Fear of Change

What is change really? It is simply something different in your life. And, no matter how much energy you give to how you think something will go, it is going to play out to its own directions, no matter how much you try to control it.

Changes help to move you beyond a routine in your life that has become just that, routine. Sometimes one can get so stuck in their own comfort zone that change is a Divine blessing to help a soul see and move on from a lifestyle routine that was no longer serving their highest need, but that they just did not know how to get out from.

Oftentimes much of humanity is very fearful of change, and this is just the Ego not wanting to move to new opportunities and new energy. The Ego is so adept at controlling the old, that it simply does not want to release the old way of doing things. And, with change and new energy come brand new things that that Ego will not have control of.

This is why so many people have a fear of what they cannot control, it is actually the Ego’s protection mechanism coming in and trying to protect that person from the what-ifs and things that might happen. But, this protection mechanism is rarely based in the reality of what is going on and the majority of the time it uses ammunition from past lives, conditioning or others’ beliefs about what these “what ifs” could be and then comes up with 101 excuses not to do something.

Sometimes in order to squash this behavior within us, we have to allow the Ego to start down that path, just so we can see what emotion it is trying to use against us. For example, if you are moving house and your Ego is fearful of items not making it safely to your destination; allow yourself to emotionally explore the Ego’s fears. Then detach from those fears on a mental and physical level. This detachment will help you to see that your fears are not based in your current reality.

Fear keeps many souls from moving forward in life, and everyone’s fears come from a different place within them. Some souls fear what others may think of them, some souls fear what will happen financially, some souls fear what will happen in their relationships, or work or whatever area of their life that they give the most energy.

When you find yourself faced with fear, that is when it is important to discuss those fears with someone else. For, when  fears are left dormant inside of us, that is when they can become paralyzing, to the point of not even wanting to make even the smallest change.

Remember that you have had a dress rehearsal of your life before you came to Earth, and you already have the knowledge inside of you of what you are to complete and the events that will happen. But, it can become too easy to forget all of that, as you can get caught up in the anxiety of day-to-day life and forget to remember that you are a Divine Soul. If you have deep fears that you continually find yourself facing, then you might want to consider a course of counseling; either psychological, spiritual or emotional, to help you to work through that energy. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see what your Ego is trying to blind you from.

But through it all, remember that you have the strength and courage to face anything, if only you believe it. And, as long as you continue to release your expectations of how things are supposed to be, then you will be more poised to accept that change is constant, it is simply a part of life.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

When it comes to making decisions on vital issues in your life and making choices that have the potential to move you forward, it is important to know that how you make your decision is nearly as important as the decision itself. Learn about your inner guidance system and look to see if your choice is being made out of fear, doubt and/or lack of worth. OR is your choice being made with trust, love and faith? Your body will always let you know if you ask it. If the choice is being made with love, the message you receive will always be encouraging, whereas if the choice is being made out of fear, the message will be discouraging.

Now is the time when many will find themselves at a crossroads and having to make some difficult decisions in their life. Be sure that when you do make a decision on an important issue, that you do not base your decision on the fears of others.

My channel recently made a big change when asked to leave her workplace of 4 years behind. This experience is allowing my channel to finally break free of the old energy of working in this environment. Now is her time to embrace her own destiny and walk forward with faith and trust. This is just an example of how many souls, especially on their path to awakening, will be having to make decisions to leave part of their comfort zone behind. Many souls will have the opportunity to make a similar jump and learn to trust in Spirit to lead and guide them all along the way.

The energies that are now coming in for the Earth support everyone becoming their own Master. What this means is that these new energies will allow each individual to be guided to jobs, relationships and other situations that support the highest good for their soul’s journey. Becoming your own Master is about doing things because YOU want to do them, not because of someone else’s rules, regulations, guilt or fear.

To become your own Master you must be able to find your passion in life. Where does your passion lie? In your Soul Mission. Have the courage to discover this part of yourself and embrace it. Know that each one of you has a great gift to bring to Humanity. If only you can recognize it in yourself!

Now is the time to start looking at how you can embrace unconditional Love for yourself. The energy of unconditional Love will give you all of the strength and courage you need to embrace your role as the Master of your own destiny. We want you to see yourself as we see you, Divine Sparks of LOVE!

With Love, there are no limitations. It is only the conditioning of Humanity that can hold you back. Once you recognize how your conditioning and the conditioning of others can affect your own outlook, you will be poised to change that outlook completely.

That is the first step to becoming the courageous soul that we know you to be. You have the power to conquer anything, if only you believe that you can!