Why I Love Tai Chi

I began taking Tai Chi classes in September of 2013, simply looking for an exercise method that I could do wherever I was. What I soon came to discover was that Tai Chi also gave me a whole new set of tools to learn to harness my energy.

In our Tai Chi classes, one of the things we learn is how to project our chi (energy). Up until that time, I had never tried to do it consciously. I know that my energy projects when channeling or teaching a class, but I was not thinking about it during those times. So, to learn how to project my chi by thought has become a wonderful tool for me in many ways.

One of the first things I noticed when we begin to learn about the energetic aspect of Tai Chi (which we do in Grandmaster Wang’s Search Center style, taught by Ted Libby) was that the next day I felt like I had just channeled. The effects on my energy body were the same after participating in Tai Chi class as they were when I was channeling. Over time, Tai Chi has increased (and will continue to do so) the amount of energy I can hold and the length of time I can sustain it.

Another benefit I have encountered is that Tai Chi has become a way to move the energy through the body. This is especially helpful after teaching a long 2-hour plus class. In those long class sessions, the energy pools in the large muscles of the legs. When I take the time to go through my Tai Chi form after classes, the energy can move throughout the body and it becomes easier to release.

Once I complete my Tai Chi for the day, I am instilled with a sense of peace that I truly cannot explain in words, it is simply so peaceful that I do not even want to talk for a while afterwards.

I am sure the benefits will continue to grow the more I work at mastering the concepts of the chi projection as well as the intricacies of the form itself. I am so glad to have found an exercise method that not only provides physical benefits, but so many energetic benefits as well.

Sleepy Haze

Lately, I have been feeling very tired and it is like I cannot get enough sleep, and when I am awake it is like I am walking around in some sort of sleepy haze. Is anyone else feeling like this? Whenever there is a time of this hazy, dazy, cloudy-headedness, it is usually due to a big change in energy coming in. As a new wave of energy comes in, it can make us feel like we are being pressed down upon, as if the Universe attempting to squeeze out of us all of the energy of the past.

Oftentimes, that drowsiness is the Universe’s way of putting us into a relaxed state so that they can do some healing on us to assist us in releasing any old past life energy. We might not even know what the old energy being released from us is, sometimes this release is gentle, other times not so much. When we are in the middle of a heavy energy release symptoms can range from feeling deep emotions to even physical pain, but at least when we know what it is, we are much better able to make our way through it.

If you feel this sleepiness coming on and you are able to relax, go with it. However, if you are not able to take a nap in the middle of your work day, just remember that you can always ask your guides to wait to bring in this energy until a time of day that is more suitable for you. We often forget that we have some control over our releasing and how we feel about it.

So, remember when you find yourself sleepy, dreary, tired or otherwise unable to connect to the world around you, just know that it is all part of the process. And, after each new wave of energy, there is a new shift in vibration and consciousness and we all get a breather, at least for a little while!