What Are You Passionate For?

One of the greatest joys in life is the ability to live your passion every day. This takes a great amount of trust and faith in yourself, but also you must know yourself well enough to answer the question: What are you passionate for? Just let the answer pop into your head, you don’t need to judge it or analyze it at this time. Just allow the answer to be brought forth from somewhere deep inside: What are you passionate for?

Now that you have the answer or answers to your questions, begin to look at how you can live your passion in one way every day. Do you have passion for animals? Try volunteering at a local animal shelter. Do you have a passion for the arts? Look for community art projects to become involved with. Are you passionate for helping people? Working with children? Healing? Education? Whatever it is that you have passion for; there are always subtle ways in which to incorporate it into your life.

You will find that when you take time for your passion, that it begins to grow more and more in your life. This happens simply because when you are participating in something you love to do, you are in such a happy receptive state that you open yourself up to allowing the energy of your Soul Mission to grow inside of you. Once you start working your passion, soon you find that your volunteer position leads to side work, which then becomes a full time income, and before you know it, you are living and making a living doing your passion every day.

The beauty of this process is that your passion will always grow as long as you do not get in the way. What does getting in the way look like? Usually it comes up as trying to judge the situation in some way, like “no one makes money doing that” or “I don’t have the education, or experience” etc. To get to a place in life where you can have the opportunity to live your passion, you have to be willing to say yes to your passion even when others say no.

Your passion is always there and once you begin to recognize and experience it in your life, you will find that the emptiness you may have one felt is now gone, and the dread of going to work everyday has become the joy of waking up to experience a life where you get to live your passion.

Blogging Woes

So this week, my blog went into the pit of cyberspace. I’m not sure how it happened. I was doing some regular website maintenance, when all of a sudden, I could no longer read my blog. Then of course, in my attempts to fix it, Poof! The whole thing disappeared.

Blogging Woes

Honestly, I was quite angry about it at first. There was over 300 entries going back a few years; but as it sat on it, waiting for inspiration to come in as to what to do, I began to realize more and more that maybe some of these old messages just weren’t meant to be hanging around any more.

This disappearance also forced me to update my blog structure, as I had to start from scratch and to update all of the back end information. Luckily, I did have back up for many of my blog posts. Yay!

This is a good example of how even when you experience frustration, if you can detach from your emotions and take a step back, you can look at things in a new way. I’m sure that there is even a greater lesson in all of this that I may not even see until further down in the future, but that is the way things are.

Thankfully, instead of being stuck in anger all day, I was able to be distracted by helping a friend move. That pulled my attention away from my blog woes and when I came home I had a fresh plan to fix it. It was not even down for 24 hours.

So, if you ever encounter an unanticipated problem in your life, instead of immediately trying to fix it (Which is always our initial reaction), stop, take some deep breaths, go for a walk, or do something else. While you are busy not thinking about the problem, is precisely when the solution can present itself!

Manifestation and Clutter

What energy are you still holding on to from your past? Are you carrying around old items, papers or pictures that remind you of bad memories? Are you holding on to things for a “rainy day”? All of these physical items are attached to your own emotional baggage.

What in your life would you like to manifest? Do you want to manifest a relationship? Find out what physical and emotional attachments to your last relationship keep you from moving forward. Do you want to manifest a new home? Go through old papers and photos and purge any attachments to old dwellings and old energy.

Only when you create an empty space, both physically and emotionally, can you begin to fill it with the object you are working towards manifesting. Once you have purged the items and emotions related to your past experiences, only then can you open up a space to be filled with the new energy that you are welcoming in.

In order to manifest, first the thought must be there and then Spirit begins to move energy toward your desired outcome. But, if you are blocking it with emotional memories, or physical items, you have been unable to release, then this will slow or even stop the flow before your thought can become reality.

When you are unable to release things on a emotional or physical level, you put more blocks in the way of the fruition of your hopes, wishes and dreams. When manifesting, the energy must come through all of your bodies, spiritual (or etheric), mental, emotional and then physical, in order to come into being.

Look around your home, your car, your computer and clear out the things that you no longer need or use, or things that are attached to the energy of the past. Donate them to someone who can use them, or dispose of them. You will feel lighter with each load that you let go of and your energy will begin to change immediately.