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Since 2007, Karen Downing has assisted clients in moving beyond the influence of their past lives. As a result of this work, Karen has seen 16 distinctive emotional patterns emerge, based on past life experiences. Every person alive today lives over 85% of their life under the influence of the specific patterns they lived again and again.  Learn about these 16 past life patterns below to begin to discover how each pattern influences you in your life today.

The importance in learning about and understanding these past life patterns is to gain increased awareness of the sources of your own unique emotional responses, reactions and feelings. By understanding that what was, no longer has to be, you can find yourself in a true place of emotional freedom. Most of us are highly influenced by 3 to 5 of the past life patterns.

To find out more about how each of these past life patterns can reveal itself, enroll in the On-Demand course, Exploring Past Life Patterns. Please read on below to discover more about these 16 past life patterns.

Past Life Patterns

The Outcast – Is more comfortable living at a distance from others.
The Ruler – Needs to feel in control at all times.
The Savior – Nothing is more important to them than their chosen cause.
The Victim – Expects negative outcomes.
The Infidel – Feels compelled to prove themselves.
The Warrior – Sees everything as a potential threat.
The Utilizer – Knows how to make the best use of resources.
The Monk – Feels uncomfortable with the material world.
The Merchant – Assesses life by comparing value of people and resources.
The Servant – Works very hard and yet fears success.
The Unwell – Holds the belief that their body will fail them.
The Agent – Worries there is a greater plot taking place.
The Prophet – Is an encyclopedia of wisdom.
The Scoundrel – To be posted soon
The Creative – To be posted soon
The Doll – To be posted soon

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