Online Video Courses

Discover new information and activate your spiritual development process with these online courses. Each course is hosted in our online delivery platform, for ease of use. Start any time, and study at your own pace. Learn more about each of the courses at the links below.

Meditation 101

This is a free video course to help you understand many common concerns about approaching a meditation practice. Learn how to connect, who you are connecting with, how to meditate, and learn to about meditation best practices. This course contains 2 videos, one is a 33-minute teaching video covering the mentioned topics. The second video is a 17-minute long partially guided meditation designed for beginners. Enrollment Closed

Explore each of the 16 past life patterns, how to identify them, discover their strengths, and minimize their challenges. You can pick and choose the lessons on your own patterns, or learn about all 16. The second half of the course walks you through the Transformational Results Formula to identify the details making up your unique blend of patterns, boost your past life expertise, and transform past life fears into focus for today. Work through the lessons at your own pace, 18 videos in total. Enrollment Closed

Enhance the upgrade process of your chakra system. This is a 2 stage online program. Stage 1 works on releasing the stuck energy in the traditional chakras, and preparing them for their new purposes. Stage 2 focuses on developing the new chakras and readying the body for the new higher frequencies of the planet. Each lesson includes a short meditation designed to activate the energy of each new and old chakra. Lessons are available one per day, to allow the energy of each meditation time to assimilate in your body, 18 videos total. Enrollment Closed

Enjoy packs of meditations grouped by topic. Each meditation pack contains 3, 45-minute videos. Meditations are partially guided, to assist you in tuning into the guidance of your Higher Self. Topics include: Unconditional Love, Healing, Past Lives, Abundance, Divinity, Self-Improvement, Confidence, and Ascension. You can also enroll in all 24 available meditations. You will have access to these meditations indefinitely, for you to use as often as you wish. View all available meditation packages.

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