Perception Perfection

Throughout my work with Past Life Patterns I have come to notice a common thread throughout them all. This common thread is woven deeply in all past life experiences, and I call it Perception Perfection.

What is Perception Perfection? It is the quest to control how other people will perceive of you. Each one of us is trying in some way to provide others with a controlled perspective on who we are.

Perception Perfection

Everything you do conveys something to the world and to the people around you. Most of the time, the controlling factor behind why we do what we do is rooted deeply in our subconscious.

Based on our unique and individual past life history, we have lived through hundreds (or more) of lifetimes. What you have experienced most frequently within those lifetimes, becomes the foundation for your specific mix of 3 to 5 primary Past Life Patterns.

Each one of the past life patterns, carries a different expectation of being judged. Those various expectations of judgement can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof.

Whatever you have an expectation of being judged about, is also representative of the ways in which you subconsciously judge yourself. That is the part that is so tricky.

Because much of our judgement is subconscious, we do not recognize it at first. However, if you instead begin to have awareness of your own mind chatter, and what thoughts/expectations you have about the perception others could have of you, this awareness can give you a great glimpse into your own pattern of Perception Perfection.

Why is it Perception Perfection? Because it is the effort we make to try to put forth a perfect facade. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well, it is. A facade is a false front, to be thought of like a mask; our controlled vision of what we want others to see.

However, by definition it is impossible to be perfect, because it is hiding exactly what we are judging ourselves for. The more we become aware of what we doesn’t want to share, the more the facade grows. The more the facade grows, the more susceptible it is to crack apart under its own perfectionism pressure.

That pressure to pursue perfection is based on how we are expecting others to judge us. Here is how that breaks down for each of the 16 Past Life Patterns.

Infidel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite their viewpoints; fears being judged for their beliefs.

Doll: wants to be perfectly accepted for their body; fears being judged for their appearance.

Monk: wants to be perfectly accepted by God; fears being judged for not being holy enough.

Victim: wants to be perfectly accepted for being skilled/smart; fears being judged for being incapable/unintelligent.

Savior: wants to be perfectly accepted for helping others; fears being judged for not helping enough people (or for not helping the “right” people).

Ruler: wants to be perfectly accepted for making the best decisions for everyone; fears being judged for the outcomes of their decisions.

Prophet: wants to be perfectly accepted because of the guidance they provide; fears being judged as being a fraud.

Scoundrel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite what moral lines they have crossed; fears being judged because of how they have skirted the law.

Merchant: wants to be perfectly accepted because of their ability to manage/control resources; fears being judged for not possessing enough resources.

Utilizer: wants to be perfectly accepted for their ability to discover/create solutions; fears being judged for not being able to solve all the problems in their lives/lives of their family.

Servant: wants to be perfectly accepted for their willingness to serve; fears being judged for not doing a good enough job.

Unwell: wants to be perfectly accepted for whatever state of health their body is in; fears being judged for their illness/condition/disease/dependence on others to care for them.

Warrior: wants to be perfectly accepted by showcasing power/strength; fears being judged for being soft/weak.

Outcast:wants to be perfectly accepted unconditionally for all parts of who they are; fears being judged (and therefore abandoned) by their closest inner circle of friends/family.

Agent: wants to be perfectly accepted despite their challenges with trusting others; fears being judged by authority or “powers that be.”

Creative: wants to be perfectly accepted for their creative expressions; fears being judged as being untalented.

These are just a very small taste of the energetic dynamics for each past life pattern. As you can see from each of the shared examples, our perception perfection is directly connected to our subconscious expectations of being judged in a specific manner. Deep down, it is also precisely the way in which we are judging ourselves. The only cure for Perception Perfection is self-acceptance!

When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

Why Karma Isn’t All Bad News

When most people think of karma, they think of it in a negative context. However, karma is simply a way to describe the process of energy finding its own state of equilibrium. Try to think about karma as if it is water. When karma is poured into a glass, it sloshes around a little but before finding its resting point.

When we take an action in our life, it is like picking up that glass of karma and jostling it just a bit. The larger the action, the more the karma splashes and creates ripples. This process on its own is neither good nor bad, it is a process of energy searching for its most comfortable resting point.

Therefore, when we take action toward another person, a similar action is taken toward us. Whether that action is considered positive or negative does not matter. All that matters is what we put out is what we get back. We can receive that energy back at any time, from the moment we take that action anytime up to and including future lifetimes (that is if we are to have any.)

So, that means if we need to reach equilibrium now, and we are in our last lifetime, we will experience the resulting actions from any karma that is left undone from our past lives. That is where karma is not all bad news, as more often than not we have just as many, if not more, positive experiences from our past lives than negative ones.

If you have helped others in the past, you will receive help now. If you have cared for others in the past, you will receive care now. Giving equals receiving.

And, just like that glass of water, we cannot suspend karma in midair. If something needs to find its equilibrium in your life, it will. There is no phrase or affirmation that can will erase our karma, just like we cannot suspend a drop of water midway down the side of a glass.

So, how will you know if there is a karmic situation in your life that needs addressing? There are 2 different tools that you can look to for clues. The first is your astrological birth chart, looking at your retrograde planets and your nodes (among other indicators).

The second clue can be found in the repetitive experiences you are having, and connecting those experiences back to your past life patterns. When you know what you have done before, you will have a much better idea of what karmic drops still need to find their way to equilibrium in your life. When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

Unmasking Urgency

There is such a strong conditioning in our society today to push to make things happen, to perform many tasks at once and to rush through them. This creates a strong sense of urgency, anxiety and high stress levels in much of humanity today. Urgency is a creation of the Ego, worrying about not getting things done correctly, perfectly, or fast enough. The Higher Self already knows when the best timing is (regardless of what others around us may say).

When we are completing tasks out of urgency (which feels much different then an intuitive prompting to complete something), we are much more prone to make mistakes, miss important steps and other pieces of needed information. Whenever you are completing a task, sending an email, making a call, or having a discussion, ask yourself is there a part of me that is doing this out of urgency?

Perhaps that urgency comes from fear of not letting others down, or maybe it comes from a past life experience where you have a fear of authority, fear of betrayal, etc. Whatever energy is at the heart of urgency for you, it will be rooted in some sort of fear.

Many years ago, I used to be so afraid to be even 1 minute late for work. We had a time clock where we had to scan our time card when we arrived. It would be 8:01am, and I would be rushing to scan my card out of fear of getting a negative review. Later on, while still at the same company, I became the person in charge of monitoring attendance. Guess what I was told? The company does not even mark someone as late until they are 11 minutes late or more!

I was wasting so much energy worrying about what might happen, and yet I was never in danger of getting in trouble. However, my Ego had me convinced that I had to be in a rush and thinking in urgency each and every morning. This was just my first experience with understanding my Ego’s need to push urgency on me. The drive for urgency still pops up every now and again, sometimes triggered by other people, sometimes triggered by past life energy, and others times it is a tool the Ego uses to make me feel overwhelmed and stressed-out.

Whenever I feel the urgency coming on, often accompanied by frustration, a sense of panic, and even a faster heartbeat, I know I need to take a break. When this happens I go within and intuitively ask: What do I most need to do in this moment? Sometimes the answer is “Nothing,” other times the answer is a task from my list, and still other times it is a task I had forgotten about, or not even thought about. When the urgency becomes really strong, I have to remind myself; “What is the worst thing that could happen if I do not finish this today?” It is a question I ask to shake up the Ego part of me. Usually, my Ego’s reply is a worst case scenario situation; a totally unrealistic response. However, the answer itself is quite revealing about the past life energy involved.

I have learned that for me, my urgency is rooted in a fear of disappointing others; a fear of not appearing to be capable and perfect. I am sure there are many past life layers here to go through, but at least by having awareness of the topic, I am more able to neutralize the effect of the Ego than I would be without this knowledge.

Look to your own life. Do you feel urgency with certain situations, people, or circumstances? Why is this urgency affecting you? What fear is your urgency a mask for? Instead of rushing through your life, take the time to listen. By slowing down and listening to your inner voice, not only will you still be able to complete your tasks on time, but also you will not need to go back and correct that mistakes that were made out of urgency in the first place!