Affirmation – Love Yourself for Who You are

Say this affirmation along with me to help you feel love for yourself and grow your self-esteem, just for being you! You are already more than enough, you simply need to believe it. Main affirmation is “I love myself at every single moment.” Subliminal background affirmation is “I am loved.”

Affirmation – Manifest Your Dream Home

Feel, visualize, and imagine you are already living in your Dream Home! In the background is the subliminal affirmation, “I am prosperous.” Create your life of prosperity and wealth now with this abundance affirmation. Main affirmation is: “I am living in my dream home.”

Affirmation – Releasing Fear and Living in Joy!

This positive affirmation will assist in lifting you out of fear, and moving into a high vibe state of happiness! Main affirmation is “I am no longer bound by fear, and constantly live in pure joy.” Subliminal affirmation in the background is, “I am happy.”