Letting Go

There are things in life that cannot be monetized, like happiness, freedom and inner peace. Yet, many individuals do not know how to get to a place where they can live a life with these qualities. That goal can be accomplished through the practice of Letting Go. Letting Go is the process of identifying and releasing old patterns from your life.

Some of the energy of the past is hidden so deeply, that it may take a series of events to bring it to the surface. So, why is letting go so important? Letting go is not about forgiveness, it is about understanding. Letting go is a process by which you do not forget about things that have come to pass, but instead you acknowledge them and build up a renewed viewpoint of them. When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

By dismissing past events or by not discussing them, you continue to let them have power over you. By acknowledging them and allowing all of the emotions and energy to be released, then you are finally able to come to that place of peace within yourself.

Everything in your life is there to teach you something about yourself. Even in the darkest, most difficult circumstances, you are taught about your own strength and reliance to overcome obstacles.

You can also learn about yourself from the smallest events in life. For example, what does waiting in line teach you about yourself? Maybe it teaches you to be at one with your surroundings, or to have patience, or even to appreciate the Divine timing of that experience. If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated about something in your life, this is an indicator that you have yet to fully let it go.

When you do not let something go, it can become the center of how you define yourself. Many souls have been mistreated by someone in this life; this is not an uncommon experience. If you have experienced such a mistreatment, then to say that everything is good and perfect in your life would be inaccurate. Yet, this is how some choose to cope with pain. But, to let go, you need to move beyond that denial and say, “yes, this person did this or that to me,” that is the first step of acknowledgement.

Next, is getting into the emotions that you felt, and may still feel, about those events or circumstances. Let yourself understand and express those emotions. There are many safe and healthy ways to do this including, journaling, exercise, art therapy, meditation, yoga and talking to a friend, expert or counselor. Find the right combination of healthy expression for you to allow the emotions and energy to be released safely.

When you do not take time for this last step, you actually end up burying the energy deeper inside of you and that is when it can become physical pain or disease, if not dealt with. Once the energy is fully released, then you can truly say you have let it go.

It has been asked if there is a quick way to release this energy, just by wishing it to be gone. However, this is not how the emotional body works. Imagine if all of the sad emotions in your entire life were written down with a pencil on paper. One day someone comes by and says “you don’t have to experience that anymore, because I have this magic eraser.” So you erase and erase the words, but you still don’t feel any better. This is because the magic eraser cannot eliminate the imprint that those words left behind.

To get rid of those emotions, you need to let go of your attachment to those words; to bring up all of the emotions attached to those words until the imprint fades totally away. Does that mean that the words go away? No, they will always be there. Instead, through the process of letting go, you are now able to look at those words differently. And, one day you will be able to pick up that paper and it will feel like freedom, instead of despair.

Everyone has moments that define them in their life, some good some bad. But, do not let those moments have power over you any longer. Whether good or bad, they are not a representation of the totality that is you. If you are defining yourself by just a few experiences in your life, then your vision of yourself is actually quite limited.

You are truly unlimited and the more that you release the wounds of the past and allow them to heal, the freer you become to be attuned to the Now moment: the moment when creation and manifestation begin, the moment when you can always choose what to do and how to feel about it. Do not let your Ego pull you back to what someone else said about you, instead use affirmations to find a new mantra.

You can be renewed in every moment, so why not let go of those things that hold the emotions of the past. It is time for you to release those anchors of fear, doubt and anxiety and instead shift your perspective to a peaceful understanding of how strong you really are and how much you are capable of. You are truly amazing.

Learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), by taking the Past Life Quiz.

Hold on to Hope

Things are beginning to fall into place, and you are starting to see change happening around you. Some of this change is subtle, and some of it is much more obvious. This is a signal that many of you have begun to walk out of the waiting room and into the new energy that surrounds you. It may still feel unknown, but more and more pieces are starting to come into view.

To help navigate your way, try to remember the hope you may have felt as a child, hope that tomorrow is a brighter day, hope for miracles in your life. Some people may think that hope leads to disappointment, but that is the case only if you believe it to be so. When you hold onto hope in your life, you create miracles around you; you become the center of a world of your creation. A world that is not reliant upon the fears and opinions of others, but one that you create in this new energy.

All you have to do is turn on the television to witness that change is happening. There are old secrets beginning to be revealed, changes in the power dynamic taking place behind the scenes and old political structures that are transforming in big ways. The dismantling of these external power structures is a mirror for the internal dismantling of how many individuals would give their power away to outside situations or circumstances. Imagine if you had been living your whole life blaming others for your problems? What a good way to avoid dealing with your own energy, and also to avoid giving yourself credit for your own creations. This energy dynamic will no longer be supported by the Earth plane, and this is the reason why so much is coming to light now and in the near future.

With this change in energy, you can see spiritual transparency beginning to take place. Spiritual transparency is about being able to see how a soul’s energy reflects their intentions. For such a long time on the Earth plane, many soul’s intentions were incongruent with their actions. Now each and every soul’s energy (auric field) will reveal their intentions. Eventually, no one will be able to hide anything from another. All souls who have participating in the old dynamics of fear, greed and victimhood will be “called to the carpet” to deal with what they have been running away from for so long.

As you witness these events, take your time to listen to what you intuition is telling you. Ask questions that can help you with boosting your own hope quotient; questions that will assist you in continuing to release old past life patterns in your life.

Are you holding any beliefs you have that are based on a negative self-image? Are you holding onto things in your life because of fear, pride, greed? Are you possessing all the confidence you need to create your world anew?

There are answers that will come along with these questions, and these answers can be the key to opening your new creation process. When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

Along with the new energy coming to the planet will come new resources and new ways of doing things; be sure you are prepared to take full advantage of them by releasing any outworn beliefs from your past. Use your hope, and trust in yourself and Spirit, to know that you can draw to your life all that you need and more.

With so much going on, it becomes essential to hold on to your hope and find your strength again. That hope will always guide you to where you need to be. Hope is at the center of innovation, renewal and revolution. It is hope that is the seed for the tree of possibilities. Find that seed inside of you, and let the old patterns fall away as this new energy cleanses the Earth plane. As long as you have hope in your life, your life is bound to be abundant.

Traveling Space and Time

Do you know that each one of us has the ability to travel through time and space? We do! It may not be in the traditional sense of what you see in Sci-Fi movies, but it is done with the etheric body.

We are made up of different bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. When you go into a state of meditation, or when you are dreaming, three of your bodies are able to move freely without the confines of physicality. This is also referred to as bi-location.

Everyone knows what it feels like in a dream, like what is happening is very real. And in some ways it is, because you are living the dream on a spiritual level, mental level and emotional level. Dreaming sometimes even has a component that affects you physically.

Now, apply this concept to traveling through space and time. Space and time are just points on a giant grid that we cannot see, but we can experience. Next time you go into meditation, ask to experience a past life or a future life. You can even travel to points in the life you are currently experiencing. If you have ever had a past life regression, then you have experienced time travel! You were taken to another place in another time. When you are ready to learn more about the Past Life Patterns you hold (and how to transform them), take the Past Life Quiz.

This form of  time travel is done by tapping into your own Akashic Record and jumping to an experience you wish to know more about or understand. One thing that you must monitor is your emotional state before you do this. If you are feeling fearful, you will be taken to a time that you experienced fear, but if you are feeling joyful and abundant, that is what you will experience.

When you are ready you can have someone guide you through an experience, or if you are an experienced student of meditation, you can try it on your own. Be sure to notice every area of your life around you when you try this; Not only how things look, but what emotions do they bring up within you. Who is there with you? What colors, objects, things do your see? What do you have to do that day? These questions allow you to travel spiritually, emotionally and mentally to this time, by putting your entire focus onto the time you wish to travel to. The more you try this; you will be able to turn a simple visualization into an actual experience of a piece of your soul history.