Now is Time to Heal the Past

There is a great deal of focus on living in the Now, and rightfully so. The now is where creation begins, where life is lived, and where the past is healed. For many who are doing work with practicing living in the now, one of the essential pieces for cultivating deep peace in life, is often not given the proper attention. That piece is about healing the past. You will not be able to truly live in now, until you can understand and release the past.

Most people are not aware of how their past lives are influencing them in the now. Every thought, action, behavior and emotion is done under the influence of your past lives. In fact, 85% of your life is ruled by your past life patterns. You can see why is to so critical to release the past, in order to truly be at peace in the present.

You have an opportunity to begin to understand the past lives in your Soul’s history and how they are influencing you in the here and now. Understanding your past life energy is much more than simply knowing the who, what, where and when. Past life exploration requires looking at the patterns, dynamics, emotions and memories that made up the original experiences. For, once you understand those pieces of influence, you are able to break the past life patterns that have a hold on you.

You may be wondering, “How do I really know if I am under the influence of past life patterns?” You will know this to be the case when you experience repeating circumstances, lessons, and situations in your life. This often shows up as having relationships with the same type of personalities, repeating patterns in the workplace, with your emotions, with finances, or with other areas of life.

Other evidence of past life influence includes deep emotions as related to specific places, times and people. Dreams and meditations are a doorway that you can utilize to begin to look at your past life energy, but it takes truly focused work to be able to transform the influence of past life energy until it ceases to affect you. That focused work is done by paying attention to your actions and reactions, your words, thoughts, tendencies, and mostly importantly, your fears.

As the fog lifts and everyone is able to see more of the truth of life, it becomes exceedingly important not to permit the situations of the past to influence your vision of the now. Look at your life and understand the past life patterns you are repeating, look at the emotions in those patterns, and make the choice now to do something to change those patterns in your life.

Living in the Now is a beautiful thing, but only if you are free to create without the fears, emotions, doubts and vulnerabilities of your past attempting to influence you. Now is time to heal the past, so that you can move forward into a more empowered future.

Want to learn more about your Past Life Patterns? When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

Living in the Now

The journey on the path of life is not always an easy one. However, it can bring you much joy, if you know how to navigate it effectively. As many of you know, I am visiting India with some of my colleagues. During this trip, there have been times when each of us feels that the burden of life is too great. Yet, even in those emotional moments, we have to remind ourselves that it is only temporary.

Whenever you are feeling deep despair, or feeling as though your job assisting others is too large a task to accomplish, just remember to focus on the Now moment. When you are in that Now moment, it does not matter what is going on outside your window, or even what is happening tomorrow, all that matters is how you act and react in the Now. When you can understand both the big picture and the small details, simultaneously, without putting pressure on yourself to accomplish it all in this moment, then you can reveal the peace of the Now.

Every one of you will have moments in your life where you are releasing deep emotions, or where you want to give-up on what your life path is compelling you to do. And, while it is perfectly natural to question your choices and Soul Mission; no matter what happens, you must never give up on yourself.

There is a common misconception that in order to be an effective individual, that you always must be doing something. That is not true. For what happens in that constant state of busyness is that the Ego is keeping you distracted. It is not to say that you do not have obligations, you do; but try to take time to be in quiet, to allow your intuition to come in.

Many times when you are trying to tackle a problem, you toil and toil, and it seems to be one frustration after the next. But, when you take a step back, focus your energy on something else, and surrender to the fact that you have done all you can for the moment, then you allow for new ideas to pop right into your mind. Life is both being and doing. In the state of doing, you are taking guided action. In the state of being, you are allowing the next guidance to come in.

Life, without taking time for being, becomes exhausting; that is the feeling that many on the planet are faced with today. It is not difficult to find time for being. It can be just 15 minutes a day of quiet. That can be accomplished during exercise, or in morning as you get ready for the day, or in meditation and quiet contemplation. In being, you learn to truly live in the now moment. You learn to cultivate peace for yourself and you learn how best effectively to manage your personal journey.

Life is neither difficult nor easy; it is exactly what you put into it, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you have a fear, make the steps to transform it. If you do not believe in yourself, find out why. If you are angry with Spirit for something done in the past, discover where that energy comes from. Every emotion is sourced in some experience, either from this life or from your past lives. When you take the time to reveal that source and push beyond it, the journey of life can lead you to a place of joy and peace within yourself.