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Learning from Your Challenges

There is so much talk of late of moving beyond the challenges that you face in your life, but it is also good to remember that your challenges can provide you with great insight into your life path. Why is that? It is all about the planet Saturn. Saturn plays the role of the teacher and mentor in the process of life. And, depending on what house and sign your Saturn is in, in your birth chart, it will inform you precisely where both your challenges and talents lie. If you don’t have a copy of your birth chart, click here for a free one.

Here is a brief overview on Saturn’s placements and what they indicate.

Saturn in the 1st house (or Aries) learning about oneself, self-esteem, self-image. This person may struggle with body confidence issues, body dysmorphia or other body-centric challenges. However, this individual can also use their experience with their own self-image to create positive change, by becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist, weight management counselor, therapist and so forth.

Saturn in the 2nd house (or Taurus) The lessons here are about earned income, money, and personal values. Saturn in the 2nd house teaches that money is not the sole measurement of success, and often the individual will learn about the things in their life that they truly value, instead of what simply the value of something is. Many times this person could gain or lose money in cycles, and may have to learn about themselves through the absence of money or the presence of large amounts of money. Whatever the amount is, this individual will be learning about if they value all that is associated with that amount of money. This person makes an excellent financial adviser, accountant, banker, and can do very well in investments, but only if they are willing to risk pushing themselves outside of their own comfort zone to do so.

Saturn in the 3rd house (or Gemini) Communication is the key with this Saturn placement. This individual will be learning about how to communication clearly and effectively. This challenge involves both listening and speaking. Once learned, this skill can be an incredible gift that can launch someone into writing, journalism, public speaking and other such professions.

Saturn in the 4th house (or Cancer) Saturn in this placement teaches about home and family. The lesson here is one of detachment, as in learning to not define yourself based on your family members and home life. Even though detachment is the key, it does not mean that you are to hide away inside of your shell. Detachment will involve participating with what is going on around you, but also knowing that another person’s actions, even if you love them very much, are not a reflection of you. This placement of Saturn can be used for family counseling, real estate, estate planning, family law or similar roles.

Saturn in the 5th house (or Leo) Saturn in the 5th house teaches us about personal expression. That expression is any activity where the individual is learning to express themselves. This expression can be creative, conversational, athletic, intellectual, or any other way that is linked to the individual’s personal view of their own identity. The talents of this Saturn placement make this person a great coach, mentor, teacher or any profession where the individual is assisting others in expressing who they are.

Saturn in the 6th house (or Virgo) Try not to get too caught up in the little details! The lesson here is to balance the details with the bigger picture and to learn to prioritize. You do not have to get everything done today, or tomorrow! Learn to relax a little and listen to your inner voice, it will guide you to exactly what needs to be done today. Stop putting pressure on yourself, and use this energy to help others to organize their life. This energy can be used as a professional organizer, in healing professions, and customer service. It is all about helping others, but in a way where you also remember to take care of the details of your life too!

Saturn in the 7th house (or Libra) Looking in the mirror is the challenge here, and that mirror comes in the form of relationships and partnerships. This is not just relationships in the sense of personal romantic relationships, it can also include friendships, business partnerships and forth. The lesson here is to learn from others what you need to address within yourself. This individual makes a great mediator, arbitrator, therapist, human resources specialist or any other career role where they are helping people to listen to one another.

Saturn in the 8th house (or Scorpio) One of the biggest lesson for Scorpio Saturn is to release the deep recesses of anger that drive this person to want to feel as though they are maintaining control. That anger is the result of past life energy, and will show itself in many different areas of life, based on that past life history. This individual does very well in professions where they can feel as if they are in control, or have expertise in one of the following areas: investing, insurance, tax management, counseling on sexual issues, grief counseling and funerary services. It is these areas, taxes, death, sex and money, where in the past, this individual felt powerless in some way, so they are back now to learn about that particular area of study, so that they can let go of the deep anger from how others used that area of life against them in the past. (An example would be: someone who was forced into prostitution in a past life would be drawn to work helping others to understand sexual energy and issues about sex.)

Saturn in the 9th house (or Sagittarius) Saturn will be teaching you about life through other cultures, belief systems and higher education. You may feel like a perpetual student, wanting to learn about and experience as much of life as possible. When you travel (and you love to travel) you will immerse yourself in your surroundings, learning from every experience. This makes you a wonderful travel guide, anthropologist, historian, theologist, scientist or any other profession that loves to explore all that this world (and beyond) has to offer.

Saturn in the 10th house (or Capricorn) Slow and steady wins the race. Remember the tortoise? Well, he probably had Saturn in the 10th house. This placement teaches the lessons of persistence and perseverance when it comes to your personal goals. With hard work, you can accomplish whatever your highest aim is, AND receive the notoriety for it that you deeply desire. Fame and recognition will come your way at some time in life, but it is up to you as to how you handle it, and also how long or fleeting it may be. Your service to the world involves you accomplishing your dreams and goals, and being an example for others to never give up. If you do not know what area of life to focus your goals and accomplishments on, read the Saturn description for your sign. If you have Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th house, you are here to be famous for being famous. Don’t know what that would look like? Just pick up any newsstand magazine!

Saturn in the 11th house (or Aquarius) You are here to lean about yourself through advocacy and working with groups for a common goal. At some point during your life, there will be some sort of group, belief system, or cause that you feel strongly to participate with. This may start out as a volunteer opportunity, or could turn into a job role. However, your passion for your chosen cause will be incredibly strong. Saturn is here to teach you that not everyone may feel that same level of passion as you do, and that is okay too. You are here to help change the world, but from behind the scenes, putting the image of the group first. Just make sure you also take time for yourself. Potential career paths for this individual would be lawyer, philanthropist, advocacy group employee, social worker and even politician.

Saturn in the 12th house (or Pisces) This is a placement that involves learning from being in structured confinement. That can mean, imprisonment, hospitals, certain military situations (like being on a submarine for months at a time), or event mental confinement, and dealing with a mental illness. This individual often has a fear or strong dislike of authority. However, it is usually through dealing with the rules and regulations of others that this person gains a deeper understanding of who they truly are. This individual can also do some great work in similar environments, such as being an addiction counselor, a military leader, hospital administrator or assisting with prison reform. This is also a very intuitive person, and their intuition could guide them into spiritual work and teaching.

Discover where your Saturn is, and also learn about your house and sign combination for it. An Astrologer can also advise you on information such as its connection with other planets in your natal chart. However, the above short descriptions will provide you with a general idea of where to begin. Whenever you feel lost on your life path, Saturn is there to teach you and to guide you. Utilize it energy to help you face your fears, and also learn from them. What you learn about yourself becomes your life purpose to teach others.

Learn more about how your Astrology chart influences your Soul Mission. Book a Soul Mission Astrology session with Karen.

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The Power of Love Takes the Lead

Moving into the next year, the planet will start to take on a new energy; a change forged by the power of love. The power of love in your own life will be seen in many new ways.  Everything from the smile of a stranger, to surprise opportunities and possibilities can come your way. One of the signals ushering in this change is the passing of Nelson Mandela. He is a shining example of living life from the heart. Now that he has passed on, he will be continuing his work in Spirit, leading and guiding many lightworkers to transform the world through the power of love.

On an energetic level there are many changes that body is going through as a result of this change. The Universal Love chakra has now entered the body through the Crown chakra, on its decent down to take its position at the Heart center. As the Universal Love chakra comes into contact with the crown, it is causing physical discomfort. Symptoms such as spaciness, feeling “out of it,” having difficulty concentrating, dizziness, ear popping and whistling, headaches and body temperature fluctuations are all signals of this chakra transition. Read more about this chakra transition here.

With the Universal Love chakra entering the body, it is another sign of this changeover. The world has reached the tipping point, and where Earth was once primarily ruled by fear, Love is now beginning to take over. In order to best utilize it, the power of love must be truly understood.  Many people identify love with lust, weakness, or obligation. However, love is none of these things. Love is about allowing each person to be who they are, and therefore allowing your own essence to shine through as well.

Love is about compassion and detachment, seeing each person with hope, and yet understanding that when they are experiencing difficulty, it can only be there for their own learning. This is the most difficult part of the changeover from fear to love. As fear tells you to separate, hate and blame others, whereas love allows you to see through the illusion created by these fear-based emotions. Love gives you an understanding of the bigger picture that is playing out on a soul level.

Whenever you are faced with challenges or perceived obstacles, ask yourself, “Why is this happening in MY life? Why is this event taking place in MY world of experience?  What am I to learn from this?” Sometimes, the answer can be something simple, like to facilitate Divine timing, and other times it can be the result of a life lesson or karmic agreement. Whatever the reason may be, try not to bring your emotions into how you view the experience. For, once the emotions affect your view of things, it becomes more difficult to break out of perspective they create.

Taking the time to understand every piece of why something is going on can take a lifetime, and many times you will not be privy to the whole picture of why, until after your incarnation is complete. It is for this reason, it is so essential to learn to distinguish your intuition from your fear. Fear will keep you from moving forward, through how it gives reasons to qualify doing or not doing something. But, intuition does none of these things; intuition is a short and sweet directive, directly to the point of what needs to happen.

So, how do you know if you have a life lesson to complete? There are a couple of ways to discover this. Life lessons will always show up in your Astrological birth chart; they are areas of focus that you have chosen to face in this life that usually center on your Soul Mission theme. Some possible areas of this mission would include; science, compassion, relationships, finances, communication, etc. Another way to discover your life lessons is to look at the experiences in your life. You will know if it is a life lesson because no matter what you do, the theme will keep showing up in different ways. For example, if your life lesson theme is relationships, you will consistently be faced with some challenges in your close relationships.

As the power of Love takes hold in each person’s life, intuition will increase, and there will be more supporting evidence in your life to help you with making decisions and completing your life lessons. Also, with the Universal Love chakra coming into its rightful position, Love will be able to take on its true power. There will no longer be any place for fear in love. It will take approximately another 2 Earth years for the Universal Love chakra to make its way down to the heart center. And, during the time of its transit, everyone will feel the effects of it connecting with the other upper chakras in the body as it passes through their energy fields.

The Universal Love chakra is like a giant spotlight, highlighting all energy within the body that is fear based, so that it can be removed. It will certainly take some time to accomplish this, as this is a big job to do, but the more that you can stay in a state of awareness about your own emotions, the better prepared you will be to tackle this change.

Love does not require perfection, merely progress. Love has the power to change anything, but only when its power is properly utilized. Love understands everything from a greater perspective, and the more you shift into that perspective in your life, the more you are living in Love. As you near the end of another year, take the time to recognize the joy, gratitude, compassion and Love in your life. If you cannot recognize it, then make a commitment to yourself to draw it, and the awareness of it, into your life. All Love comes from Self-love first. Bring your intention of Love into the new year, and watch it create peace in your life.