Affirmation for Embracing your Gifts

I have no fear of moving into the full expansiveness of my God-given gifts.Affirmation for Embracing your Gifts

“I have no fear of moving into the full expansiveness of my God-given gifts.”

What is Your Soul Mission?

Inside every one of us is a drop of the Divine. Our soul mission is to learn about the Divinity within us and to grow it. The beauty of this process is that each soul carries a different Divine drop. For some that drop is about compassion, for others it is wisdom, or peace, or joy, and so on. Our Divine drop is often called our Soul Essence. And, it is the Soul Mission of each one of us to learn to utilize our own Divine drop to its Highest benefit, both individually and collectively.

You have heard this before, and it is important to reiterate here: We are all One. That means how you utilize your Divine drop affects the whole of humanity (as well is the whole of consciousness). As you discover the unique essence of your Divine drop, and grow it through your unique Soul Mission, you not only live your purpose, you become a positive light for others as well.


From an energetic perspective, your Soul Mission is to grow this Divine drop within you. That sounds simple, and it is. In order to grow your Divine drop, all it needs is love and nourishment. To provide love, you only need to learn how to unconditionally love and accept yourself. To provide nourishment, you have to uncover the specific Essence of your unique Divine drop, so you can give it the nourishment it needs. For example, if you Divine Drop is one of creativity, one part of your nourishment is to provide yourself with time for artistic pursuits.

While the words make it sound simple, sometimes the practice of it is not always so. This is because in the many incarnations leading up to the now, you have worked on growing your Divine drop. Sometimes you were successful and sometimes you were not (each one of us can say that.) You can learn more about your Soul Mission, and what you have learned in previous lifetimes, by understanding your Past Life Patterns. These past life experiences added more information to your Divine drop, as every experience is all about learning. But, the confusion lies in that some of the information and experiences from your past lifetimes can contradict each other. Take the Past Life Quiz to find out more.

So, in order to provide the proper nourishment for your Divine drop, you must strip away all of the beliefs, self-talk and behaviors that detract from its Divinity. Examples would be self-defeatist behavior, negative expectations, and so forth. Your Divinity is your birthright, it is a part of you that cannot be separated from you. It is within everyone. However, it is up to you, the process you choose to grow it. When you enhance your natural gifts and talents of your Soul Essence, you ARE living your Soul Mission.

Your Soul Mission is much more than your life purpose. Life purpose is changeable, and is based on many factors. Your Soul Mission can be boiled down to a few words. With the knowledge of Your Soul Mission, you are able to apply it to creating a life purpose that fits your life now, and at each moment of the future. Life purpose is often equated with job role, and it can most certainly be used in your career path, but life purpose is changeable to your life circumstances, and may not always be connected to your career.

Let’s say your Soul Mission is to be an Energy Clearinghouse. This means that your Soul Essence is of positive transformation, and your Soul Mission throughout all incarnations has been to assist humanity and the planet in clearing out stagnant energy. So, how does that translate into life purpose?

Well, as a child you might have been very sensitive, prone to cry or have angry outbursts. This is because you were transforming (clearing) the energy associated with your parents or schoolmates, or both. Then move ahead to your teenage/young adult years, and you get your first job. You will end up working in a space where you are contact with A LOT of people, maybe at Starbucks or Target. Your purpose at that time is to clear the energy of your customers and fellow co-workers. Perhaps you stay there and move up in the company, or move into another job role where you remain in contact with the general public in a different way.

At some point during your adult life, you may get burnt out with so much in-person contact with the general public, and want to begin working for yourself. This is the point when you will usually begin to seek out what your life purpose is. The thing is, you have been living it all along! It is just that now you are exploring what you want to do in this next phase of your life, and how you want to do it.

Let’s say, you have decided to become a Reiki practitioner. This is still aligned with your Soul Mission, and now you are working at helping people, and transforming their energy, on your terms. You have much success in this, and you add more certifications to your practice, all assisting with your innate gifts of transforming energy in others. Eventually, you teach others how to become healers themselves. You may choose to retire someday, and your Soul Mission will still be there. At that time in your life, your life purpose might be to volunteer your time, or use your energy to assist your neighbors, grandchildren or other family members.

This is how life purpose changes, but through it all you can see the thread of your Soul Mission, guiding all that you do. When you learn about your Divine drop, the core of your Soul Mission, you are much more able to provide it with the nourishment it needs. As you grow your Divine drop, it begins to speak louder and louder to you, prompting your Soul Compass to guide you on each leg of your Soul Mission.

When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to use them on your Soul Mission), take the Past Life Quiz.

Six Things I Believe

1) Love is More Powerful than Fear

Love, unconditional love, is the most powerful force in the Universe. When you hold a vibration of unconditional love, it creates a personal transformation like never before. In unconditional love, there is no place for fear, as unconditional love is the purest and highest vibrational state one can dwell in. When someone embodies unconditional love, they are limitless, as nothing and no one can constrain this most powerful state of being.

2) Everyone is Here to Teach Us Something

Yes, everyone! When you see something you do not like in the actions or inactions of another, it is telling you something about yourself. You are the one who is having an emotional reaction to what they are doing. As soon as you realize how that other person is triggering your emotions, then whatever was so bothersome to you, ceases to be as bothersome.

3) God Does Not have Human Emotions

Divine Spirit is love. Pure and simple. It is not angry, vengeful or judgmental. Those are human emotions placed upon this energy. You can never disappoint or anger Divine Spirit; you only do this to yourself. Divine Spirit’s capability for forgiveness and compassion is far beyond what we can fathom from our perspective.

4) What We Focus on is What We Create

Your thoughts determine what you align with in your physical world. If you are worried about something happening, you are focusing on a potential negative outcome. If you are focused on what you will create, then you will draw it closer into your life.

5) Our Soul has Lived Before

Our soul extends beyond this one body and this one lifetime. We evolve as a soul throughout our lifetimes, learning and growing with each one. Many of our gifts and talents come from past life experiences, many of our fears and worries do as well. We carry with us our memories and experiences deep in the subconscious. The experiences we have in our current life are a reflection of what we have yet to complete from before.  Learn more by taking the Past Life Quiz.

6) Everyone is Entitled to Believe Their Own Truth

Our beliefs and perspectives change throughout our life. They are based on our experiences, age, culture, gender, upbringing and past life experiences. When someone believes something to be true, they are the only ones who can choose change their perspective. Therefore, each person will have different truths at different times. To accept that it is human nature to hold differing truths, creates peace instead of conflict.

What about you? What do you believe? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.