Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness. But what does it all really mean? Humanity has been placing so much emphasis on these concepts lately, that they are now often used as judgmental terms of comparison and competition.

These terms are merely likened to Years in school, no one any better than the other. These terms were created by humanity to delineate the level of learning that a soul has reached.

Of the terms listed above, ascension is the only term related solely to the Earth plane. The trap that one can get into when using the term ascension is that it has a connotation closely related to feelings of who is worthy enough to go before God. All souls are worthy and all souls will ascend during some point in their journey. Ascension is no more than rising above the vibratory level of the old Earth plane, or the 3rd dimension.

As the timelines of Earth get closer to 2012, there is much doomsday talk as well as much discussion of this term of ascension and how many people will suppose it will take place. For most of you, it will be no different than any other day, as you will be making gradual changes in vibration along with the Earth itself. For many others, “ascension” will not occur for a few more lifetimes and they will choose a different path.

When it comes to vibration, this is a term that describes the amount of density and how quickly that density is moving within one’s body system. For those in the world of Spirit, there are different levels of vibration as well, all attuned to specific tasks and duties.

In order for you to communicate with the Higher Energies, you must raise your vibration to one that is compatible with ours, otherwise we both could occupy the same space and you would be completely unaware of our presence. This is why those whose vibration has “ascended” above that of the Earth plane, cannot lower their vibration to incarnate in a physical body. In order for those in the Spirit world to bring information forth, they must use the services of a channel.

While vibration describes the physical level of change, consciousness is used to describe how much work a soul has done on clearing out their own inner emotional issues. Levels of consciousness do not correspond to age, culture or location on the globe. Vibration and consciousness have a direct correlation, and when you raise your consciousness and clear out density in the emotional body from past life energy, your vibration goes up.

Many individuals often use these terms interchangeably; their use is not as important as to have an understanding of how the soul’s learning process works on the Earth plane. Now that a New School of Higher Vibratory Studies is being prepared, many souls will have to choose to clear out the past life energy that they carry around in order to be admitted. Those souls that do not make this choice will simply complete their learning elsewhere.

The most important thing is to not concern yourself with the labels of others, but to continue to push forward on your own evolutionary path. Wherever your journey takes you as an individual soul, know that you are right where you need to be. Once you have reached the stage where you are able to recognize how the Ego (self, Lower self) is trying to control you, then you are ready to be admitted to this emerging New School. By learning to recognize any fear or doubt remaining in your emotional body, you will be on the path to clear it completely. Most importantly DO NOT judge yourself and your progress on your own journey.

Expectations and Conditioning

Humanity has much fear of going beyond their own perceived limitations. For each time they look within themselves, they see only what they want to see. To help with their own understanding of themselves, many will often bring other people into their energy that mirror for them either their own likes or dislikes. Many times these mirrors are very bright, but most of the time humanity pretends not to see them in that light. The expectations that most people place on themselves are also the same limitations that they often place upon others.

Conditioning from peers, family and media also plays a part in the human drama. When certain individuals have a specific expectation, that is exactly what they draw into their energy. This continues to keep much of humanity in their own comfort zone. Until humanity is willing to escape the comfort zone they have created for themselves and break through these expectations, they will never be able to change and grow to the fullest degree. It is only when one has the purest of Love for themselves, can one harness that power to break down the walls built up by these expectations.

How in your life are you limiting yourself by your own expectations and conditioning? Do you Judge others? Do you expect a specific type of person to look, act or talk a certain way? Examine your own expectations… Would you go to an overweight nutritionist? Would you take medical advice from a doctor in their twenties? Would you take spiritual advice from a corporate big-wig? These are just some examples of how humanity limits their own experiences by creating a preconceived notion of how things should be before they even experience the event.

How are we in the world of Spirit going to be able to lead and guide you where to go when you already have a specific idea of how that should be happening? You may never know how many times in your life have you missed out on good advice or the help you really needed because you choose to be influenced by your own expectations or the conditioning of another.

Many individuals are skilled in knowledge and gifts that are not always reflected by their outer visage or by their first impression. We in the Spirit world can use any individual at any time to bring you a message you desperately need to hear, but if you are too busy listening to your Ego, then we have a much more difficult time bringing you that help. Think about all of the expectations that you have about specific types of individuals in your life. All of these expectations are judgments that block you from a deeper understanding of yourself and keep you at a distance from others and their own knowledge and expertise.

What about those closest to you, what do you expect from them? What if they choose to live a life that does not match your expectations? Would you honestly love them for all that they are? Or would you try to change them to think and feel and act as you do, or as you would like them to be? Quite simply, if you do not truly appreciate the individual for who they are, then you are not dwelling in unconditional Love.

God, The Ultimate Being, does not judge others as humanity does. God is pure Love and this energy does not have room for any human emotions. When you look within and examine the judgments and expectations in your life, you will be one step closer to fully embodying that true unconditional Love of God.

What is Love?

What is Love? Most of Humanity does not even realize Love’s true power. Love goes far beyond the care, compassion and understanding that humanity has for another, true Love fills the heart and soul and transforms your surroundings. Love is the ultimate “Sorcerer’s Stone” that allows the giver to change their perception, and even the outcome, just by aligning themselves with the energy from the Ultimate Being. True Unconditional Love is the strongest force in the Universe.

Look around yourself… How are you projecting Love? Are you afraid of what others might say? Love is not about being in a position of weakness. True Love is a position of strength. For if you have the courage to open your heart to all that is, then you can scale any mountain, swim any ocean and can get beyond the conditions of any bad day of life.

quote082215True Love changes your perceptions, so that you will no longer see yourself as the victim in the grand chess game of life. True Love allows you to become the Divine Alchemist, able to transform the game into whatever pleases you.

Yes, Love is patient and kind, but Love is also forthright and honest. Love reveals the truth and Love does not fear any action, reaction or potential outcome. Love only dwells in what IS in the NOW and Love knows that everything was, is and will be in Divine and perfect order, (even though humanity may not see it as so.)

The messages on this website are intended to provide humanity with compassion, solace and guidance during this ever-changing time. Through all that transforms around you, the one thing that you must remember is that you possess the strongest force of the Universe and that is Love. Look at every situation in you life with Love, True Love, and you will be able to watch it transform before your very eyes.