Traveling Space and Time

Do you know that each one of us has the ability to travel through time and space? We do! It may not be in the traditional sense of what you see in Sci-Fi movies, but it is done with the etheric body.

We are made up of different bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. When you go into a state of meditation, or when you are dreaming, three of your bodies are able to move freely without the confines of physicality. This is also referred to as bi-location.

Everyone knows what it feels like in a dream, like what is happening is very real. And in some ways it is, because you are living the dream on a spiritual level, mental level and emotional level. Dreaming sometimes even has a component that affects you physically.

Now, apply this concept to traveling through space and time. Space and time are just points on a giant grid that we cannot see, but we can experience. Next time you go into meditation, ask to experience a past life or a future life. You can even travel to points in the life you are currently experiencing. If you have ever had a past life regression, then you have experienced time travel! You were taken to another place in another time. When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

This form of  time travel is done by tapping into your own Akashic Record and jumping to an experience you wish to know more about or understand. One thing that you must monitor is your emotional state before you do this. If you are feeling fearful, you will be taken to a time that you experienced fear, but if you are feeling joyful and abundant, that is what you will experience.

When you are ready you can have someone guide you through an experience, or if you are an experienced student of meditation, you can try it on your own. Be sure to notice every area of your life around you when you try this; Not only how things look, but what emotions do they bring up within you. Who is there with you? What colors, objects, things do your see? What do you have to do that day? These questions allow you to travel spiritually, emotionally and mentally to this time, by putting your entire focus onto the time you wish to travel to. The more you try this; you will be able to turn a simple visualization into an actual experience of a piece of your soul history.

Clearing Old Patterns

Deep emotional clearing can be such a difficult thing to go through. So many souls that do not have the knowledge of past life energy, have such a problem in letting go of old patterns and situations that keep repeating themselves over and over again in their lives. Even after you have knowledge of these problems, it still can be difficult to stop them completely. When you are on the path of increasing your spiritual awareness, facing these past life fears is one of the most important things that you can do.  Take the Past Life Quiz to find out more about the patterns you hold.

The Ego will use every trick in the book to keep you from looking deep within yourself and discovering these hidden pockets of energy. At first the past life energy comes out quite easily, but the deeper that you go within yourself, often times the more difficulty you will have in recognizing all that is hidden beneath.

So how do you release this energy? You learn to go with the flow. Spirit will always put you right where you need to be to bring this hidden energy to the surface. You may not always agree or even like what you may be experiencing at that particular moment, but know that there are no accidents and that the experiences that seem undesirable are necessary to release these old patterns of hurt and fear so that you can move forward on your spiritual path.

Once you start to release these old energies from within you, do not forget to count on the power of Love to transform the situation. Love is all there is and no other force in the Universe can compare.

When you Love yourself, nothing else really matters. When you Love yourself there is no need to plan out how you are going to make yourself better, because you already are better. Love is the force that gets you through the deep emotional clearing and helps you to remember that you are a powerful soul and that you are not constrained by earthy situations (although it certainly can be difficult to experience them.)

Ask yourself when the last time you sent yourself Love? Did you really mean it or was it just a part of your routine? When you do anything as a part of a routine you have to ensure that it does not become rote, and that your true intentions are still the same. Just like anything in life you will constantly go through fluctuating emotions and feelings. But, you can always bring yourself back to center with Love.

Realizing what Love really is, can be another part of the learning process; because there are memories from other lifetimes that conditioned humanity to equate Love with human emotions such as obligation, pain, loss or even anger. The Love that is spoken of here is not an earthy love, it is unconditional Divine Love from the Universe. Love is always present and it flows through every cell in your body, whether you are aware of it or not.

So why not open yourself up to the possibilities that come from letting go and allowing yourself to flow with this Divine Energy. You will always be lead and guided to where you need to be in order to release these deep down energies. Just remember to give Love to yourself to transform any difficult situation and eventually a solution will come with Divine timing.

Want to learn more about the power of past lives? When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.