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Since 2007, Karen Downing has assisted clients in moving beyond the influence of their past lives. As a result of this work, Karen has seen 16 distinctive emotional patterns emerge, based on past life experiences. Every person alive today lives over 85% of their life under the influence of the specific patterns they lived again and again.  Learn about these 16 past life patterns below to begin to discover how each pattern influences you in your life today.

The importance in learning about and understanding these past life patterns is to gain increased awareness of the sources of your own unique emotional responses, reactions and feelings. By understanding that what was, no longer has to be, you can find yourself in a true place of emotional freedom. Most of us are highly influenced by 3 to 5 of the past life patterns.

To find out more about how each of these past life patterns can reveal itself, enroll in the On-Demand course, Exploring Past Life Patterns. Please read on below to discover more about these 16 past life patterns.

Past Life Patterns

The Outcast – Is more comfortable living at a distance from others.
The Ruler – Needs to feel in control at all times.
The Savior – Nothing is more important to them than their chosen cause.
The Victim – Expects negative outcomes.
The Infidel – Feels compelled to prove themselves.
The Warrior – Sees everything as a potential threat.
The Utilizer – Knows how to make the best use of resources.
The Monk – Feels uncomfortable with the material world.
The Merchant – Assesses life by comparing value of people and resources.
The Servant – Works very hard and yet fears success.
The Unwell – Holds the belief that their body will fail them.
The Agent – Worries there is a greater plot taking place.
The Prophet – Is an encyclopedia of wisdom.
The Scoundrel – To be posted soon
The Creative – To be posted soon
The Doll – To be posted soon

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10 Myths About Past Lives

1) We were someone famous

While is sure is interesting (and perhaps a bit ego-gratifying) to find out that we were someone influential in the past, that is certainly not a common occurrence. Most of the time, we think we are connected to a famous or influential person from the past because we lived during their era, knew of them, or even worked with them. Only very rarely were we ever someone of influence ourselves.

2) We have lived only about 10 lives before

Most of us have lived 100s of lives, if not a thousand. We are a soul, learning and growing as we go. Most of us who are interested in any type of self-development are at such a stage in soul evolution where we have lived 100s of lives. Sure there are those who have lived just a few lives. That is usually because they are newer to the process of their soul’s evolution. As we move through the process of soul evolution, we gain understanding and wisdom that comes from each one of our lifetimes. It is not necessary to know about all of your lifetimes. As we move forward with our learning, we have released emotions, energy and behaviors for many of our subsequent lifetimes already. Don’t worry!

3) We can reincarnate as animals

As a soul moves forward in their evolutionary process, they move from the animal kingdom to the human experience. The process does not go in reverse. If you notice your pet is very human like, they are probably on their last incarnation the animal kingdom, and are ready to move on to a human life in their next lifetime.

4) We are always together with the same soul in a relationship

We do not always marry/fall in love with the same soul. Your spouse could have been you child, your parent your teacher, your neighbor, your sibling, your cousin, etc. Just because we are together with someone in this life does not necessarily mean we have been together with them before. Every person who is important in your life is someone whom you have incarnated with before; it just might not be in the same exact role.

5) That what we are experience now is the result of bad karma

There is no “good” karma or “bad” karma. Karma is simply the evening out of energy throughout lifetimes. What that means is that as a soul we are here to experience the other side of situations we have created for others. If we caused someone to go into debt in a past life, we will experience some form of debt in our life now. If we have helped someone get a job in a past life, that same soul will be destined to help us land a job in our current life. The severity if these experiences (meaning how easy or hard they are for us to work through) is determined by how much our Ego fights against them.

6) We have always been the same gender, race and culture

No. We have lived as every culture, race, sexual orientation, gender classification, religion, etc., etc. We are here to experience the fullness of life throughout ALL life experiences. Of all of these qualities listed (and others I may have missed), there is not one way of life that is better than the others. All genders, races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and other traits or experiences of life are equal. We choose what the parameters of our incarnation will be before we are born. This choice has to do with why we need to live in a certain part of the planet, who will be around us again, and our astrological chart.

7) We move up in economic status as we move through our lifetimes

No. Economic status is not an indicator of an old soul. Just as mentioned above, there is no classification, trait or human experience that is better than the other. Our financial life is determined by our fears, gifts, astrological birth chart, and (most importantly) the ability we have to focus our energy at manifesting what we need, instead of wasting energy on mundane details, petty arguments, gossip, and so forth.

8) There is nothing positive that comes from our past lives

Wrong. We carry wonderful gifts and talents from our past lives. The tasks we learn very easily and the high level skills we have now, come from our past life memories. This is why you see so many entertainers come back as entertainers, musicians come back as musicians, athletes come back as athletes, etc. By understanding your personal past life patterns, you can gain a much better understanding of what your gifts to the world (and to yourself) are.

9) You have to work with a regressionist in order to clear your past life energy

Working with a regressionist is a wonderful and very powerful experience that I do recommend to everyone. However, not everyone is ready to go under hypnosis, or is comfortable with that process. This is why, with Spirit’s help, I have developed the Past Life Patterns; as a method to gain understanding of the behavioral and emotional patterns we have experienced. By understanding where our emotions come from, and why we feel a need to hold onto them, we become equipped to clear them for good.

10) Our current lives have little or no connection to our past lives

Our life now is built upon what lessons we have completed in our past lives, and those we still need to work though. Our past life memories are held onto by the energy body, and are utilized by the Ego the moment we reconnect our soul to the Earth plane (i.e. when our mother experiences the quickening during pregnancy). Most people live 85% of their current life ruled by past life energy of some kind. We are not here to repeat the past, we are here to learn from the experiences we have had before. In order to do that, we do need to understand what our personal past life patterns are, so we can stop repeating the parts of them that are no longer necessary to our life now.

Want to learn more about Past Life Patterns? Enroll in the On-Demand course, Exploring Past Life Patterns.

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TV for Past Life Exploration

One of the easiest ways to explore your own past life dynamics from the privacy of your own home is through the TV screen. In working with others to help break past life patterns, one of the questions that comes up is how someone can facilitate this work at home on their own. Once of the best ways to do that is to watch programming that is similar to your own past life patterns.

The first step is to uncover your own past life patterns. There are 16 patterns in total; however we typically have between 3 and 5 patterns that we carry through to this life. These patterns are held in varying degrees in our soul memory. Some patterns may be so strong that they show up in all areas of our life, other patterns may only show up in certain situations.

Start by simply reading through the patterns, and see which ones bring up emotion for you. That emotion could be joy, sadness, anger, pride, longing or fear. If you feel a tinge of any emotions when reading about the pattern, then that is your signal that it is a pattern you are holding onto.

Then write down the 3 to 5 patterns that you feel connected to. Look at the strengths you carry from each pattern, and also write down the emotional aspects that you are ready to let go of. For example, if you are the Warrior, you will probably want to hold onto your gift for attention to details, but will be ready to let go of how you can perceive others as your enemy and expectations of conflict.

Now it is time to find some programming that connects with your patterns. The Warrior might want to watch Game of Thrones, Vikings or Spartacus. It will take more than one episode to assist in bring the energy out. A good rule to follow is to watch with emotional awareness. If you feel any emotions when watching the program, then you need to continue to watch the program until you flush that emotion out of you.

When you utilize film and TV in this way, it is acting like a magnet, drawing out all past life energy associated with similar experiences, emotions and situations you have gone through in the past.

For even added benefit, try journaling after you watch the program!

Want to learn more about your Past Life Patterns? Enroll in the On-Demand video course, Exploring Past Life Patterns.

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