Shaking Up Your Routine

I live in the Pacific Northwest, USA and in this area we have been bombarded with snow, ice and wind in the last week. For those of you who live outside the area, I’m sure the winter weather we received pales in comparison to a normal winter for you. But, for those of us in this area, we were sure thrown way off our routines as we received as much snow in one day as we usually receive in an average year! We lost power in many areas for a few days, as we have so many trees that get heavy with snow and ice and crash onto the power lines and roadways.

Even though I was out of my routine and had to stay at my mom’s house to stay warm, my own experience is nothing in comparison to the many who have had no power for over a week. Any time we have a shake up in our day-to-day routine, it always helps us to highlight a few things in our life that we have not been paying attention to.

For example, I know that the power company will change some of the ways it does things, and we already saw an improved way to communicate with customers, as the power company posted regular updates on Facebook to keep everyone informed. For me, this storm helped me to really appreciate electricity and the way in which it is integral in our lives and everything we do. I will certainly try to not take it for granted.

For others, they learned new things about their home, or spent more time reconnecting with family. Even in the most miserable of experiences, there is always something to be learned, improved and/or appreciated in a new way. When you can keep your focus on the positive, even in the face of what can be a terrible situation, it just helps to make things work better in your life.

I know that next time this happens (as it happens every 2-3 years in this area), that the power lines will be better able to handle the event and many more people will have purchased generators or have back up plans in place. Sometimes we all need to slow down and turn off for a few days.

Earth Changes Part 2

You are beginning to see the release of energy in many parts on the Earth plane, and these natural disasters and other events have been and always will be a way for Earth to release energy. The events which took place in Japan recently will have an important role for the planet for many years to come and will be the catalyst for many change in safety, technology and even finances.

Are certain natural disasters destined to take place? No. But, energy is destined to be released, and as choices are made by the collective of humanity, certain events either become a part of the timeline or get removed from it.

It is truly remarkable how many natural disasters and other such events have actually been removed from Earth’s timeline, because humanity has allowed for energy to be released in other ways. Beautiful changes have been able to take place, because of the choices of the collective to work on living with the heart.

It is so important that each individual not give into the energies of fear when it comes to the idea of Earth changes. Will there be more natural disasters? Yes. There always will be on the Earth plane.

So, now you may be wondering why the Higher Energies do not simply provide a list of potential disasters. This does not happen because of the sheer amount of panic, anxiety, stress and fear that would come as a result. Just remember that EVERY soul on the Earth plane is the master of their own destiny, a destiny based on many series of choices they chose before they were born.

Some souls choose to leave the Earth plane through natural disasters, this could be for many reasons: Perhaps they have completed their life plan and volunteered to pass on this way to allow for others to be helped, or perhaps they are making choices to not learn their life lessons and they choose to take an earlier exit point, so that they could start another incarnation. One cannot assume that passing on as a result of a natural disaster is a punishment of any kind.

Everything is perfect in the Divine Being’s plan, even in times of distress and emotional loss. God is not the punisher of souls, and there is absolute no judgment by the Divine Being. However, for those souls who are giving into the fear and sorrow associated with loss, these emotions may be what they feel in their truth. It is their right to express those feelings.

How can you protect yourself and your loved ones? The best way to do this is simply to picture Love and healing around the planet and to work on releasing your own old energy. The more energy that individuals release on their own, the less energy that the Earth plane will have to release. The more love and healing that is visualized around the planet, the more energy that will be available to assist the gentle release of energy.

You will always be where you need to be, based on your life plan. Just listen to your intuition, trust your guides and work on releasing your own energy. Also, remember to thank those souls on the planet who are helping to release this energy through anger, revolution, judgment and maybe even harsh words. This is just as powerful of a release as natural disasters are.

Lastly, remember to empower yourself by using these tools of love and healing and you will be able to lend your energy to the creation of a beautiful new awareness. Live a life in love and hope, and no matter what the present situation appears to be, know that eventually the love and hope will become your reality.

Help from the Universe

If we are open to it, help is always all around us. But, most of the time we are too busy, or have tunnel vision to be able to see/hear/notice it. There is such beauty in synchronicities, coincidences and other promptings that show us we are on the right direction in our path.

Have you ever had it happen where a book fell off a shelf and hit you on the foot? Maybe you got a wrong number that lead you to wonder about an old high school friend? Perhaps, you turned down the wrong street to find a great new restaurant, one which you would have never seen otherwise. Miracles are all around us. Each time we are in tune with our own life, instead of trying to figure out tomorrow, we are able to experience even more of these Divine gifts.

To take a time out from the stress and busyness of life, try marking a day on your calendar to just be in the Now. That means NO planning for that day, other than to leave it open to see what comes in. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, because we all have a tendency to feel like we need do something. But, if you can just sit and relax and let your intuition guide you in each moment, you will find that you have created a wonderful state of peace.

Smile at your neighbors, play with your pets, enjoy the nature around you, appreciate your home and family, these all happen right now and you can do them anytime. When you are appreciating in each of these small things, you can begin to notice how the other things you were stressed out about, or concerned over, seem to become more removed from your awareness.

This is simply because it is not our natural state to worry, but unfortunately we have just been taught through history to do so. Yet, if you think back to something that you worried and stressed about, how many times did a solution present itself? How many times were you directed to help or shown a resource? Even if it didn’t happen right away, you can see that through your life, a guiding hand has always been there to help.

I can remember one such experience where I didn’t know where our next meal was going to come from, yet we did not stress or give that situation any energy. Later that day, an unexpected check for $90 showed up in the mail as a refund from our insurance company.

The more that you are able to cultivate that peace and relaxation in your life, you will not only find that guidance flows to you consistently, but also that all of a sudden you are able to finish more tasks each day. By being in the Now, you become the master of time; you live from a space of oneness. In that place is where the miracles live, and where assistance from the Universe is always available.