Perception Perfection

Throughout my work with Past Life Patterns I have come to notice a common thread throughout them all. This common thread is woven deeply in all past life experiences, and I call it Perception Perfection. What is Perception Perfection? It is the quest to control how other people will perceive of you. Each one of us is trying in some way to provide others with a controlled perspective on who we are.

Perception Perfection

Everything you do conveys something to the world and to the people around you. Most of the time, the controlling factor behind why we do what we do is rooted deeply in our subconscious. Based on our unique and individual past life history, we have lived through hundreds (or more) of lifetimes. What you have experienced most frequently within those lifetimes, becomes the foundation for your specific mix of 3 to 5 primary Past Life Patterns.

Each one of the past life patterns, carries a different expectation of being judged. Those various expectations of judgement can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof. Whatever you have an expectation of being judged about, is also representative of the ways in which you subconsciously judge yourself. That is the part that is so tricky.

Because much of our judgement is subconscious, we do not recognize it at first. However, if you instead begin to have awareness of your own mind chatter, and what thoughts/expectations you have about the perception others could have of you, this awareness can give you a great glimpse into your own pattern of Perception Perfection.

Why is it Perception Perfection? Because it is the effort we make to try to put forth a perfect facade. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well, it is. A facade is a false front, to be thought of like a mask; our controlled vision of what we want others to see. However, by definition it is impossible to be perfect, because it is hiding exactly what we are judging ourselves for. The more we become aware of what we doesn’t want to share, the more the facade grows. The more the facade grows, the more susceptible it is to crack apart under its own perfectionism pressure. That pressure to pursue perfection is based on how we are expecting others to judge us. Here is how that breaks down for each of the 16 Past Life Patterns.

Infidel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite their viewpoints; fears being judged for their beliefs.

Doll: wants to be perfectly accepted for their body; fears being judged for their appearance.

Monk: wants to be perfectly accepted by God; fears being judged for not being holy enough.

Victim: wants to be perfectly accepted for being skilled/smart; fears being judged for being incapable/unintelligent.

Savior: wants to be perfectly accepted for helping others; fears being judged for not helping enough people (or for not helping the “right” people).

Ruler: wants to be perfectly accepted for making the best decisions for everyone; fears being judged for the outcomes of their decisions.

Prophet: wants to be perfectly accepted because of the guidance they provide; fears being judged as being a fraud.

Scoundrel: wants to be perfectly accepted despite what moral lines they have crossed; fears being judged because of how they have skirted the law.

Merchant: wants to be perfectly accepted because of their ability to manage/control resources; fears being judged for not possessing enough resources.

Utilizer: wants to be perfectly accepted for their ability to discover/create solutions; fears being judged for not being able to solve all the problems in their lives/lives of their family.

Servant: wants to be perfectly accepted for their willingness to serve; fears being judged for not doing a good enough job.

Unwell: wants to be perfectly accepted for whatever state of health their body is in; fears being judged for their illness/condition/disease/dependence on others to care for them.

Warrior: wants to be perfectly accepted by showcasing power/strength; fears being judged for being soft/weak.

Outcast: wants to be perfectly accepted unconditionally for all parts of who they are; fears being judged (and therefore abandoned) by their closest inner circle of friends/family.

Agent: wants to be perfectly accepted despite their challenges with trusting others; fears being judged by authority or “powers that be.”

Creative: wants to be perfectly accepted for their creative expressions; fears being judged as being untalented.

These are just a very small taste of the energetic dynamics for each past life pattern. The more you know about your specific combination, and which patterns are influencing your subconsous mind chatter, the more you can move out of the fear/expectation of being judged, and into a space where you use the knowledge of your Perception Perfection to empower yourself toward self-acceptance. As you can see from each of the shared examples, our perception perfection is directly connected to subconscious expectations of being judged in a specific manner. Deep down, it is also precisely the way in which we are judging ourselves. The only cure for Perception Perfection is self-acceptance!

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Past Life Patterns – The Prophet

This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Prophet Description – The Prophet seems to have a deeper understanding of the ways of the world. This comes from lifetimes as seers, sages, prophets, psychics and other similar predictive esoteric work. The Prophet is often seen as the know-it-all of the past life patterns; and it is not that they actually have the mental knowledge all the time, it is that they can tap into the deeper truths at a moment’s notice. Plus, their communication style is often one of boosting authority and over-explaining. They have been accused, more often than once, of “using big words.” The Prophet does have a fear that their information will be misused, misunderstood or manipulated by others for their own benefit, and that is a contributing factor to their communication style.

It is very easy for the Prophet to excel in any area of focus; that is if they choose to excel. They can just as easily be an armchair Prophet, providing wisdom from the comfort of their Laz-E-Boy. The Prophet also has a love-hate relationship with money. They don’t like, that at least for the moment, they have to use money at all. However, they also see money as a symbol of personal security, and they function at their best when they have the “right amount” of money in the bank. There is also a magic number each Prophet has, that makes them feel slimy, greedy or that they “sold their Soul.” This is because that amount of money is associated with past lives when someone tried to buy them off, attempted to own their spiritual abilities, or even use money to control and disempower them.

In the Prophet’s past lives, they were medicine men/women, sages, prophets, seers, visionaries, healers, psychics, intuitives, and spiritual teachers. The Prophet is like an open vault of information, but they may or may not know the sources of that information and where it comes from. There is a strong push for the Prophet to make a difference with their abilities, however it is up to them if the change is ego-driven or ego-less. If you feel compelled to share information, knowledge, correct errors, correct grammar/spelling, or otherwise educate others, and also have a love-hate relationship with money, then you display the past life pattern of the Prophet.

Expression of the Prophet Pattern in Your Life Now – The Prophet is very knowledgeable as feels a need to use that knowledge to inform and educate others. Depending on the expression of the Prophet pattern, they may not always be confident about the information they share. The Prophet loves to discuss, science, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, spirituality, religion and philosophy. The Prophet does not necessarily carry the same beliefs forward, and this past life pattern can be found in academia, as well as different spiritual and religious belief systems. From God to gods to no God, it does not matter what they believe, it will be their Truth. They could care less about small talk, and will gently guide the conversation to a deeper place. The Prophet will go through times of having lots of money and also of having very little, this is to teach them about not equating money with power and control. If they can break that association, they will be financially comfortable. If they do not break that association, they will continue to experience the ebb and flow. Deep down, the Prophet has an amount of money that is uncomfortable for them to think about. This come from past lives, where they were offered that amount of money in exchange for being asked to alter what they were seeing or prophesying.

There are two ways that the Prophet theme reveals itself; The Teaching Prophet and The Self-Preserving Prophet. If you resonate with The Prophet pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both, of the ways that The Prophet pattern is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Teaching Prophet – The Teaching Prophet teaches with every breath. They may not always be aware of what they are doing. Much of this teaching comes in the form of extra information woven into each conversation. But, other times, the teaching is done through every day experiences, and how they share in them. This teaching is so hard wired into them, that they are not often are of it at all! The Teaching Prophet is also super concerned about what others think about them, and can become overly focused on small details, including grammar, spelling, over confirming appointments, being extra early for meetings and so forth. They may not even be able to identify with this part of them, but deep down they have a fear of being misrepresented or having their reputation tarnished by another person, and so they can go above and beyond in ensuring their best foot forward. If you are someone who others seek out for your “sage advice” and also find yourself self-censoring your written and verbal communication, especially if you know it will be made public, then you hold the expression of the Teaching Prophet. The Teaching Prophet’s biggest lesson is to learn to be vulnerable and release the concern about how others see them.

The Self-Preserving Prophet – Deep down the Self-Preserving Prophet has one subconscious motivation; to show that they are “right.” This comes from many past lives were they had to defend themselves for openly expressing their intuitive gifts. Because of this past life experience, they have an innate desire to prove their viewpoint. This can either be done by pointing out the fallacies in other arguments, or by an abundant tendency to explain things from the “I” point of view. The Self-Preserving Prophet has an ingrained belief that they will be a target for anger, judgment and statements from others. They can also experience the flip side of this, where they attract a large number of followers/devotees to them. This feels needed by some Self-Preserving Prophets, as it serves as a buffer them from potential detractors. They will say that they do not need this, and that it just happens to them. This last statement will also apply to what they say about money and resources. However, the manifestation of these guru-follower situations is sourced in the unresolved past life energy. If you feel the need to defend you point of view, or reputation, and elicit responses of either ”Worship” or “Hatred” from others, then you exhibit the Self-Preserving Prophet expression. The Self-Preserving Prophet’s biggest lesson is to be proactive in owning their own space and energy, but WITHOUT reacting to the intentions/space/energy/responses of others.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Fears others will ruin their reputation
  • Is seen as a Know-it-All
  • Feels small talk is disingenuous
  • Has a love-hate relationship with money

Affirmation – “I am trusting of the Universe to align me only with people who support my truth, wisdom and soul mission.”

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Meditation for Past Life Exploration

Below is Karen’s meditation on helping you to connect with your past life history, in order to begin the release process of healing any past life energy as related to money and finances.

When you are interested in exploring your past lives further, check out the video On-Demand course, Exploring Past Life Patterns. Enjoy!