any other type of organization. The main challenge of the Ruler pattern is that they were put in positions to make decisions for others, time and time again. If you ever worry about making the wrong decisions, people trying to undermine you, or others not taking you “seriously”, then you have experienced the Past Life Pattern of the Ruler.

Expression of the Ruler Pattern in Your Life Now – The Ruler feels compelled to be the one at the helm of the decision making process. However, the pressure of making the “right” decision will always be stressful. There is often struggle to choose between the people who will be affected by the decision, or the process (situation) itself, when making decisions for a larger group. The Ruler can experience substance abuse (especially to stimulants to keep them going), insomnia, ulcers, hearing loss, knee problems and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). All of these issues have the emotional cause of the need to control the people and things around them.

There are two ways that the Ruler theme reveals itself; The Compassionate Ruler and the Driven Ruler. If you resonate with The Ruler pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both of the ways that The Ruler is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Compassionate Ruler – The Compassionate Ruler is comfortable at being a leader and being in control, but only when a group, or family dynamic is working in harmony. Whenever there is discord, it causes The Compassionate Ruler to feel a deep burden and stress to “Fix” everyone’s problems. When everyone is happy, they feel in control of their own life. The Compassionate Ruler has a strong desire to be the one in charge of everything; unless of course it causes a fight, then they will relinquish perceived control of the process, but will still watch over it diligently. The Compassionate Ruler will always chose people over the process when making a decision.

The Driven Ruler – The Driven Ruler has a huge hidden fear of being in a position of weakness, and because of that fear, they have an expectation that others are out to get one over on them. The Driven Ruler may also have difficulty connecting to other people, as there is a subconscious belief pattern that people get in the way of progress. Progress toward an aim is the Driven Ruler’s number one goal. If anyone or anything stands in the way of that goal, they become enemy number one. The Driven Ruler is a quick decision maker. This is a wonderful attribute in times of pressure and stress; however they need to learn to listen to the points of view of others in their life. There is a great amount of pride in everything The Driven Ruler does, that pride can lend itself to stubbornness and conceit if not kept in balance. The Driven Ruler will always choose process over people when making a decision.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Need to feel in control
  • Pride tied to being in charge
  • Stubbornness/inability to listen
  • Can view others as resources or obligations

Affirmation – “I release all need to be in control. I accept that the world is an uncontrollable place, and I chose to begin the process of relaxing and learning to go with the flow of life.”

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