What Causes a Chakra to be Split?

When a chakra is split into 2 or more portions it is a big sign of past trauma. That trauma can be either from past life experiences, or from earlier on in this life. A split chakra will always have one main portion that points in the proper direction, and this main portion will always be the largest. This is because it is very slowly, over time, working to absorb back the other split-off portions. But, when left on its own, this process is very slow. This is because as long as the subconscious memories of the trauma are still present in the etheric body, the rate of absorption will stay at less than 1% per year.

However, once the memory of the trauma is removed and healed, then it becomes quite easy to restore the chakra to its proper shape. There are many ways to remove the trauma, including energy healing, chakra clearing, yoga, tai chi, color therapy, and talking through the trauma for purposes of releasing the energy. If the trauma is too great to release, this is one reason why a person’s Higher Self may not be ready to have the full removal that comes with a chakra clearing or energy healing. Talking through the energy can help the person to be prepared to release traumas, as can sending the energy of unconditional love to the individual. The other methods listed provide for a slower and gentler release, but still are quite effective for self-healing, as they assist the chakras to heal themselves at a faster rate than what the body would normally.

The split-off portions of the chakra can travel in any direction, except they are never parallel to the main portion. While the main portion of the chakra looks very smooth and filled with colorful light, the split-off portions look more like gnarled tree roots. The difference in appearance is due to the chakra pulling its energy flow from the split-off portions, so the outsides of the split-off portions dry up. One of the steps involved in restoring a split chakra is to soften up these portions, so that they become more flexible. This flexibility is required before the split-off portions can have their direction altered to match the main portion.

When a person is nearly done with restoring the split chakra, that chakra appears more like the spiral of a mythical unicorn horn. This occurs because the two or more portions are twisting and wrapping around each other. In order to fully harmonize and incorporate all the portions back together, they must all have the same spin speed and direction first.

Split chakras do not occur in everyone, but so far, I have seen them about 50% of the time in the chakra clearings. I have not yet seen more than one split chakra per person, however I am certain that it is possible to have multiple chakras that are split. If you have split chakra, you may not even notice it physically. You will notice it in your emotional state, because the split chakra is very much connected to a repressed emotion or memory that is simply too challenging to face. But, the good news is that once you are ready to release the suppressed energy, then a chakra clearing, or similar energy healing, can really do wonders for you, and help you release the energy for good.

Split chakras normally will have some side effects in the 5 or so days following the chakra clearing. It is because the repressed energy and emotion was popped out and released, and often the body will have a physical response of some kind to assist in this. Side effects depend on which chakra was split, and can include: headaches, dizziness, stuffy nose, earaches, sore throat, coughing, digestive distress, crying, and vivid dreams. Thankfully though, the body does not need to feel the exact emotion again, and really when you think about it, a few days of headaches to release lifetimes of trauma is a pretty good trade off!

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Sample Chakra Clearing – Example 2

Below is another chakra clearing report that has been given permission to be shared. The first paragraph is the answer to the client’s questions. You can order your own chakra clearing report by clicking here.

No serious emergency symptoms will occur from the chakra clearing. There is often a 3-4 day time of emotional release, and some smaller physical release symptoms such as crying, or going to the bathroom more often than normal. Yes, the ovarian cyst can be healed completely. It will take a combination of clearing the energy (which we will do today), and making some dietary changes to support the healing. Recommended foods to remove completely from the diet are corn, dairy, wheat and eggs. Recommended foods to eat to help are, dark leafy greens, kelp, melon, citrus fruits and lotus root.

Earth/foot chakra

This chakra is very strong and active. No work needs to be done here.

Root center (where old heart chakra has merged with old root chakra)

(Please read Belly button chakra first) This chakra has good color, shape and extension, but the size here is too small. This is from many past lives were you were made to not feel safe, and it was those whom you loved who hurt you, either emotionally or physically. This caused a deep hurt within you, and one of the ways in which you tried your best to make it through those loves was to close down the size of your Root chakra. Now that we have release this past life energy from the other chakras, we can do the work here. I will work on this chakra now…I started by spinning the chakra to increase the energy flow, as this helps with increasing size and also with gathering up any past life energy that remains in this chakra. There was a small amount of past life energy in here that had not yet been removed by the other work. I gathered that together and removed it. Next, I opened up the chakra more, starting at the point nearest the body, and then moving slowly to the farthest point of the extension. I reinforced this new normal size with a red ribbon, to prevent the chakra from becoming smaller again. This normal size will help with proper energy flow and help you to feel more safe and secure in your life. It is possible to have some coughing as a result of this work, but no other effects should occur.

Belly Button (included old sacral and solar plexus chakras)

The color, size, and extension of the chakra are very good. The shape of the chakra is a split shape, where 77% of the chakra is in the correct placement, and the other 23% is split off to the left, at a 45 degree angle. This happens when past life trauma caused the Ego part of us to hide a portion of emotion in order to protect ourselves from ever feeling that same deep pain again. But, it is now time to let go of the past and to heal all the way. This is one of the chakras that is affecting the ovarian cyst, and by working on it and clearing it here, we will help your body heal at a much faster rate.  This split occurred as the result of many lifetimes were you were treated more like a doll, rather than a person. These were mostly lives as a female, and in some of those lives, it was not your choice to be placed into those situations. Two lifetimes, you parents sold you to be married to much older men, and those men did not respect you. In one of those lifetime, you were kidnapped and forced into prostitution. The common past life theme in these lifetimes is the Victim patterns, because these experiences were not your choice in any way. You encountered many traumatic experiences in these lifetimes, physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally. Your Ego tried to protect you from these memories, by wrapping up and splitting off a portion of the chakra. But, these events will not be repeated and it is now safe for you to release the memories so that you can heal yourself. You do not need to know any more about the memories, other than than what was just shared, in order to be free of them forever. I will work on this chakra now…I started by pulling the 23% portion of the chakra forward to match the direction and extension of the main portion. I then wrapped around both portions, a yellow ribbon, as this helps them to reinforce their connection back to one another. As the two portions of the chakra begin to combine, they look like a spiral. I let this process take place while I made sure that the color, extension, and rate and direction of speed are the same for both portions. I did have to spin both portions in order to get the spin speed the same, but from there, the two portions began to combine very easily. Now that they are combined, I spun the full chakra again to ensure that all past life energy was removed. I had to spin the chakra another few times to gather up all of the energy. Once the past life energy was removed, I returned the chakra to its normal spin. Lastly, after I combined the chakra, I noticed the color become slightly lighter than it should be, so I want to return the chakra to normal color before I complete the clearing process. I placed a vibrant yellow ball of light in the chakra to help inform of the proper coloring. This ball of color will remain there for 5 days, this will give ample time after all portions of the chakra have returned to normal, to reinforce the proper coloring. It is possible for you to feel an increase in appetite, and to experience some vivid dreams as the release process occurs. You may also feel like having a big cry to release the emotional energy.

Hands chakra

This chakra is very strong and active. No work needs to be done here.

Universal Love chakra (Replaces heart chakra at heart center)

The size and shape here are good, but the extension is quite limited and the color is not as bright as it needs to be. This is from past lives of being hurt (related to belly button lifetimes), and you chose to protect yourself by not allowing this chakra to connect out to the world. There is also a past life association in this chakra that love is about control. This is from many of those same past lives where your husband or your parents had tried to control your actions and your life. True unconditional love is nothing about control, it is allowing those you love to be the best person who they choose to be. I will work on this chakra now…I first started by working at improving the extension, and found a sticky substance, like a gel to be limiting the extension of the chakra. To remove it, I started by scraping the gel off the the chakra area, and then placed several small balls of magenta light in there. These balls of light dried up the rest of the gel, and then I could peel it away with ease. This gel was something you had placed in your chakra because of the past life energy we had mentioned before. The gel was clear and could not be seen, but was sticky to the touch, and that was how it was discovered. Now, with this gel gone, we do not need all of the smaller balls of magenta light, so I combined them together to form one medium-sized ball. I placed this in the middle of the chakra area to assist the work. I will now re-address the extension, and found that I was able to extend this chakra quite easily now. In doing this process, I noticed that the medium ball of magenta light was more powerful than it needed to be, so I reduced its size by 75%. This ball of light is a much better size now and will help with the other work, but not be too strong. Next, I looked at the color again, and I found the color to already have been improved by the other work that was done. I took one more look at the shape and size, and these are also very good. All is complete, and the smaller ball of light energy will disappear within 24 hours. During the next 3 days, you may feel a heightened level of excitement or connection. It is also possible to notice your heartbeat more. You would only have this sensation for a very short time. Do not be alarmed by this, it is the energy returning to the body as it should be. What you would be noticing is the change from what the lower level of energy flow was, to what the proper level of energy flow is.

Spiritual Communication chakra (upgraded throat chakra at throat center)

This chakra is very strong and active. No work needs to be done here.

Nasal Chakra

This chakra is very strong and active. No work needs to be done here.

Third eye chakra

This chakra is very strong and active. No work needs to be done here.

Ultimate Being Chakra (Upgraded crown chakra at crown center)

This chakra has good extension and color. The shape is more of a column rather than being a cone shape, indicating it is also too large in size at the connection point to the body. This is as result of many past lives where you tried very hard to be the most Holy, or achieve the highest ethical standards, in order to be viewed favorably by the Higher Power you believe in. This is related the past life Pattern of the Monk. In these past lives, you were always so concerned that God would be unhappy with you, or that you were not doing enough to make God happy. But, God loves everyone unconditionally, meaning that you do not have to do anything to change this love, or to make God love you more. The unconditional love of God is always there for you. You did not believe that in those past lifetimes, and instead believed that the more aligned with the religious teachings (different religions in different lifetimes) you were, the more you would be held in God’s favor. I will work on this chakra now…I started by creating a form to guide the shape. This form was created by taking a white ribbon and wrapping it to form a cone shape. This ribbon will be in place for 3 days to guide the chakra, and to hold the shape even after our work today. By 3 days’ time, the new shape will be stable. This will also help with the change in size that is needed, as in this chakra for you, the shape and size are connected. Next, I spun the chakra to helps gather up and remove the past life energy that was causing this unbalanced shape. This was removed quite easily. I then double checked the cone shape form to ensure that it was holding the shape of the chakra properly, and it is doing this very well. All is complete here. You will not likely have any side effects from this work, but can feel better balance in the body after about 4 days.

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Cracking the Facade – Perception Perfection part 2

June 16, 2018

This is going to be a different kind of post today. This post is my homework from Spirit to be more transparent and vulnerable, as to release my own perception perfection. As many of you know, I have a past life as Marie Antoinette. It is one of my most famous past lives, and I gotta admit, probably one I am least proud of. Throughout this year, I have been getting messages from others that I have not yet released all the Marie energy. This goes to show how large of an effect our past lives have on us, even when we know of them!

Last weekend, Spirit suggested to me to re-watch the movie, Marie Antoinette. This is the modern version, and while it doesn’t show everything, it is enough of a window into the lifetime to gain some new insights. There were three big takeaways from this viewing of the movie for me. 1) She kept herself in a state of indifference about what was going on around her. At some point, she was mature enough to be able to pay attention to the outside world, but she preferred to keep her blinders on when it came to the hardships of others. 2) She never had a handle on her emotions. She wasn’t in touch with what she was really feeling at any moment, and those moments when she did feel something, she just stuffed it right back down inside of her. 3) She had pride about her reputation. She was so very concerned with wanting to portray herself a certain away, and to not allow others to see any flaws or weaknesses.

When I reflect upon how her life has impacted mine, I can see that I am and have been guilty of all three of those points. I have been aware of the first 2 points more than the 3rd, and I have experienced all of them in numerous ways. Yet, it is that third point that has really hit home for me lately, hence this homework assignment from Spirit.

So, my homework is to share with you all of my vulnerabilities, challenges, and difficulties of the moment. Trust me, I do not want to share all of what is going on in such a public way, but when Spirit gives homework, it is a good idea to do it!

Since the beginning of this year, we have been experiencing financial challenges. We have had several times when we did not have much to eat, and we have been consistently behind on our rent payments. Thankfully, we have a very nice leasing office here (and have lived here for 8 years) and were able to make payment arrangements in the past. My mom has also been a great help to us when she was able to. And, now we are in a tough situation again with our rent. We had two big payments due to the apartments to keep our place. One was due on May 29th, and we have paid that one, due to the kindness of a client who paid early for a course. But, now we are approaching out next big due date of June 18th, and we still need $1800 to prevent eviction proceedings from starting. However, once that is paid, we will be caught up!

We have been pulling funds together all we can, even forgoing some important website bills to get the money together to make these payments. So far, we have been making it through, but always bringing us to the very edge. This has been teaching us many things, but most if all it has been about asking for help, being honest, and also trusting in spirit that a solution will arrive, even if in surprising ways.

This week, we did not have any food on Wednesday and Thursday, and thankfully a payment came in Friday to help us buy some food and get the website and email back up. As we were getting ready to go to the store, we looked out the window to discover the car was gone. We knew we were behind on car payments, and it had been towed away to be repossessed sometime in the early hours of Friday morning. We were able to borrow my mom’s car yesterday to help us with running errands. So, now we have groceries, but no car, and we are needing prayers and positive energy to help us get back on track with the remainder of what is due on the rent by Monday.

This is our Perfect Storm. In some ways, it is challenging us like never before, and that is a good thing for soul growth. But, we still have to live in this world where money is a requirement to pay for bills, rent and groceries! We have been calling this our moment of transcendence, and we have been persevering, and continuing to move forward with doing our work, despite what we have been experiencing in the material world.

Now, I’m certain there are some portions of this situation, that because of my past life as Marie, require me to be learning in this specific manner. I understand it all logically, but it is still very difficult emotionally to go through. Especially now, to lay it all out bare for you to judge and see with your own eyes. Marie felt so judged, and that fear of judgment carries through into my life now. It is one of my greatest fears to be judged by the world as a fraud, hack, joke, or even to be seen as speaking any untruth. Some of you may feel that way about me, and you are entitled to your beliefs. I am merely writing this post today to challenge my own beliefs about myself, to learn to be 100% vulnerable, and to share it all anyway, so I can break down the wall I have put up to protect myself from the world’s judgment.

So, I’m not sure what else I need to say here, other than I have shared my challenges with you. I have laid them bare and cracked open my Pollyanna facade to share what I have been experiencing. One thing that we all need to remember is that when someone is releasing their big past life energy that it is THE most difficult thing they will ever through in their life. But, once it is released and gone, they are free! I am hoping that by writing this today to be free from Marie’s influence for once and all!!!

Also, if you have been considering a course, session, coaching program or email report, I would so much appreciate it if you would sign up at this time. I am even offering a 25% discount on my biggest course, the 5-Day Intensive, which is also now available on Skype.

If you find yourself in a similar situation to us, know that you are in our prayers and thoughts, we ask ask that you hold us in yours. Thank you very much for reading.

Update June 17: We have now met our Rent obligations. Thank you all for your kind words and for the heartfelt messages I have received. I cannot express how difficult it was for me to share this post. I am overwhelmed by your generosity, kindness, and love! Thank you.

Update June 20: After many phone calls with our car finance company, we were able to make arrangements to get our car back, and it is now in our parking spot again! They even waived some of our fees.  Prayers really do work, and I thank you all again for your words, prayers and generosity. You have given me more inspiration than I can ever express thanks for! Thank you to each of you, and I wish you all prosperous returns of your blessings ten-fold!