You Are Divine

You are Divine. This is not something that can be earned or achieved; it is inherent in every cell of your being. It is who you are.

Over the years you have been repeatedly given subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle messages about how you need to somehow make Spirit happy, to do things to please God, or even to act a certain way as to not cause a Divine Being to be angry with you. But, these messages do not speak to you innate Divinity, for you need to do none of these things. All you need to do is be at one with yourself and this will allow your innate Divinity to shine through.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no specific rewards for doing things “good” and no punishment because you were “bad.” There are simply no judgments of what this “good” and “bad” would be; life is instead a series of lessons, and some may be easier than others.

All you have to do through the course of your life, is learn how to navigate these lessons and make choices. Those choices may assist you, or may make things more difficult; but they are yours to make. You will not earn a trophy or a gold star when you complete a lesson, instead you will be moved to the next point of study.

Each time you move through one of these lessons, you are able to embrace more of your inherent Divinity; able to be who you already are, if you would only believe it. You are Divine; everyone is. Divine Spirit flows endlessly to and through everyone, even those who may not even acknowledge it.

That connection with the Divine is a part of you, indistinguishable from your heart, hair or toes. The more that you accept your true inner power, the more you will find peace, love and acceptance within your life. You are Divine; the more you say it, the more it counteracts all of those conditioned messages of anger, sadness, wrath and shame.

You are Divine; it is your beauty within carrying that spark of Divinity everywhere you go. You can tap into it at a moment’s notice; you can use it to overcome any perceived obstacle. Let yourself bathe in the beauty of your own power, to be an individual, to be unique, to be you. You are Divine!

Enabling Others

There is a deep conditioning on the Earth plane that we are somehow responsible for the behavior of others in our life. This comes from years of holding onto family secrets and feeling like we need to defend our inner circle of friends and family. But, now that the energy is changing you will find that if you are holding on to these behaviors that you will become increasing fatigued and even may experience illness. This is happening because it is no longer your responsibility to hold up the energy of others who do not want to do it for themselves.

We are only responsible for ourselves, and when we find love for ourselves and self-empowerment, those people in our life who are ready to find that same joy within them will naturally do so. But, there are always one or two people who are happy to stay where they are. And, this is not bad nor good, it is simply their choice.

We all have people in our lives who are satisfied with the life they have, even if we view it as harmful, stressful or depressed. But, who are we to judge what this other person feels is appropriate for their own life?

What we have to understand is that when they make that choice, it is not our responsibility to change their minds or to dictate how that choice in their life should be lead. We do not know their life lessons and we cannot assume that what was for our highest good will also be the same for them.

At the same time we are not responsible for enabling the other person’s behavior either. If you know someone who thinks that they are a victim of life and you have spoken with them time and time again about changing their perspective or finding tools for empowerment and they choose not to use your advice, soon there will be a time when you are just wasting your own energy. This is a waste of energy because you are starting to stress out, worry or because anxious about helping this person who does not want to be helped.

This is when your body starts to accumulate that stressful energy inside, and you start to feel even worse about things. It is this energy that can lead to dis-ease, pain and other distresses. Instead, try to detach from what the person is doing, or how they are feeling and simply send them love if you wish. The energy of unconditional love is always used, even if the intended recipient is unwilling to accept it.

Remember that in order to best serve yourself and God, you must have the awareness of where your energy and emotions are going. Are they being used for love, or are they used for worry? Are they being used on someone who is willing to accept them? If they are not, then know it is not your obligation to change this person’s life, they need to be willing to do so for themselves.

The Illusion of Control

Who is really in control of your life? Until you understand the answer to this question, you will not be able to go past a certain point on your spiritual growth. Control is actually a conditioned belief, a belief that humanity holds that authoritative figures must be the ones to dictate laws, moral code and behaviors of another. But, when this is taking place, then a soul is not truly the master of their own life.

When you make a decision to do something, what is that decision based on? Does it come from a place of conformity, a place of moral judgment, or does it come from a place of absolute knowing from within you? As children, many souls are taught that to be an adult is to be in control, and yet when many of these same souls reach adulthood, they are not wanting to take control of their own lives, because they have become so accustomed to others making decisions for them.

The more that we can understand the root energy behind our own decision-making process, the more we can release the fears having to do with control. Some take this idea of control to a place where the control takes over. This can be seen in individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, as they are trying to control things in their environment by the smallest of actions.

In actuality, there is no such thing as control, this is a man-made illusion. Control is simply attempting to “normalize” life. The idea of control is about doing things as they are “supposed” to be done. And, these ideas of normalization and supposed behaviors are simply based on collective agreements by humanity of what is “right” and what is “wrong.”

In the spiritual realms, there is no such need for control because everything is about choice. In the world of Spirit, every soul can do as they choose, and there are no judgments of these choices. In spirit, there are no means of attempting to control behavior, because it is not permitted to interfere with the choices of another. As long as choices follow the Universal Laws and do not bring harm to another, they can be made.

Is there something in your life today that you have allowed to have control over you? Or, is there something that you are trying to control? What fear is behind that need? Why is being in control a necessity in your life? Try for one day to choose to not be in control, or to not be controlled by others. To do this all it takes is an extra second to think about what you are doing and saying. If the idea of control is not allowing you to be yourself, then it is no longer serving your best interest.

Try releasing control and embracing uncertainty. When you live in the now, you cannot struggle over what if this or that, you can only live in what is happening in that moment. And, living is about experiencing all things, good or bad; not trying to control them.