Affirmation – Releasing Fear and Living in Joy!

This positive affirmation will assist in lifting you out of fear, and moving into a high vibe state of happiness! Main affirmation is “I am no longer bound by fear, and constantly live in pure joy.” Subliminal affirmation in the background is, “I am happy.”

Affirmation – I Choose Healthy Foods

Main affirmation is, “I always choose to give my body the most harmonious foods, drinks and care.” In the background is the subliminal affirmation, “I am healthy.”

Affirmation – I am Worthy of Blessings

You are worthy! In this affirmation we repeat the main affirmation together 11 times, and in the background is repeated, “I am worthy.” Main Affirmation: “I know I am deserving of wonderful experiences, people, and blessings.”