The Ruler – Past Life Patterns

We each have 3 to 5 past life patterns that influence our life now. Read on below for more about The Ruler past life pattern.  Haven’t taken the Past Life Pattern Quiz yet? Click here to learn if The Ruler is one of the past life patterns influencing your life today.

The Ruler past life pattern

Traits of the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Needs to feel in control of all aspects of their life
  • Lived past lives as queens, king, emperors, empresses, heads of state, etc.
  • Will weigh the priority of people (and the preferences of those people) versus process (achieving end goals)
  • Feel confident in themselves when they oversee a project or manage a team

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Positive Qualities of the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Are (or can be) great motivators, speakers, writers, and corporate executives
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Strong loyalty to their inner circle
  • Can use their gifts motivate others to discover and live their own path of self-empowerment

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The Ruler

Challenges Associated with the Ruler Past Life Pattern:

  • Keeps their inner anxiety a secret behind a well put together exterior
  • Can be stubborn when it comes to listening to other people’s points of view
  • Worries about making the wrong decision
  • Has potential to view people around them as resources, and may often forgot to show appreciation

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Affirmation for the Past Life Pattern of the Ruler:

“I release all need to be in control. I accept that the world is an uncontrollable place, and I choose to practice learning to go with the flow of life.”

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Fear of the Unknown

One of the learning points that keeps coming up for me is being comfortable with the Unknown. This is not always the easiest situation to deal with, but I am finding that the more I am in the space of the unknown, the easier it is to handle.

You see, back before I began my spiritual work, I was a very logical minded person, focused on schedules and planning everything out for myself. This was all done in an attempt to control what was happening in my life. And, as I began to become more aware, I had to learn bit-by-bit to give up my need to be in control.

I have recently had some people l ask me: “How are you able to do this? How are you able to let go of the need to know how everything will happen?” Some days it is not easy, but truthfully most of the time being in a place of surrender is very peaceful.

I often explain it by thinking about my life like a room filled with filing cabinets, each one representing a different topic and area of life. For the longest time, I felt that I had to be in charge of every filing cabinet. I would never let another person, or even my guides, assist me in any way. However, as I became more and more aligned with my guides, I found it that it grew easier and easier to relinquish my need to guard and monitor all of the filing cabinets. Finally coming to a place where I can totally surrender that duty I placed on myself.

By doing so, I have become much more able to cope with change, the unknown, and all things that cannot be controlled or planned for. It is by surrendering my need to be in control, that I can see how much energy I wasted trying to figure everything out. Now I can find the peace of mind to sit back, and allow my intuition to direct me, instead of being in a state of stress.

And, so where many people will find chaos in the unknown, I find that it has now become quite peaceful. (At least most of the time)

Releasing Expectations

Once again we have seen another month of change this June, and we have all had to shuffle around in one way or another. One important thing that I have learned is to ignore my Ego when it tries to go into planning mode. See, I used to be a super-planner, planning out my outfits for school as a child, and scheduling my day out to the nth degree. However, now in the midst of all of the change going on, I have simply learned to be okay with saying, “I don’t know.”

We tend to think that our future is always set in stone, but it is not. Our future is created by our choices, thoughts and actions made in the now moment. When we look to the future with fear, we create that future; when we look to the future with hope, we create that future. Because we are always in the process of creating, we will never always know what is around the next turn for us.

The only thing I do know is that I have given up trying to figure out what will happen next. Yes, I will follow my intuition when it prompts me. And, yes I will hold positive expectations toward what I wish to manifest. But, beyond that I am not in a space to know all of the details at this moment, nor do I need to. It is only the Self that has to know all of the whos, whats, wheres and hows. It may be difficult for some to release the need to know all of the details, but I have learned to be at peace with not knowing.

At some point on the spiritual path, we are all asked to let go of our perception of control. It is not an easy thing to let go of, and there are still moments when I can hear my Ego trying to add its opinion on such matters. But, I have chosen not to listen to it anymore. We all give energy to our thoughts and expectations from time to time, but many times we take it way too far and waste energy trying to combat every potential outcome of a situation.

One of my favorite affirmations to use when I feel the Ego trying to influence this behavior is “I expect the best, by having no specific expectations.” This way I can remain in a place of positivity, and still let go of the need to control all if the details. It is actually quite a freeing place to be!