Kitty Cuteness, Culture and Cooperation

It is weird that my cat has more Facebook friends than me? Not that I mind, I am simply floored by the networking capabilities of the cats on Facebook.

We first took in Buddha Cat on December 27 of 2013. He had lived with a couple we had known since they adopted him from a local shelter. We had even cat-sat for Buddha for 2 months in 2008! When this couple had to move out of the country, their little guy needed a new home.

Buddha Cat

He first lived with my mom and her two cats for about 6 months, but Buddha is a sensitive guy, and while he likes most kitties, he prefers to connect with them on his own terms. So in December, we realized that we would not being going overseas, and we started talking about bringing a cat into our family.

One conversation and one day later, Buddha Cat arrived at our house. He was a little bit fearful, but was showing us his belly by the second day!

I was so excited about his arrival that I was flooding my personal Facebook page with pictures of Buddha. So, in an effort not to turn my personal page into a Buddha cute-fest, I created one for him under the name Buddha Cat Heals. For months, he had 30 people, who were also friends with me, like his page.

Fast forward to now. On the first day of a blog challenge I put a link to Buddha’s page, and another 20 people or so liked him! Yay. Then the strangest thing began to happen, other cats with pages started to take up conversation with Buddha, to network, to share, to collaborate, and on August 3rd, his page was shared on at least 11 other cat pages. At the time of this writing, he has 573 likes. He received over 500 likes in one day!

I mean, I know he’s cute and special, but what fur mommy wouldn’t think that?

I am truly amazed by all of the Cat-collaborators out there, and just had to share this special story on the power of kitty cuteness and love! Who knows how many more lives our little guy can touch? With the power of kitty cuteness on Facebook, anything is possible.

Sadly, our special Buddha passed on of Cancer in September of 2015. We will always treasure our memories of him.

Messages from Animals

Whenever you are outside in nature, it is a great fun to look at the animal friends that will come across your path. Sometimes these happenings are an everyday occurrence, but other times they will be unusual or get your attention in some way.

I live in an area where there are many wild rabbits, but they are often in hiding for much of the day. Friday night as my boyfriend and I walked to the grocery store, we saw six rabbits! First of all, this was the most rabbits I had ever seen in one day, and they were all together, like a little rabbit family gathering their food for the evening. They were really calm too, some of them came up to us and another one was sleeping only 12 inches away, he just opened one eye looked at us and went back to sleep.

Talk about an unusual experience. Rabbits are known for being fearful and flighty, but these were the most confident rabbits I had ever seen, plus they were so cute! Because we do have many rabbits living in the area, I see them on my walks from time to time, but last night’s sighting was definitely unusual.

Whenever you have an unusual experience with seeing animals, take a look at what they are trying to say to you. Rabbits are known for procreating and bringing in new life. We saw the rabbits just as we were talking about future plans for our spiritual work, coincidence? No. Message? Yes! To us it meant that the ideas we were speaking of will come to fruition. Exciting 🙂

Now, sometimes the animals will simply enjoy your energy, so if you have regular visitors to your backyard or deck, most often there is not a specific message there, other than to simply enjoy their beautiful energy. It is when you have a different experience than normal, or when you are asking for a sign, that messages can come through these interactions with animals.

Everyone has animal spirits that connect with them in different ways. These can be pets from current or past lives and also animal guides that can assist you. I have a raccoon for one of my guides, his name is Roscoe. My mom will tell you that when I was little I had a toy raccoon named Roscoe that I slept with every night. He was my favorite! I also am aware that whenever I see a raccoon that my animal guide Roscoe is there helping me to gather the guidance and materials I need to take the next steps on my life path.

You can also have animal guides to assist you with specific things in your life, like spiritual development, career or family. So look around and notice the fun ways that the animal world interacts with you. And, just like with anything else, the more that you listen, the more that the messages will reveal themselves to you.