The Ego

by Tas Soul

EGO: The ego feels worthless, poor, weak, vulnerable, a burden, unworthy, fearful, shady, ugly, fat, skinny. The EGO feels ignorant, untalented, unloved, unlovable, unloving. The EGO feels angry and sad all the time, the EGO wallows in grief and victim-hood all the time. The EGO expects negative outcomes to happen all the time, the EGO is so egotistical, insecure, low thinking.

The EGO fears abandonment, ridicule, and attention, all the while wanting to be honored, adulated, and worshipped. The EGO likes to cause controversy and guilt within. The EGO doesn’t want you to grow and live healthy, the EGO wants pain throughout the body and mind.

The EGO wants you in a poverty mind-state full of fear and shame, because the EGO hates itself. The EGO is selfish, swindling, with ill intentions towards you. The EGO wants you to give up, give in and to fail. The EGO pretends to be caring, and self-righteous, all the while harboring hidden pride.

The EGO wants to be rich and wealthy but then wants to complain and say, all the wealth in the world isn’t enough!

The EGO loves being the victim, the savior, the emperor, and the monk, yet it fears failure, and triumph.

The Answer: I will no longer entertain any of my ego’s thoughts, beliefs, or wishes. I am cutting all these chords of attachment in all directions of time, space, frequencies, dimensions, densities, realms, and places that I have no words for.


**Note from Karen: This is a guest post by Tas Soul, if you would like to be a Guest Blogger on Your Soul Mission, please read this post. Learn more about Tas Soul and his music at his website,**

4 thoughts on “The Ego”

  1. Hi Karen

    I find our ego useful in situations in life. As one person said, if we did not have an ego, we may or would not leave our house, particularly sensitive people and can also teach us much. I do feel our ego can over ride our thoughts and can feel dominate at times, yet so much is written on it, even seen as highly negative, we can often see our egos and traits as something we should eradicate from ourselves. Everyone has their own way and is the beauty of our path. Thanks Karen

    1. Thank you Karen. I agree with you. I see the Ego as a powerful source of information for us, a force we can embrace and utilize for education. It is also important, as this Guest Blogger indicates, to release and have awareness of, what our individual Ego is holding onto. Blessings, Karen

  2. Hi Karen

    Thanks for your reply, for over the years, on a personal level, emotional and mental and in feeling more sensitive from within, I have found it easier, calmer and kinder to impartially accept, love and feel all parts of my self. Equally to release the old unconditionally which has felt repetitive and stagnant throughout my life. To see to kindness to our human self, our character and personality instead of negative feelings and ways. Since opening up to spirituality, I have learned to see what others may perceive as negative as neutral and in feeling kinder and compassionate to my self. Thank you for your emails and writing. Karen

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