Letting Go

There are things in life that cannot be monetized, like happiness, freedom and inner peace. Yet, many individuals do not know how to get to a place where they can live a life with these qualities. That goal can be accomplished through the practice of Letting Go. Letting Go is the process of identifying and releasing old patterns from your life.

Some of the energy of the past is hidden so deeply, that it may take a series of events to bring it to the surface. So, why is letting go so important? Letting go is not about forgiveness, it is about understanding. Letting go is a process by which you do not forget about things that have come to pass, but instead you acknowledge them and build up a renewed viewpoint of them.

By dismissing past events or by not discussing them, you continue to let them have power over you. By acknowledging them and allowing all of the emotions and energy to be released, then you are finally able to come to that place of peace within yourself.

Everything in your life is there to teach you something about yourself. Even in the darkest, most difficult circumstances, you are taught about your own strength and reliance to overcome obstacles.

You can also learn about yourself from the smallest events in life. For example, what does waiting in line teach you about yourself? Maybe it teaches you to be at one with your surroundings, or to have patience, or even to appreciate the Divine timing of that experience. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated about something in your life, this is an indicator that you have yet to fully let it go.

When you do not let something go, it can become the center of how you define yourself. Many souls have been mistreated by someone in this life; this is not an uncommon experience. If you have experienced such a mistreatment, then to say that everything is good and perfect in your life would be inaccurate. Yet, this is how some choose to cope with pain. But, to let go, you need to move beyond that denial and say, “yes, this person did this or that to me,” that is the first step of acknowledgement.

Next, is getting into the emotions that you felt, and may still feel, about those events or circumstances. Let yourself understand and express those emotions. There are many safe and healthy ways to do this including, journaling, exercise, art therapy, meditation, yoga and talking to a friend, expert or counselor. Find the right combination of healthy expression for you to allow the emotions and energy to be released safely.

When you do not take time for this last step, you actually end up burying the energy deeper inside of you and that is when it can become physical pain or disease, if not dealt with. Once the energy is fully released, then you can truly say you have let it go.

It has been asked if there is a quick way to release this energy, just by wishing it to be gone. However, this is not how the emotional body works. Imagine if all of the sad emotions in your entire life were written down with a pencil on paper. One day someone comes by and says “you don’t have to experience that anymore, because I have this magic eraser.” So you erase and erase the words, but you still don’t feel any better. This is because the magic eraser cannot eliminate the imprint that those words left behind.

To get rid of those emotions, you need to let go of your attachment to those words; to bring up all of the emotions attached to those words until the imprint fades totally away. Does that mean that the words go away? No, they will always be there. Instead, through the process of letting go, you are now able to look at those words differently. And, one day you will be able to pick up that paper and it will feel like freedom, instead of despair.

Everyone has moments that define them in their life, some good some bad. But, do not let those moments have power over you any longer. Whether good or bad, they are not a representation of the totality that is you. If you are defining yourself by just a few experiences in your life, then your vision of yourself is actually quite limited.

You are truly unlimited and the more that you release the wounds of the past and allow them to heal, the freer you become to be attuned to the Now moment: the moment when creation and manifestation begin, the moment when you can always choose what to do and how to feel about it. Do not let your Ego pull you back to what someone else said about you, instead use affirmations to find a new mantra.

You can be renewed in every moment, so why not let go of those things that hold the emotions of the past. It is time for you to release those anchors of fear, doubt and anxiety and instead shift your perspective to a peaceful understanding of how strong you really are and how much you are capable of. You are truly amazing.

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Clearing Old Patterns

Deep emotional clearing can be such a difficult thing to go through. So many souls that do not have the knowledge of past life energy, have such a problem in letting go of old patterns and situations that keep repeating themselves over and over again in their lives. Even after you have knowledge of these problems, it still can be difficult to stop them completely. When you are on the path of increasing your spiritual awareness, facing these past life fears is one of the most important things that you can do.

The Ego will use every trick in the book to keep you from looking deep within yourself and discovering these hidden pockets of energy. At first the past life energy comes out quite easily, but the deeper that you go within yourself, often times the more difficulty you will have in recognizing all that is hidden beneath.

So how do you release this energy? You learn to go with the flow. Spirit will always put you right where you need to be to bring this hidden energy to the surface. You may not always agree or even like what you may be experiencing at that particular moment, but know that there are no accidents and that the experiences that seem undesirable are necessary to release these old patterns of hurt and fear so that you can move forward on your spiritual path.

Once you start to release these old energies from within you, do not forget to count on the power of Love to transform the situation. Love is all there is and no other force in the Universe can compare.

When you Love yourself, nothing else really matters. When you Love yourself there is no need to plan out how you are going to make yourself better, because you already are better. Love is the force that gets you through the deep emotional clearing and helps you to remember that you are a powerful soul and that you are not constrained by earthy situations (although it certainly can be difficult to experience them.)

Ask yourself when the last time you sent yourself Love? Did you really mean it or was it just a part of your routine? When you do anything as a part of a routine you have to ensure that it does not become rote, and that your true intentions are still the same. Just like anything in life you will constantly go through fluctuating emotions and feelings. But, you can always bring yourself back to center with Love.

Realizing what Love really is, can be another part of the learning process; because there are memories from other lifetimes that conditioned humanity to equate Love with human emotions such as obligation, pain, loss or even anger. The Love that is spoken of here is not an earthy love, it is unconditional Divine Love from the Universe. Love is always present and it flows through every cell in your body, whether you are aware of it or not.

So why not open yourself up to the possibilities that come from letting go and allowing yourself to flow with this Divine Energy. You will always be lead and guided to where you need to be in order to release these deep down energies. Just remember to give Love to yourself to transform any difficult situation and eventually a solution will come with Divine timing.

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