Stop Repeating the Unhealthy Patterns In Your Life Again and Again...

Do you keep attracting the same partners, co-workers or situations over and over again? Over 6 weeks of private sessions, I will guide you to discover the patterns you carry, so you can STOP LIVING LIFE ON REPEAT.

After this six week course is complete, you have the option of enrolling in last phase of our Past Life Program. Learn more about Transforming Past Life Patterns by clicking here

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Identify Why You Do What You Do

Together, we will touch on each of the 16 Past Life Patterns, focusing in on the ones most affecting your life now. Each one of us holds 3 to 5 of these patterns. They influence your thoughts, emotions and even how you see the world. They are the number one influencer of the repeating patterns (for good or bad) in your life. By identifying the specific mix of patterns you hold, you gain valuable insights into why you do what you do.  

Uncover Your Subconscious Fears

Your fears are directly connected to your patterns. They come from past experiences where things did not go your way.  In order to prevent yourself from experiencing those same challenges again, the Ego creates fear as a warning system. We will discover what your warning system has to say, and begin the process of transforming its inner voice.  

Bring to Light Your Hidden Talents

Locked away in your Past Life Patterns is expertise from what you have done before. Most of the time you will not even recognize it as expertise, because it is such a part of you. Your talents are less about what you have accomplished, and are more about what you can do so well, that when you get a compliment on it, you say, "Oh, this. It was nothing." By looking to your patterns as the source of your expertise, you will be able to build up upon what you already know!  

Payment Options

Option 1

One payment of $1,111

Option 2

3 monthly payments of $444 (Total $1,332)

If you have any questions, please email Karen Downing at karen {at} yoursoulmission {dot} com

Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

From there, we will arrange the schedule for your 6, 1-hour sessions (one per week).

Sessions can be held over phone (US and Canada only) or Skype (all locations).

Please keep in mind that Karen is located in the Pacific Time Zone (US). Thank you!

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