In many spiritual individuals, anger is classified as one of those off-limits emotions. It is not talked about in depth and even sometimes pushed by the wayside altogether; after all being angry at someone isn’t very spiritual, right? Not exactly.

Releasing anger is an especially important component of the spiritual process. Releasing anger allows for an avenue of expression for emotional wounds, both new and old. The first thing is to recognize that it is okay to express your anger; this is nothing that you should ever feel guilty about. Every single person on the Earth has experienced anger. To not look at this energy is to disregard a part of ourselves.

We all have had moments of anger in our life, so what are some good ways to healthfully let this energy out? Instead of zinging the person nearest to you, try getting in touch with the root of your anger first. Sometimes what we see as anger with someone for using our coffee cup is really just a symptom of a deeper anger of feeling disrespected or even unrecognized. Learn what you are really angry about.

When you are mad at someone or something in your life, what other emotions are involved? Disappointment? Doubt? Fear? Shame? Anxiety? Vengeance? These emotions can all color anger differently and by understanding how your anger intertwines with these other similar emotions; you will be at a better place to allow for a healthy release.

Here are some easy methods to help with the healthy release of anger. Of these, the most powerful are 1 and 2, because they allow you to really get into the depth of your angry energy.

1) Write out why you are angry and read it back to yourself

2) Talk with a trusted person about your anger

3) Chop wood

4) Yell into your pillow

5) Punch your mattress

6) Break some old cheap dishes

Once you have released this anger (and you might need to use more than one of these methods), then follow this with a cool down period to re-center yourself before you interact with the world around you. Try any of the following:

1) Take a walk

2) Watch a funny movie/TV Show

3) Meditate

4) Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee

5) Do something creative

Afterward, you should feel refreshed and have the clarity to finish out your day without having the anger come up again. And, you get the added bonus of allowing the anger to be released in a way that was healthy for you (and your loved ones). Remember what is expressed is something squeezed out of you, and once you let go of it for good, it will never come back up in the same way again. It is only when we repress our anger that it creates illness and disease. So let it go!! Be spiritual to yourself and release that energy which you no longer need.

Releasing Anger
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