Believe in Yourself

I have always felt an urge to express myself. For years, I was taught that I am supposed to be a tool. One destined to write the desires of others. To be an honorable pencil was to be assigned the duty to author another person’s life. But, what about my life?  What about what I wanted to share?

One day I made a choice, to become my own storyteller. The ideas of others no longer bound my expression. Words are magic, and I create what I wish.

Very few understand me; instead they believe it is a pencil’s duty to be subservient to the will of another. But, I believe we can be so much more. Deep inside every pencil is a story to be told, an adventure waiting to be shared. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to give our power away to those who use us to tell their stories.

What if we all believed in ourselves? What if we all had the courage to share our own stories?

The other pencils think I am a dreamer, that I can’t possibly make a life for myself by sharing my own perceptions. What they don’t realize is that I have true freedom. Freedom to live my life each day as I please. Freedom to express my inner most feelings. Freedom to be myself.

Some time ago, I was motivated to write simply to prove to others I could, to demonstrate my choice was valid. But, that was only because I still did not truly recognize the full validity of the path I had forged. Somehow in the discovery of understanding why I need to write, I found that I was still focused on pressure to conform.

Finally, upon accepting that I am not like other pencils, do I now believe that is it not only okay, but also amazing, to be the author of my own life.

Pencils have always been magic wands, bringing thoughts into form. And, I have now embraced my purpose: to show what pencils are capable of when they let go of following someone else’s script.

Independence Day

What does independence mean to you? As many countries around the world celebrate their independence this time of year, it is a good time to stop and reflect on how you feel about your own freedom to be yourself.

During everyone’s life there are times when we look at ourselves and attempt to define the person who we are. How much is a reflection of our parents? Our peers? Our culture? Our beliefs? Our society? When you look at each influence one by one, sometimes you realize how tied in you are to an inherited belief or to a common societal conditioning.

Being free to be yourself is about understanding who you are and how you interact with others around you. Sometimes this is obvious, and other times it can be much more subtle. The best way to find out about any subconscious emotions on this issue of personal freedom is to ask yourself the question: Am I afraid to be myself in anyway? If you feel tightness in your solar plexus chakra when asking yourself this question, then this sensation is telling you there is something there that needs to be looked at.

Sometimes it can be a fear of coming to terms with something about oneself, other times it can be about a fear of judgment or disappointment when discussing a piece of yourself with others. Whatever it may be, know that you deserve to be free, free from any fearful beliefs about yourself.

It is only when you can release the fear, that you can really celebrate your independence as a person. So, take some time today and look at these issues; do some journaling on how you can work through these feelings, if needed. You will find that not only are you more confident in yourself, but also much of the energy of anxiety, fear and worry begins to be released. You are free to be you! Embrace yourself, love yourself and know that you deserve the peace that comes from being at one with you.

Seeing Beyond the Illusion

The grandest illusion of all is one of humanity’s own making. Much of humanity merely sees what their egos & conditioning would like them to see. The first visage is that of the outer world and how you perceive of yourself and how you think others perceive of you. The second visage is that of the material world and all of the possessions or items on which humanity develops their own image.

Once you can see through these illusions, it opens up a new passageway to the Love consciousness of the Universe. There are pockets of this Love all over the Earth plane and each person carries a spark of that Love hidden deep inside of them. Only once you can see beyond the limited world of the 3-dimensional reality, can you tap into this power and perceive the Universe without limitation.

The time has now come for this new reality of a world without limitation to be present in the lives of humanity. No longer can anyone use a crutch of another person, place or thing to establish their identity. True identity comes from the soul level and anything less than that will be perceived as insincere.

Where is it in your life that you are building up a facade? Are you living your life with Love, Truth and Sincerity? It is always a good idea to take a look at how your conditioning and ego play a role in developing how you think of and relate to yourself. It is time to see yourself for who you really are, a Divine Spark of Love!