Understanding Intuition

It’s no wonder that psychics get a bad wrap when it seems like nearly every portrayal of anyone with intuitive gifts is labeled in modern day media as crazy or delusional. The thing is everyone can be psychic; we all have moments of knowing something that we can’t possibly know otherwise. So, why is this perceived as such a strange thing, when it is something that we can all do?

Many of the reactions about intuition go back to a time when these gifts were often used to trick others, to try to fool them in some way, or used to exert power over them. However, this is not the motivation of any upstanding intuitive reader. An intuitive is there to give you insight into something that you might not be able to see for yourself. And, most of the time when people go to a reader, they leave saying, “wow that’s what I felt/knew already, but now it is just confirmed for me.”

Most of the time people seek out help with a decision making process in their life. The reader is not there to make choices for another, but they can provide information on what would be the results of those different choices.

None of this is scary, but because the process itself is unknown to many, intuition gets placed in the category labeled “strange and weird”.

What is so interesting to me is that I am such a logical person, and I really need to feel or see something for myself before I will believe it. But, when I started opening myself up to my intuitive gifts, I just new I was in the right place and I began to see things happen that I had just talked about.

Now, no intuitive can be 100% perfect. And, that is because the choices that Souls make, do affect the outcome. Choices can change the timelines completely or even take an event out of someone’s reality.

Just think about it for a moment. If someone is meant to be president, but at a young age they develop a fear of speaking so paralyzing that they stutter. Now this can be reversed if the Soul chooses to face their fear, but if they do not choose to face the fear, then they will be unable to have the confidence in themselves necessary to undertake such a big journey as campaigning for president. That is just one example of how our choices can influence our lives.

So how can an intuitive help in all of this? Well, if you knew about this path for yourself at an early age, you would most likely push yourself to work though these fears so that you can fulfill your destiny. But, if you did not have the knowledge of your own possibilities, then you might make the choice to stay in that place of fear because you made it so comfortable for yourself.

Going to an intuitive should not only be informative, but you should walk away feeling uplifted, hopeful and also that you were given the truth.

Reality Versus Illusion

What is reality? There is a saying that, “perception is reality,” and in many ways this is true. Look at all of the different Souls and truths out there in the world. And, if you were to ask each person to provide evidence of their truth, they could do so, or at least what they felt was evidence.

So whose reality is correct? Well, everyone’s is. So, that also means that when we are in our reality, everyone else’s reality becomes our illusion, and our reality becomes their illusion. Make sense?

Let’s picture everyone’s reality as a bubble of energy that is around them at all times, and this bubble, known as the etheric body, contains all emotions, beliefs, experiences and knowledge that this person/soul has. When bubbles overlap, there is a sharing of some of these things, but there will also be differences. Your bubble overlaps with anyone who shares just one belief with you.

Depending on how we participate in the bubbles of other souls, this can flavor how we view our reality. Yes, we all are interconnected, and it is about how you choose to view that interconnectedness that can save you energy or over-strain your energy. If you focus on the differences among the bubbles, this leads to separation consciousness and trying to address each bubble individually. However, if you look at the similarities among the bubbles, then you only have to focus your energy on that specific part of your own bubble and it will affect everyone else who shares those similarities with you.

When you can start to view each person’s bubble in that way, you really start to give a great deal less energy to understanding why someone’s would chose the differences, because you are so focused on the similarities. Trying to convince others to change their bubble is impossible when it is done by pointing out the differences; only the owner of a reality can choose how it appears. But, you can affect change by sending someone Love through focusing on the shared energy among souls; this love, when accepted, can be used as a vessel for change.

Change occurs through shared realities that affect the personal differences that create our illusions. All souls will never have the exact same reality, this is what makes everyone so unique and special, but if we can understand how better to interact with others through our shared realities, we can use our energy wisely to affect the world with Love.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very popular topic these days. With so much emphasis in the media on the economy and lack of work, many souls are now beginning to search for new and different ways to bring about Abundance in their lives.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that states that whatever you put your energy toward, that is what you will draw into your life. Often times the positive aspects of the Law of Attraction are overemphasized, but in order to become a Master of your own destiny, you need to understand all of the ramifications of this Universal Law. Therefore, you must take into consideration that the converse of this Law is also true. Whatever is in your life, you drew it there because somehow it is your creation.

When you look at the life that you have designed for yourself, it is important that you look at the things that you would like to change and what you would like them to be. Once you have determined what those areas of your life are, then you need to ask yourself if there is anything blocking you from making those desired changes.

Do you have any lingering fears or other unresolved fear based energy? Are you living a life out of balance in one area? Are you run down and tired? Are you putting the needs of others above yourself? All of these things play a role in your ability to manifest what you need and want in life. Knowing yourself and understanding your subconscious patterns allows you to be in control of what you are drawing into your energy. Without that knowledge, you unknowingly are allowing your subconscious patterns to dictate your ability to manifest.

The real surprise here is that once you get a stronghold on the patterns that persist in your life, you will be able to stay one step ahead of the Ego. By understanding a pattern in your life, you are able to start releasing it, thus freeing up more energy to manifest the life that you desire.

Yes, manifestation starts with having an idea of what you want, but it is much more than that. Don’t be tied into the exact specifications in which that vision will arrive to you. Yes, there will be some qualifications necessary for manifesting what you need, however remember to watch for the wants of the Ego chiming in. Manifestation can also occur in steps, so sometimes you will receive something that is close to what you want, but then you also receive the ability to turn it into everything you desire.

For example: You wish to attract a new home for yourself. You need: at least 3 bedrooms, space for an office, solid construction, working appliances and a convenient location. You want: Cherry wood flooring, ceiling fans, a hot tub, heated floors, crown molding, etc. Now you can always add the wants later, so it is important to recognize the difference. If you get discouraged because you have attracted something which only has your needs and not your wants, you may miss out on a great opportunity.

It is like baking a whole cake in the oven, but when it comes time to take it out, you have put so many expectations on it, now all that’s left is a small crumb of perfection. Allow yourself to manifest the entire cake, then once you take it out of the oven, you can decide which piece to eat.

Astrology also plays an important role in your ability to manifest; the planets can influence the ease or difficulty at which you can manifest items or situations in your life. It is important to learn about your Natal chart and transits, to see if your timing is to your benefit, or if that timing will be a hindrance.

To manifest with the best chance for success; put out your intention, stay open, understand the Subconscious and use Astrology to your advantage. There is no need to send your request more that once. Once your intention has been sent to the Universe, it is an order ready to be filled. It is best to let that order run its course, because if you keep changing the order you placed, you will be altering the energy that has already been put forth.

Be patient. When you are patient and calm, you allow your body to be in a state of receiving. It is this receptive state that allows the information, situation or item you requested to be brought to you. Remember to live life, laugh and have fun, for this keeps your Ego occupied and free from trying to subconsciously control your manifestation order.

See what you can manifest today! Try for a free latte or magazine, or perhaps you want to hear from a friend that you haven’t spoken with in a while. Try starting out with small fun things to manifest and when you start seeing your efforts pay off, you can start upping your order with the Universe. Here’s to the Law of Attraction, may you use it wisely!