Own Your Energy, Own Your Power

People often ask, “What is the best way to move into a higher state of vibration?” The simplest answer is to take ownership of your personal power, how you use it, where you give energy to and how you facilitate your emotional state.

One of the most common ways in which power is given away is through fear. Whenever you fear something happening/not happening you are in fact giving energy and power to the very outcome you do not wish for. It is extremely challenging to be the master over your fear, as humanity has been taught for eons to listen to it.

Fear comes from the Ego telling you that it does not feel in control of a given situation. That situation could be health, money, relationships, government, etc. Look at the areas of your life where you feel fear and anxiety. Ask yourself, why do I feel fear when it comes to my family, but not for my health? Or, why do I feel fear when it comes to my money, but not my relationships? Your answer, while you may think it is mere logic, is rooted in your past life history, and what you as a soul have personally experienced before.

Learn how to safely dive deep into your fear, so that you can dig it out. Imagine like it is hidden pockets of dust inside of you. You are made of light energy, the light energy is a natural cleaner of the dust. But just like dusting the house, you have to pick up and look underneath items, clean behind the bookshelves, and under the bed, in order to get it all cleaned up.

Much is the same with fear. It can hide behind a certain emotion, or experience, and lurk within your inner child. Explore these places and spaces within you, or work with an expert who can safely assist you with that exploration. The more fear your transform, the less likely you are to give your power to it. The more of your power your own, the more your energy grows.

There are other ways in which you can give your energy away. Another common way is through anger. Anger and passion are often confused. Anger comes from an intention of destruction; rage, revenge and so forth. Passion comes from a strong feeling to positively change a situation. Anger is: “This person, or that situation, pisses me off.” Passion is: “I need to change the energy with this person or that situation.”

The words you blurt out in a time of reaction, will tell you if you are operating from a place of anger, or a place of passion. Often anger hides deep within the subconscious, and fools us into thinking it is passion. Learn to understand the words you say, or the words you think in your mind. They speak volumes as to whether you are intending passion or anger. Anger only leads to more anger. Passion leads to change. We have lived in a world built upon anger and fear, the only way to change that is to first change it within yourself.

So, how do you own your energy and own your power? Learn detachment. Detachment is about remaining peaceful NO MATTER WHAT is happening. When you are in peace about something, your intuition can speak clearly through you, and advise you when it is time to act. If you are not at a feeling of peace, it is much easier for the voices of anger or fear to influence you.

Detachment is not ignorance. Detachment is about giving over to intuition completely. There will be many things popping up in the headlines designed to upset you and incite fear, or anger, or sadness. However, if you remain in detachment, you will be able to view the events as a movie. This allows your intuition to remain pure, so that you are not spurred to act by another person’s seed of anger/fear energy. This is vitally important. Owning your energy and your power, means that you do not allow the words, deeds and actions of another to move your emotional state in any direction! This is not about being numb, it is about managing your own emotional state.

Whenever you feel yourself feeling anger, fear, sadness, doubt, shame or any other similar emotion, all you need to do is to ask for it to be transformed in the highest energy. Here is a simple process that you can use:

  1. State aloud or in your mind: “I ask that only the Highest Energies of the Light surround me, offering me protection, clearing, healing and guidance.”
  2. Take a few breaths at a relaxed pace. You want to feel your body and mind begin to slow down.
  3. Visualize yourself surrounded by a golden-pink light. This is the blending of the Divine Spirit and Gaia (Mother Earth). Continue to breathe at a relaxed pace.
  4. Now visualize that beautiful energy entering each cell of your body, see your cells opening up to allow the energy in.
  5. Now see your solar plexus (stomach region) open a release valve. This release valve only works in one direction, to funnel out of the body the emotions you are releasing.
  6. Now see this valve release the emotions like a fountain, in one big powerful stream of energy. You can say “Whoosh, they are gone.” Or “I release you now” or any simple phrase that comes to mind. This is a rapid energetic blast from the body, and the energy of your emotions is immediately transformed into Light and Love energy upon release.
  7. Now the release valve closes.
  8. The golden pink light continues to pour into each cell, filling in the space vacated by the emotion you just released.
  9. Say “Thank you,” and trust that transformation has been done.

Each time you do this, you are going in and uncovering those hidden places where the dust hides, and doing some deep cleaning. If you discover that you are having difficulty with a reoccurring emotion, or challenge, then it would be a good idea to work with someone who can help you with the release process. Often those pieces of emotion, are stuck to past life memories and emotional control patterns needing to be explored and removed in entirely.

You have the power to choose in any moment, what you are going to give your energy to. Are you going to give to fear, or are you going to give to peace?


Coping with Emotional Distance

As much of the world prepares to enter the holiday season, there are often many emotional worries and concerns that arise. The holidays are a time to gather with family and celebrate. However, for many who are becoming increasingly sensitive, this time can be quite difficult.

For anyone who is working at shifting themselves into the higher frequencies, the challenges in relating to other individuals who are in a different place on their soul journey becomes more pronounced. Relationships that were once close, can start to feel estranged. Also, you can feel others acting more distant toward you, potentially making you feel lonely and disconnected.

This is just some of what you can feel when you are encountering emotional distance. Thankfully, this is temporary state that is only taking place now, because so many individuals are at different spaces within their process of Soul evolution. If you are finding it challenging to relate to someone, then that is your signal, for the moment at least, they are in a different vibrational space than you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the emotional distance that comes from dwelling in different vibrational frequencies. It is akin to living in two different cities, one is not better than the other, and in fact each dimensional space serves its exact purpose for those individuals who inhabit it.

But, like any process of learning, it is important for each individual to go at his or her own pace. There are some who choose to go through this learning very quickly and others who take longer.  This is where is it important not to judge, but to observe. As you head into a time where you are more focused on coming together and seeing people whom you may not normally visit with, you will find that the emotional dynamics in your life have changed greatly since your last encounter.

Do not get down on yourself, or be judgmental of others for where they are in their lives. Only God knows the Divine plan for everyone. Instead, learn to relate to others, where and how they feel comfortable, as not everyone is exactly in the same space of understanding. However, do not fear if you feel that someone you love is in a different vibrational space. They are exactly where they need to be in this moment, and they have much time to choose the how, when and what, necessary to complete their personal shift.

The human brain is so adept at comparison, but comparison is not assisting in the understanding of this situation. When you compare yourself to others, it comes from a place of better/worse. However, if you can simply observe, you will find that you are better able to reach others in the space where they are. If someone is more distant toward you then you are accustomed to, try to remember that the distance is not about you. They are not being purposely distant because they are judgmental of you, or do not wish to be around you, it is only that for this moment they are in a different space and cannot relate to you in the way they once did.

Over time that distance will diminish again, but for this holiday season and the next few years to come, this emotional distance can be the source of much personal anxiety and stress, especially if you are accustomed to being a people pleaser, or have a tendency seek out approval from others. However, recognizing that is just one of the gifts of learning that can be unwrapped.

If you find that you do become worried or concerned about the distance that is taking place in the now moment, then that is a clue for you to look at yourself and see where your need for approval, recognition, and attention comes from. Why are you not comfortable being at one with yourself? This is the grandest question that every individual can ask themselves, for the answer can take you very far on the path of your own healing.

Everyone around you is a mirror for your own learning; they are all there to teach you about yourself, just as you are here to teach those in your life. When you discover repetitive emotional dynamics in your life, time and time again, it is your signal to look closer, to discover the gift within that situation. For you are here in life to learn about yourself first; it is only through your own learning that you are truly able to teach others.

Be the observer; observe everyone around you and observe your own reactions. Your observations are the key to lessening the emotional distance, and will provide you with tools to cross any emotional distance that may present itself. No matter what, remember that the reactions of those around you are not about you, they are clues about each person and what they are presently working through in the evolution of their own soul.


Detachment is not an easy thing. It is so hard to watch the people that we love to go through difficult life experiences. But, sometimes detachment is a necessary thing. Why? It allows the person to going through the experience to learn what they need to learn without our interference. Also, it allows us to preserve some of our energy for ourselves so that we can have clarity about what is happening, and not get caught up in emotions.

Detachment is not about ignoring something or pretending it is not there, and it is not about removing yourself completely from someone’s life. So, what is detachment then? Detachment is a step of emotional distance where you separate yourself from what another person is choosing to do. For example, if you have someone whom you care about having problems with addiction, too much assistance often can fall in the unhealthy enabling category. But, when you can have detachment from what they are experiencing, your will be able to gain more clarity about what to do, if anything, for that situation.

Detachment is also a way for anyone to preserve their energy. This is because when you are detached, you only listen to your intuition, not to the emotions of the situation. If we were always to listen to our emotions (or others’ emotions), we would often react unnecessarily, and therefore put out energy that is not going to be used.

This is definitely a fine line to walk, and not easy to do. But, sometimes this is all we can do when we see someone making a series of choices that move them away from being their best self. We also have to remember that we do not know what another person’s path is, and we do not know what experience will be their catalyst for change. By assisting this person today, you might unknowingly be preventing them from reaching their highest potential in the future. Perhaps they needed to be homeless in order to have that experience, and that experience of being homeless would lead them to create an outreach program in the future. We simply cannot know.

Detachment can be used in many cases and it is about letting your intuition, not emotion, lead and guide you to your own highest potential, and letting others experience their life lessons in a way that leads them to their highest potential. Detachment is truly about having unconditional love. Love not in the capacity of enabling, but love in the form of allowing pure energy to flow freely in and around any difficult situation. Love in the form of receiving intuitive guidance and trusting that Spirit has a Divine plan for everyone involved, even if we cannot see it right in this moment.