Global Meditation for Peace

There is a wonderful daily meditation for peace happening daily at 3pm/15:00 Eastern US Time (New York, USA time). I have personally been participating this meditation for sometime now, and the energy is very beautiful. Each day there is a different focus for the meditation. Past examples have included: peace, prosperity, clean water, pristine planet, happiness, end of violence, joy, abundance, animal welfare, clean skies, etc.

The meditation starts about 2 minutes after the top of the hour, sometimes a bit later, and the host will make an introduction of the topic, and then guide the group into meditation. The meditation is in silence for 20-25 minutes, and the call typically concludes 35 minutes after it begins.

The meditation is called the Global 8000 meditation, and has a goal of having 8000 participants. There is already nearly 6000 people participating as of the time of this writing. Even if the live call-in time does not work with your schedule, there is a daily recording available as well. Here is all of the call in details:

Call-in Number for the Recording:

+1 641-715-3579 Access Code 303471#

Live call-in number for the US:

1-641-715-0857 Access Code 303471#

Live International Call in numbers:  All countries use Access Code 303471# when asked to enter.

Afghanistan    +93 72 989 0516

Albania    +355 4 454 1732

Algeria    +213 98 221 05 23

Argentina    +54 341 527-2967

Australia    +61 3 8672 0152

Austria    +43 1 2650513

Bahrain    +973 6500 9114

Belgium    +32 3 294 10 01

Brazil    +55 51 4042-1934

Bulgaria    +359 2 495 1543

Cambodia    +855 96 696 7757

Chile    +56 44 890 9262

Colombia    +57 6 7334267

Costa Rica    +506 4000 3925

Croatia    +385 1 8000 064

Cyprus    +357 77 788861

Czech    +420 225 852 061

Denmark    +45 78 77 25 36

Dominican Republic    +1 829-239-8024

Estonia    +372 614 8076

Finland    +358 9 42721255

France    +33 7 55 51 14 15

Georgia    +995 706 777 082

Germany    +49 221 98203431

Guatemala    +502 2458 1414

Hungary    +36 1 987 6817

Iceland    +354 539 0325

Ireland    +353 1 437 2299

Israel    +972 55-966-1011

Italy    +39 051 092 0280

Japan    +81 3-5050-5067

Kenya    +254 20 7653251

Kosovo    +381 38 413932

Latvia    +371 67 881 767

Lithuania    +370 46 268634

Luxembourg    +352 20 30 10 94

Malawi    +265 212 342 018

Malaysia    +60 11-1146 0032

Malta    +356 2031 0021

Mexico    +52 899 274 8204

Netherlands    +31 97055001830

New Zealand    +64 6-928 7520

Nigeria    +234 1 440 5252

Norway    +47 21 93 53 43

Pakistan    +92 21 37130638

Panama    +507 838-7848

Poland    +48 22 116 80 16

Portugal    +351 21 114 3134

Romania    +40 31 780 7023

Russian Federation    +7 499 371-06-82

Singapore    +65 3138 9223

Slovakia    +421 2/336 633 07

Slovenia    +386 1 828 03 22

South Africa    +27 87 825 0127

South Korea    +82 70-7686-0600

Spain    +34 857 80 11 01

Sri Lanka    +94 115 896 974

Sweden    +46 8 124 105 78

Switzerland    +41 44 513 30 13

Taiwan    +886 985 646 958

Tanzania    +255 41 120 1025

Turkey    +90 212 988 17 41

Ukraine    +380 94 711 0808

United Kingdom    +44 330 998 1210

Crossing the Threshold

For over a week now, I have been receiving clear visuals about bringing our new “baby” Earth home. Like any newborn, our baby Earth is filled with the new energy of possibility, spiritual strength, and fullness of life. This baby Earth really isn’t a baby at all, but represents a world of new energy and possibilities to us. As I write this, the visual shown to me is new parents (humanity) waiting to step across the threshold, bringing baby Earth home. The front door had many locks to disengage, but those have all been unlocked. The door opened fully and fairly effortlessly, and now we are waiting to step through our front door.

As we wait, we notice that the light from inside the home appears almost blinding, and is a bit disorienting. So, here we are waiting to cross the threshold. Waiting for our eyes to adjust to the new frequency that has been here all along, but now can be anchored as our baby Earth is brought home. How long we will be waiting to cross the threshold is not clear, but it is the next and only step left.

How you experience that process will be unique to you. Some are feeling these energy changes intensely in the body, others feel calm and peace. Some won’t feel anything at all. Everyone’s body will attune to the shift in energy differently. Many will experience a bright light, but one not too much different than intense lightening (without the thunder). The light will bathe the entire planet, and will come and go quickly. Others will see their surroundings go through what feels like “A glitch in the Matrix,” very much like what Neo experiences in The Matrix when he has déjà vu. Many will talk themselves out of what they see or experience. Most are feeling hopeless that this Shift will even happen at all.

How will we know without a doubt when we have crossed that threshold? We will wake up to broadcasts of big truths being revealed. There will be day after day of different truths being shared, full disclosure leading from one topic to the next, until everyone is aware of the truths about humanity’s history, origins, politics, galactic assistance, and how we have been manipulated for so long. There will not be one area that is left untouched. These truths will be shared in such a way that is both complete and compelling, healing and revealing.

At this same time, we will experience abundance in healing, finance, opportunity, education, and many areas of life. It will feel as if any perceived limitations of the past have been lifted. We will feel expansive and free to live our soul mission, to trust and know that we will have all we need, and even more to share.

Practice what it feels like to be in that expansiveness, in a world full of possibilities, in a world where competition for resources gives way to cooperation, a world where fear of lack gives way to love of sharing. We are crossing the threshold; it is a moment of celebration, a moment of true victory for all, a moment of living history. Even as we get closer to this moment, you can feel the shifts in your own life occur, whether spiritual shifts, physical ones, or even shifts in your perception of life. Everyone will be provided for, despite whatever you are seeing in your life at this moment. Think about how you would like to manifest your soul mission, what does it entail? Who/how would you help if money and health were no objects? What does your ideal life look like? How will you share your mission with others? How will you feel upon carrying baby Earth across the threshold home? We are poised to step through.


Trusting in Your Guidance – Meditation 4

This page is about Abundance Meditation 4. Want to join the conversation? Pick up 4 complementary abundance meditations here.

Meditation 4: Opening Up to Trust and Guidance

In this final meditation, you will be working directly with your personal spirit guide to assist you in opening up your intuition and trust. Each of us has a personal guardian spirit, AKA guardian angel or spirit guide, who works from the realm of the Higher Energies. Your guardian spirit is with you from the moment you are born to the moment you pass on. They know everything about you, even more than you know about yourself. This meditation activates and enhances the connection you have with your guardian spirit, facilitating a smoother communication process between you both, thereby strengthening your bond.

Guardian SpiritYour guardian spirit is always there assisting and guiding you, providing information, wisdom, healing and help. When you are too busy, distracted or in a place of doubt, it becomes much more difficult to tune your intuitive antenna to the proper frequency.

This mediation maximizes your intuitive tuning process, making it easier for you to recognize and trust in any intuitive guidance directing you to your abundance.

Remember, you will be feeling the energy of the meditation for 4-5 days, so pay attention to what shows up in your dreams, and/or what synchronicities are being brought to you as evidence of what you are drawing into your life.

Please use the comment area below to write about what you notice during and following the 4-5 days after Meditation 4. Even if what you see or sense something you think of as trivial or unrelated, write it down. You can notice faces, symbols, words, body sensations, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and even other evidence not listed here.

Be sure to share this page with friends to enhance your discussion. Sometimes it helps to have someone you know well weigh in on what you saw.

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