Affirmation – I Choose Healthy Foods

Main affirmation is, “I always choose to give my body the most harmonious foods, drinks and care.” In the background is the subliminal affirmation, “I am healthy.”

Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating

One thing I have noticed in many spiritual communities is guilt around the topic of food and eating. Some of that guilt is from dietary habits, other parts of it is from long-standing spiritual tradition. So, inevitably when working with someone, there is a time when they ask, “What type of diet should I follow?”

My answer: listen to YOUR body! Our bodies are uniquely beautiful and different, not one body needs the same nutrients and sustenance as another. This is because we have different blood types, genetics, exercise levels, metabolism, and so forth.

Listen to YOUR body; give your body what it needs. Sounds simple, right?

However, we have to learn to develop our ability to tune into the body, not because it is craving a whole tub of ice cream, but because it has a need for beets. So in effect, we have to learn to distinguish emotional eating from intuitive eating. As, once we do learn to take the emotion out of the equation, we are better able to listen to that inner need for a grapefruit.

One other piece that I add to this answer is, when shopping learn to feel how your body reacts to the food around you. Hold an item in your hands, how does the energy feel to you? Does it feel light, airy, sunny, energetic and otherwise good, or does it feel heavy, yucky, lifeless, angry and otherwise bad? Your body, and even more specifically, your solar plexus chakra at the stomach, will give you some response. After a while you won’t have to pick up every brand of peanut butter to see what one is best, soon you will know your go-to brands for all of the food items your normally consume.

Now, I hear one more lingering question. What about vegan/vegetarianism? Well, my answer is the same: listen to YOUR body. I have gone through times of being vegetarian and times of eating meat; both have benefited me in different ways. Vegetarianism helps you to raise your vibration very quickly. However, at the times when you plateau in order to assimilate this vibrational growth, then animal protein can assist you to be more grounded. There are certain times for certain individuals when this is needed. But (and this is where the guilt part I mentioned earlier comes in), do not be upset with yourself if you feel a need to eat meat. Conversely, do not be upset with others if they do so. Acceptance of yourself, your body and acceptance of others is far more important for your spiritual development than whether or not to eat meat.

The Unwell – Past Life Patterns

We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Unwell past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Unwell is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Unwell past life pattern

Traits of the Unwell Past Life Pattern:

  • Holds a belief that the physical body is inherently flawed
  • Lived past lives where they were in a disfiguring accident, born with a serious physical challenge, died of a long-term debilitating disease, or similar experience
  • Body and health focused thoughts are prevalent, specifically disease prevention and wellness practices
  • Can be overly apologetic to loved ones

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Positive Qualities of the Unwell Past Life Pattern:

  • Feels most confident when addressing the needs of their own body
  • Makes excellent nutritionists, healers, personal trainers, rehab counselors or similar vocations
  • Has great compassion for people of all levels of ability
  • Attracts stable relationships and long-term friendships

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The Unwell

Challenges Associated with the Unwell Past Life Pattern:

  • Fears being a “burden” on others
  • Tends to be stubborn in how they choose to manage their body anxiety
  • Overly sensitive to comments others make about body-centric topics
  • Puts the well-being of others as a much higher priority than their own

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Unwell:

“It is safe for me to trust my body now. I will not experience a repeat of what has happened before. I release the fear of disease and injury and allow myself to live a safe, stress-free and happy life.”

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