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This is the description of one of the 16 Past Life Patterns. These patterns were developed by Karen Downing, in order to help you understand how past life experiences affect your life today. Each person carries 3 to 5 past life patterns in varying levels of influence. By understanding your unique mix of patterns, you can more easily build up your strengths and transform your challenges. Past life patterns are the key to uncovering your Soul Mission.

The Monk Description – The Monk feels uncomfortable with living in the material world. If it was possible for them to forgo any connection to material goods and possessions, they would. This comes from many past lives where they lived sequestered away from the rest of the world in a temple, house of worship, nunnery, or other type of religious existence. The Monk feels best about themselves when they are connecting with their belief system. However, because of their past life patterning, the Monk also has a deep fear of angering God.

The Monk is very adept at meditation, prayer and connecting with the Divine. This is more comfortable to them than connecting with the outside world. The Monk may have more difficulties with technology than the average person, and often will not have a TV in their home. If they could live their life without having to use money, they would. Often the Monk is living a life in the now, because there are here to heal their feelings about the material world.

Some of the typical past life experiences of the Monk are: being a nun, priest, rabbi, monk, living in a religious/spiritual temple, or having a religious focused life. If you feel uncomfortable about the material world, have difficulties with violence and anger, or worry about how “good” you are, then you exhibit the Monk pattern. It is important to note that the Monk is not a gender specific term, and describes both male and female experiences as listed above.

Expression of the Monk Pattern in Your Life Now – The Monk is at home in solitude and quiet. They are typically drawn to quiet peaceful activities that further develop their innate connection with the Divine. Much of the mental chatter that the Monk wrestles with focuses on if what they are doing in life is good enough. Even though they feel so at home in their connection with Spirit, a part of them still worries about if they are doing all they can to be “spiritual” enough. Other people would identify the Monk as being insightful, calming, peaceful, wise and generally comforting to be around.

If you express the Monk pattern, you will have to ensure that you get out of your comfort zone and connect with others from time to time. You will have to keep reminding yourself that you are here now to experience life, not to observe it. Learn to switch your focus to “what can I experience today?”

There is nothing more upsetting to the Monk then to witness violence and anger. Whenever they have such an experience, it can stay with them for a very long time. One of the ways that the Monk can learn to cope with upsetting situations, is to remember that each person has a soul plan. When the Monk can look toward the Divine purpose of everything, it will be easier to move beyond deep emotional scars that can be left being from witnessing such acts. The Monk would benefit from reminding themselves that every soul is living in accordance with their own life plan. For certain souls, they could have the experience of violence in their life to use as a catalyst for positive change. It is by remembering this, that the Monk can remain peaceful even during difficult times. Extreme expressions of the Monk pattern can lead to isolationism and escapism.

There are two ways that the Monk theme reveals itself; The Nurturing Monk and the Authoritative Monk. If you resonate with The Monk pattern, you might discover that you can possess qualities of one, or even both, of the ways that The Monk is expressed. Often in one area of life you can feel one way, and in another area of life feel another way.

The Nurturing Monk – The Nurturing Monk focuses on compassion, care and concern for others. This comes from a deeply held belief that putting others above oneself is more Godly. And, while there are certainly times when caring for a loved one is appropriate, the Nurturing Monk can have a tendency to put more time and energy into caring for strangers than for themselves. If you are someone who feels guilty about doing things for yourself, or fears being judged as selfish, then you showcase the past life pattern of the Nurturing Monk. The Nurturing Monk’s biggest lesson is to learn to balance the time and energy spent on others with the time and energy they spend on themselves. The Nurturing Monk will eventually come to the realization that they cannot help others as much as they would like to when their own energy is taxed and drained.

The Authoritative Monk – The Authoritative Monk feels a need to share their quest for spirituality with others. They can become an expert in a certain aspects of their personal belief system, but they do have to watch for becoming too “preachy”, or that they do not allow for evolution in their own belief system over time. The Authoritative Monk also has a deep down fear of God or whatever Higher Power they believe in, and because they base their worthiness on the ability to please this Higher Power, they have to watch for the tendency to put stress and pressure on how they showcase their belief system. If you are someone who worries about angering God, or needs to feel that you are consistently taking “right” action, then you showcase the past life pattern of the Authoritative Monk. The Authoritative Monk’s biggest lesson is to come to peace with who they are, and to not try to convince others how “good” or “holy” they are.

Past Life Pattern Breakdown:

  • Worries about angering God
  • Is uncomfortable with the material world
  • Enjoys quiet and solitude
  • Is deeply scarred by witnessing violence

Affirmation – “I am good, and worthy of God’s love no matter what I do. There is nothing unGodly about utilizing modern tools such as money or technology.”

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