What It Means to Me to be Seahawks Fan

I have been a Seahawks fan since the day I was born. My first breath on this earth was taken in the midst of football season of 1977. I don’t have too many memories of that time, other than watching a sea of blue each Sunday on TV. Sitting with my Dad, I would ask question about the rules of the game, understanding more and more as I grew older.

Born and raised in Seattle, I am no bandwagoner or fair-weather fan. I still have a hard time watching the NBA, and miss our Sonics. I still can remember where I was when the Mariners first made it to the post season. But, most of all, I am a Seahawks fan. I sit at home, and scream and jump around the living room when the game is on. I wear my gear every blue Friday. I watch each game from opening kickoff to the last second. Do not do it because it is the “it” thing, I do it because I love Seahawks football.

I am the one who stands there while everyone talks football to my boyfriend; even though he misses much of the game, and gets the recap from me. He even has to ask me the details of the players’ names and numbers. Who was that guy? Is he offense or defense? That’s fine. I don’t mind being a little under the radar, I don’t mind being the overlooked female fan. It doesn’t change how I feel about the Seahawks, and the 2015 Super Bowl won’t either.

So, why do I love the Seahawks? I love them for their heart and soul. I feel privileged to bear witness to such camaraderie, zeal, heart, and love for the game (and each other). It is rare in the world of competitive sports to have such a group of players with such mutual appreciation for one another.

The Seahawks teach us tenacity, listening to our gut (intuition), community, strength, courage, enthusiasm and unconditional love. When I watch a game, it becomes a spiritual experience for me. It is much more than executing plays and making tackles.

When watching a game, it is a time for me to hold thoughts of positivity. Staying focused in the now, and everything else just falls away. I am the eternal optimist when it comes to my Seahawks. Each game is a reminder for me to implore that same optimism in all aspects of my life. Not everyone may understand how or why I can find the Seahawks such an example of spirituality, but that is how life works. One person’s spiritual experience is another person’s point of anger.

In the coming days and weeks, as the world reflects on the Super Bowl loss, many things will be said. I am writing this today to show my support and love for a team that in many ways has always been a part of me. So, thank you Seahawks for another wonderful year, and I look forward to what you teach me next season.

Why I Love Tai Chi

I began taking Tai Chi classes in September of 2013, simply looking for an exercise method that I could do wherever I was. What I soon came to discover was that Tai Chi also gave me a whole new set of tools to learn to harness my energy.

In our Tai Chi classes, one of the things we learn is how to project our chi (energy). Up until that time, I had never tried to do it consciously. I know that my energy projects when channeling or teaching a class, but I was not thinking about it during those times. So, to learn how to project my chi by thought has become a wonderful tool for me in many ways.

One of the first things I noticed when we begin to learn about the energetic aspect of Tai Chi (which we do in Grandmaster Wang’s Search Center style, taught by Ted Libby) was that the next day I felt like I had just channeled. The effects on my energy body were the same after participating in Tai Chi class as they were when I was channeling. Over time, Tai Chi has increased (and will continue to do so) the amount of energy I can hold and the length of time I can sustain it.

Another benefit I have encountered is that Tai Chi has become a way to move the energy through the body. This is especially helpful after teaching a long 2-hour plus class. In those long class sessions, the energy pools in the large muscles of the legs. When I take the time to go through my Tai Chi form after classes, the energy can move throughout the body and it becomes easier to release.

Once I complete my Tai Chi for the day, I am instilled with a sense of peace that I truly cannot explain in words, it is simply so peaceful that I do not even want to talk for a while afterwards.

I am sure the benefits will continue to grow the more I work at mastering the concepts of the chi projection as well as the intricacies of the form itself. I am so glad to have found an exercise method that not only provides physical benefits, but so many energetic benefits as well.

Examining Priorities

As you may have noticed during this blogging challenge, there were many days where no blog was posted. Today, when I saw this topic, it felt like a great way to connect the topic to my frequency (or infrequency) of blogging.

During the first 10 days of the blogging challenge, I was totally into it, and I was enjoying and discovering new topics to discuss. Then, as inevitably happens with this work, there was so much going on with other duties that blogging had to go on the back burner.

Having that experience allowed me to realize how I was putting pressure on myself to keep up with maintenance tasks, such as blogging or social media. I began to recognize that while these tasks are very much helpful to my work, they are not essential to it.

And, that got me thinking. Where do I want my business to go? What do I want to be spending my time doing? For example, even though I don’t mind blogging (and many times I enjoy it), if given the choice I would rather be connecting with clients in person.

I have a long standing issue of putting too much pressure on myself. It is an issue that comes from one of my personal past life patterns, the Infidel. The Infidel, because of their fears of judgment and persecution, carries a deep desire to prove themselves to others. One way that need to prove oneself can show up is through work output.

So, when I look toward what I want to create in the future, it is a life with less pressure on myself. Part of that journey to get there will come from me releasing the self-induced pressure. The other part will come from my willingness to let go of those tasks I don’t need to be in control of any longer.

And, I know that will change as my business evolves, but at least I am headed in the right direction for sanity in solopreneurship!