Past Life Patterns – The Outcast

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

Outcast Description – The Outcast finds as many ways as possible to live at a distance from society. This can be accomplished by living far away from others, or by distancing oneself from others while living amongst them. This distance can be created emotionally, by isolation or by escapism. Whether physical or emotional distance, it serves to buffer The Outcast from becoming the potential target of another person’s judgments, opinions, emotions, conversation and/or beliefs.

On the surface, The Outcast may appear to be a perfectly content person, happy to be by themselves. Yes, the Outcast is more introverted by preference; however, underneath this behavior there is a deep down fear of being hurt, so it is simply easier to live at a distance from others. The Outcast is labeled as such because this individual has lived many past lives where they have been shunned by society or their loved ones for various reasons.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Outcast are: being judged as unlovable/undesirable, being disowned by their family, being thrown out of their community, having the person they love choose a different partner, being treated neglectfully, or being abandoned by their family (in any stage of life).  If you ever worry about the people in your life leaving you, not communicating with you, or not “having your back”, especially to the point where that anticipation causes extreme anxiety or stress in your life, then you have experienced the Past Life Pattern of the Outcast.

Expression of the Outcast Pattern in Your Life Now – The Outcast can experience such things as agoraphobia, an expectation of their loved ones abandoning them, difficultly in showing vulnerability, worrying about sharing their personal opinions or views publicly, body image issues, angry outbursts, and substance use/abuse for purposes of escaping their everyday life. By reading about the two expressions of this pattern, you will be able to recognize if you have The Outcast pattern from your past life experiences.

There are two ways that the Outcast theme reveals itself; The Angry Outcast and the Lonely Outcast. If you resonate with The Outcast pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both of the ways that The Outcast is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Angry Outcast – The Angry Outcast assumes that every other person was, is, or will be angry at them. Therefore in order to not be at the receiving end of another person’s anger, The Angry Outcast often displays angry outbursts that serve as a buffer to prevent closeness of any kind. The Angry Outcast will start an argument (which they often refer to as a discussion) as soon as they catch the smallest of glimpses that another person might not agree with them 100%. The Angry Outcast has a tendency to escape life through addictive behaviors that push others away, and is reactionary to the energy of their past life pattern.

The Lonely Outcast – The Lonely Outcast can spend endless time alone. They do not wish for sociability, and do not need it. However, they do wish for lasting companionship, but find it difficult to open up to another person. Often they can be viewed as being very passive, and their family is always trying “to get them out of the house.” This is not really what they need, but instead need to learn to change their perception of what happens outside of the their safety zone. The Lonely Outcast may even deny that they would like to be in a relationship, instead saying that they are happy by themselves. The have even learned to isolate themselves from opening up to the experience of unconditional love, in fact they are unsure that it even exists. The Lonely Outcast has a tendency to escape life through isolationism, and is suppressive of their past life pattern energy.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Trust issues with people
  • Fear of Judgment
  • Fear of Abandonment
  • Escapism

Affirmation – “I let go of my expectation of pain. I am choosing to work on reaching out to others, in order to heal myself. I approve of myself, and I only align myself with those who approve of me.”

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