What is Love?

What is Love? Most of Humanity does not even realize Love’s true power. Love goes far beyond the care, compassion and understanding that humanity has for another, true Love fills the heart and soul and transforms your surroundings. Love is the ultimate “Sorcerer’s Stone” that allows the giver to change their perception, and even the outcome, just by aligning themselves with the energy from the Ultimate Being. True Unconditional Love is the strongest force in the Universe.

Look around yourself… How are you projecting Love? Are you afraid of what others might say? Love is not about being in a position of weakness. True Love is a position of strength. For if you have the courage to open your heart to all that is, then you can scale any mountain, swim any ocean and can get beyond the conditions of any bad day of life.

quote082215True Love changes your perceptions, so that you will no longer see yourself as the victim in the grand chess game of life. True Love allows you to become the Divine Alchemist, able to transform the game into whatever pleases you.

Yes, Love is patient and kind, but Love is also forthright and honest. Love reveals the truth and Love does not fear any action, reaction or potential outcome. Love only dwells in what IS in the NOW and Love knows that everything was, is and will be in Divine and perfect order, (even though humanity may not see it as so.)

The messages on this website are intended to provide humanity with compassion, solace and guidance during this ever-changing time. Through all that transforms around you, the one thing that you must remember is that you possess the strongest force of the Universe and that is Love. Look at every situation in you life with Love, True Love, and you will be able to watch it transform before your very eyes.

Choices, Without the Ego

This is a time of indecision for many on their spiritual path, and the Lower Self is trying to show itself in many situations. If one allows it, the Ego can have the ability to derail you. However, there is also the choice to go with the Higher Self and choose the path that is more closely aligned with your destiny.

Now, this is not always as easy as it seems and the Ego may try to tell you that there will be just as many (if not more) speed bumps along the path of the Higher Self. If given the option, the Ego will always seek the easy way out.

The most important thing is to not get stuck at this point of indecision and to allow your Ego to get out of the way, so that the best choice can be made. If another choice is made at this time, you will always have another opportunity to make the same choices; however they might not be presented to you in the same situation as before.

When you look inside your heart, only then will you know the true and correct choice for yourself. It is important that you make the choice yourself and are not dissuaded by the fears or conditioning of others. If you need guidance in making your decision on which road to choose, then it is always helpful to seek out a third party that can counsel you on the options that both choices pose for you.

Many in humanity are being faced with these choices at this time and as the vibration of the planet continues to change, more of humanity will be at this fork in the road. Be sure that when you make your decision on which path you will choose, that this decision is made from a place of Love, Strength and Hope. Have the faith to do what you always wanted to do! Now is the time when the energies have the strongest support for you in aligning yourself with your higher purpose.

This is an important timeline on the life of this planet and those who stay in indecision may have to let choices pan out in another incarnation in another time. Each one of you controls your density and it is the time to make your choice on which path you want to take: the path of the Ego or the one of your Higher Self.

Many events in the coming months will cause humanity to wonder about the choices that they have made in their life, so please make this decision with thought and care. Follow you heart, for it will never steer you wrong. This is not to say that fear and concern may not be present; for many there will be fear of the things that the Ego cannot control.

NOW is the time to do what speaks to you, there are no wrong choices, but making this choice in the present time can raise your vibration faster and propel you farther on your spiritual path than at any other time in humanity’s history.

Remember always that Love knows no bounds and whenever you are faced with a tough decision those in the world of Spirit will lead and guide you to where you need to be. Once the guidance has been given to you, it remains your choice to listen.

Seeing Beyond the Illusion

The grandest illusion of all is one of humanity’s own making. Much of humanity merely sees what their egos & conditioning would like them to see. The first visage is that of the outer world and how you perceive of yourself and how you think others perceive of you. The second visage is that of the material world and all of the possessions or items on which humanity develops their own image.

Once you can see through these illusions, it opens up a new passageway to the Love consciousness of the Universe. There are pockets of this Love all over the Earth plane and each person carries a spark of that Love hidden deep inside of them. Only once you can see beyond the limited world of the 3-dimensional reality, can you tap into this power and perceive the Universe without limitation.

The time has now come for this new reality of a world without limitation to be present in the lives of humanity. No longer can anyone use a crutch of another person, place or thing to establish their identity. True identity comes from the soul level and anything less than that will be perceived as insincere.

Where is it in your life that you are building up a facade? Are you living your life with Love, Truth and Sincerity? It is always a good idea to take a look at how your conditioning and ego play a role in developing how you think of and relate to yourself. It is time to see yourself for who you really are, a Divine Spark of Love!